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  1. Gilly here

    omg what a bop dead2


  2. i thought she would attend cause lover is nom’d for best song.. but k
  3. i didnt realize how skinny she was until she gained some weight. She looks much better with some meat on her bones
  4. Gilly here

    The Stupid Love pre-chorus is CLASSIC Pop GA cry2 

  5. Gilly


    omg its a BOP shes still got it. THAT PRE CHORUS
  6. selena has more talent and relevance in a pinky than trex has in her whole body
  7. cause they stan a talentless hasbeen hag with ZERO classics
  8. the universe works in mysterious way. R9 is coming
  9. Gilly

    2009-2011 for gaga
  10. Gilly


    omg i never thot it would be so huge
  11. 10 years and we still havent learned, have we?
  12. not them trying to recreate the moment that was sucker over them