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    1 hour ago, Luca said:

    I very much can! juicy1 

    I only bought this dress so you can take it off Gilly! juicy1 


    55 minutes ago, Taylor said:


    I can accept all these nominations besides NYD and Dress juicy1 


    CIWYW, SIG & KOMH biggest growers on the album

    Call It Want You God is the only girl that can maybe compete juicy1 Dress bottom 3 on the album  juicy1 

  2. 8 minutes ago, BabyMario44 said:

    Britney covered some Madge songs though.

    also Britney's career from In The Zone to Circus was CLEARLY (like really CLEARLY) influenced by Madge. You say these lies just bc u dont like M, therefore you gonna lie!

    ok boo 

  3. 9 minutes ago, BabyMario44 said:

    Brit was clearly inspired by Madonna, she said that too, she LOVES her!

    Even though Britney was created as the White Janet Jackson.

    there’s literally nothing similar between madonna and britney

  4. 5 minutes ago, Mandy Candy said:

    For me there are three things that push this song over the top for me besides the production and catchy power pop chorus. 


    1. The master lyricism. Taylor swift can take a lyrical paintbrush and create a work of art like no other. The level of details she puts into her songs is incredible. With lines like “the ties were black the lies were white, in shades of grey in candlelight” ooh chills

    2. The bridge. As we all know nobody does a bridge better than Taylor and this song is no exception 

    3. The outro. The outro to this song just elevates it in so many ways to me 

    the bridge/outro is the best thing she has EVER done ny3 like everytime i listen to it, im out of the breath by the end of the song ny3 

  5. oh wow this is too hard rip3 

    but let me see (in no particular order)


    Ready For It

    Getaway Car

    Dont Blame Me


    Call It What You Want

    Blank Space



    All Too Well


    Mad Woman





  6. it depends on the artists


    if you write your own music, then probably respect as you arent as dependent on others for good material. 


    however, if ur not a songwriter, then popularity because the best material almost always goes to the most popular artist (like rih snd ari). The moment you start flopping, the A list songwriter/producers ghost your ass and youre left with shit music 

  7. since i just opened my last fm in june, its very inaccurate dead1 especially for songs i played at the beginning of the year. With that being said, I think my top 5 most played songs this year (so far) would be: 


    Kali Uchis - Solita

    Bad Bunny - La Santa

    Chloe x Halle - Do It

    Dua Lipa - Physical

    Doja Cat - Boss Bitch or Zara Larsson - Love Me Land or J Balvin - Morado



  8. 2 hours ago, sicknebula said:

    What does he mean by "the old way" anyway? Still releasing physical copies? Vinyls, cassettes, CDs + ALBUM ART are very important. 

    perhaps he means that some artists still release music with a focus on physical sales/focus on traditional forms of promo like tv performances, releasing albums exclusively on itunes (ala beyonce), instead of investing in more modern modes of promo like exclusive videos for spotify (vertical videos), streaming exclusives (like drake on apple music), etc. And he isnt wrong.