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  1. the thing is the fossils on this site couldnt give a fuck about that old ladies music. you never see them fonting it. They just here for ha receipts. Maybe it makes them feel 1 up on everyone to compensate for a lack of that in they personal lives, I dunno.
  2. Again sis I am a Whitney fan but lets not be delusional about how messy her performances got. That full tv concert she did in the mid 90s was far inferior than any full tv show Celine or Mariah ever did.
  3. delusional. It had one huge hit long before the album came out. The album itself completely bombed and had no further hits or relevance. It's on the level of Lotus and BJ.
  4. you have got to be kidding putting those irrelevant underperforming forgotten albums above Red
  5. sis I love Whitney. I own all her albums. But let's NOT about any time after 1994 once she had her 'sweat cloth' in hand. And most people do not know her entire catalog. She was a brilliant vocalist but miles ahead of Mariah and Celine? hell no. * and actually some of the videos you've posted prove a point I was making but you're just looking at belting only so you do you sis.
  6. This slays but I dont want New Romantics as a single. There's enough good songs on the non-deluxe.
  7. you forgot Whenever You Call and most ha Xmas album which is like ha most famous album and Touch My Body which went No1
  8. JANET JACKSON - No Sleeep: 17.820 (+ 0.115) yass and for haters to know this is actually a buzz single not even kidding the pop single is coming soon though
  9. sis the CD single was not released until months after the albums had already gone multi-platinum (Mariah, Whitney and OST). It was not made to peak high but it won the Oscar and is a timeless classic
  10. I agree. What most people don't realize though is that Whitney's live performances for the most part were far inferior to Mariah and Celine at their peaks, at least when it came to singing more than one song per event. People hear IWALY and just think she was the best of the three but it's not that simple. She was definitely the best belter of the three though.
  11. These are the biggest 4 to me. Although Red, Born This Way, Loud and Prism come next. I'm sure there's some delusionals fonting Ariana in this thread somewhere though.
  12. legit list. Although I would put 1989 ahead of TD as it actually has a chance of selling the 11m that Katy had to fake. And about P!nk lbr I'd put that below BEYONCE album.
  13. I got 61 I missed: Tied Together With A Smile Stay Beautiful Forever And Always Mean I Almost Do - I was singing a bit of the melody but this song is so forgettable Holy Ground