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  1. this BOP ūüė©


    1. Chris Morlock

      I remember being 13ish at Best Buy going through all the open laptops and computers and playing that song on all of them at once and leaving. 

    2. Sharpay Evans

      Is this Just Dance juicy1

  2. Elizabeth Warren is a fucking snake. She’s CANCELLED ny12 

  3. white america is NOT ready for this at the superbowl cry3 


  4. Been getting back into Lana’s first 2 albums and they’ve aged like fine WINE cry7 A shame I was never able to get into any of the albums after Ultraviolence cry3 but to be fair, I havent even heard NFR and LFL in full (bar like 2-3 songs) rip2 

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    2. Jake

      NFR is truly a masterpiece. I recommend anyone to listen to that tbh

    3. Joanne

      Honeymoon is a masterpiece don’t lie

    4. Gilly

      omg i just gave Cinnamon Girl a try for heck of it and im- rip2 the born to die vibes are INSANE rip2 let me fucking listen rip2 i hope everything sounds like cinnamon girl cause i- rip2 

  5. seeing kim petras in 4 hours cry2 

    1. Royalty


    2. Emperor Nick

      Scott's going too ny1

  6. one more week until me and @Cl!t see kim petras in concert cry2 

    1. Cl!t

      Our first concert cry1 

      It’s gonna be magical bewww

  7. abel just dropped the song of the WINTER rip2


    1. Jake

      He DID. The synths in this are to die for.

    2. Royalty

      Omg i can’t wait to listen cry9 

  8. still not over this


    1. Princess Aurora

      All The Time is another song I'm really obsessed with, especially right now

    2. Venus XCX

      ugh the guy in this is so hot

    3. Urbanov

      Smash that got away

  9. Kim better keep her spotlight section. She’s tied with 2 other hoes alex1 

  10. That new DUA LIPA single is SO good rip2 


    1. Royalty

      Your taste sis it amazes me everyday

  11. an ANTHEM imready1 




  12. ok samantha kinda snapped with this



    1. Chris Morlock

      I hope their new album is better than the last two kesha5



    1. Gravity

      A bop for the thots iggy1

    2. Entea

      Classico iggy1

    3. Gilly

      solio solito en la habitacion iggy1 

  14. literally me all October


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    2. Gilly

      @Habits its the best album of the year cry0 

    3. Habits

      @gilly yes giveup1I even stream it at work in the storage room a lot giveup1

  15. i cry2 


  16. turned my heart into a GLACIER cry2 

  17. whew LORD rip2 the latina EXCELLENCE 


    1. Gravity

      The song is fire....but the video is so awkward since she visibly can't dance whew lmfao2

    2. Gilly

      i get what you mean rip2  but i dont think it was that bad rip2 there's some cute moves ny1 

  18. stripes on my ass so he call this pussy tiger



  19. the feels cry0 


    1. Royalty

      I love all i do is cry more yas2 

    2. Gilly

      same sis, but another one slays too yas2 

  20. Friday mood katy7


    1. Royalty

      Your music taste is so fucking iconic cry9 

    2. Gilly

      @Royalty our taste is IMMACULATE cry1 

  21. where are the new spotlight sections ny8 i need my kim petras section nao ny8 

    1. Jake

      Waiting on an admin to get online pretty much! dead2