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  1. 7 hours ago, Goldie said:

    Just want to come back a little more than 1 yr. later still feeling just as pissed off and ripped off as I did the day I went to that fucking EMBARRASSING XXLtina concert and remind everyone that Christina is a fucking LAZY fat LOSER who despite singing LIVE, STILL can't manage to have a better show than Britney on her worst day in Vegas because her Taco Bell wanting humongous ASS can't be arsed to sing even more than 20 seconds of her OWN songs!!! Not because they're difficult or because of anything beyond her control, because she just didn't feel like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    C          U           N         T      !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I was inspired to write this because I listened to Bionic (Deluxe album) last night and it slayed me cry6 


  2. 1 minute ago, Vesper said:

    That was facetious um1 but even then she was not the most popular star, Circus was after her breakdown and Blackout underperformed hugely. Just like Witness jj1 

    so? she was still a huge popstar and everyone was rooting for her comeback after the breakdown.  dead2 Again, you can’t compare. Katy had nothing. Witness was just a flop and no one was checking for her during/after that era. 

  3. 2 minutes ago, Vesper said:

    Circus. brit9 

    but to be serious, the album would have done a lot better if it had been properly rolled out with NRO lead single, Daises second single, album drop, then future singles after. With live performances and interviews and full promo of the first two or three singles building to the release. 

    Can you imagine if any other fave dropped 5 consecutive solo singles with no promo before announcing a new album with a not-lead-single-material as a lead single? There’s a REASON that’s not how things are done normally brit4 


    You’re blind if you think otherwise brit4 

    britney was literally the most popular popstar on earth when she dropped circus.. you literally cant compare dead2 

  4. 6 minutes ago, Goldie said:

    omg i know it's really sad, and yes the smile tracks are "good" but they are all literally the same lyrical content, literally no ups/downs/variations/etc. in emotion or theme or song structure or anything, and they are all under 3 min. long like how are you even supposed to get into that shit, and the clown theme is just rip2 and I feel the same about Katy ever since the gays disowned her I feel like nobody gives her a second look anymore, i do still love her tho rip1 

    right rip3 like songs like tucked and cry about it later are cute pop songs, sure... but reviving your dead career type good? no rip1

  5. Just now, Vesper said:

    Worse albums have done better brit4 

    Promotion for Daisies is true. But promotion for the FOUR singles before that? brit4 Don’t be stupid. 

    who cares about the 4 singles before the album? they werent even part of the album to BEGIN with brit4 lets not pretend katy didnt HERSELF say that and just slapped them on the album for streaming points brit4 and worse albums have done better? maybe by POPULAR hot artists, but name me a time when a hasbeen popstar was able to smash with a mediocre album? You can only get away with mediocre music if youre on top of your game. Katy aint brit4 

  6. 3 minutes ago, Vesper said:

    That’s not what’s being discussed brit4


    Poor management of the era is what’s being discussed. @Gabe. is saying they didn’t mismanage anything and there was tons of promotion for all these songs when that’s a flat out lie. brit4 

    Either way, You can’t say that the album wouldn’t have flopped if it was properly managed. You don’t know that. Especially with NRO actually doing well before it was killed by Small talk. 

    The songs on the album are all great IMO and had multiple potential singles that would have been much better choices than solo-singles Small Talk / HIH / Never Worn White, which killed the era before it even began. 

    smile has some good tracks, but no amount of good management in the world wouldve made it work because its NOT spectacular and the GP does NOT care about Katy brit4 everything that gabe said in his initial post is true. Katy was all over the fucking place with daisies, and did more promo than any other pop girl in recent memory and she still TANKED brit4 

  7. 4 minutes ago, Vesper said:

    She did not promote. Show receipts. 

    live performances of HiH? Nope

    small talk? Nope

    never worn white? Nope

    Radio deals? Nope

    promo banners and ads? Nope

    Live interviews about the singles? Not many


    I’m waiting. brit5 

    it dont matter, she wouldve still flopped. When will people realize that no amount of promo in the world works if people dont care and/or the music isnt good enough?

  8. On 9/21/2020 at 2:41 PM, Gabe. said:

    oh please. i'm not buying into this "but her label didn't do enough for the album!!!11111" narrative when she dragged her ass 12 months pregnant performing these average songs in PLENTY of places.


    their only fault was not capitalizing on the NRO hype -which existed- but Katy herself was all "i am not putting out an album, i am working on chapters of whatever" so how could Capitol follow that up if there was no album to begin with?


    Katy fell off the GP's graces with and during the Witness era and this album was simply mediocre by anyone's standards. she's done.


  9. 1 minute ago, Goldie said:



    LMFAOOO! She's a fucking jOKE. This cow is fucking DONE.


    I mean she can't even perform now + She's a fucking flop.


    Her 2nd single is only top 10 on itunes in ONE COUNTRY and her first week sales are gonna be the same as BLACKOUT. :lmfao:



    I cant at the pigney fans saying shit like "oh shes gonna do 700k+" first week, etc.


    Bitch is flopping in almost every single chart in the WORLD bad Canada and USA(kinda), I LOVE IT. This will put the britards in there place. +laughcry+



    i- rip3rip3rip3rip3 

  10. yes sis, she got overplayed and overexposed. She needs to take a fucking break and come back next year cause this isnt cute rih6 also, the fact that all her droplets since TUN era have been either TRASH or basic does not help. Like, if youre going to overexpose yourself, at least do it with good songs rih6