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  1. 1 minute ago, SeekingThrill said:

    There are a lot of quality songs that flopped. jj3 Why didn't they slay? 

    The truth is, in the Internet/streaming era most of the quality songs have been ignored and people focused on the same shit for an entire decade. When it comes to the hits, the 2010s are the least exciting decade.


    Speaking of soundtrack music, at this point you never know if it will be  a hit. It is harder now, but a big name and a big pop star are a good combination.


    obviously, quality isnt the only determining factor, but my point was that at the end of the day, the song was a hit because it clicked with the public. You can have a big name + a movie, but if the music sucks, it will flop. Just look at The Lion king with BEYONCE.



  2. 4 minutes ago, Emperor Nick said:

    I mean, it is literally because of the movie. 

    Doesn't make it any less deserving or successful, but given how the universe gave zero fucks about countryga in NOanne, the only thing that gave Shallow the edge is a huge movie behind it

    no sis, the song is just good. People here underestimate the power of a good, quality song. Shallow was that girl and it clicked with people. There's MANY big movies (that revolve around music) that don't produce successful singles ala Shallow.