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  1. i want you to touch that lil dangly thing that swing in the back of my THROAT imready1 


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    2. LittleDudeNT5

      What this even supposed to be creep1 

    3. harry

      Have you been offline for the last 16 hours?


    4. LittleDudeNT5

      I actually have, girl. 

  2. do the girls back home touch you like i do? 


    1. Royalty

      The girls don’t but the men do

  3. Duas best song i fear oprah15

    he calls me the devil oprah15 

    1. Royalty

      B O P OF THE CENTURIES clap1 

  4. youre not my homeland anymore, so what am i defending now?


    1. Simón.

      Best song, the way the song is after 2:22 giveup3 

  5. give this BOP a stream girlies oprah15 



  6. i dont think abel will ever top this and thats OKAY oprah15


  7. big city lights got me flirting with fire oprah15


  8. this underrated classic oprah15 


  9. this song randomly slaying me today rip3


  10. im in my penthouse half naked imready1 

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    2. Gilly

      so where the hell you at imready1 

    3. Ruthless Love


    4. Entea


  11. reminder that this is a classic


  12. the way this remains megans best oprah15



    1. Freaky Prince

      Girls In The Hood sweetie nicki6

    2. Gilly

      26 minutes ago, Freaky Prince said:

      Girls In The Hood sweetie nicki6

      def a cute girl but cute next to gorgeous ... nicki6

  13. to all my spanish music loving girls, get into this holy BOP oprah15 


  14. the TALENT oprah15 


  15. ugh this legendary bop still slaps oprah15  


    1. Royalty

      Omg yes cry9 

  16. omg not me JUST hearing this dead2 its so good WTF oprah15


    1. Urbanov

      WHOLE ALBUM IS STUPID GOOD giveup2 give it a listen!!!!

  17. the outro > careers


  18. the way this classic was too far ahead of its time alex1 


  19. i like being alone giveup1


    1. Gabe.

      absolutely timeless rose1

  20. why is this Tinashes best song?



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    2. Michael.

      The taste

      definitely top 5 in her discography 


    3. Manel

      It truly is in her TOP songs next to this one


    4. Urbanov

      She has so many great songs cry7 

  21. this classic IS summer 


    1. CHANEL #1

      Her most underrated video alex1 

    2. Gilly

      42 minutes ago, CHANEL #1 said:

      Her most underrated video alex1 

      her best i fear alex1 

    3. Jjang

      Better than Sublime's tbh