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  1. tumblr_ozzs6aBQjP1vipztbo1_1280.png

    1... 2... 3... come on gurls!

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    2. Ciggy Socialist

      Ciggy Socialist

      She looks really fat.

    3. Brightflower
    4. Chris Morlock

      Chris Morlock

      looks like my half-black cousin nnnnn

      like a spitting image too dead3 

  2. I really want to like Ariana's music, but for some reason I jsut can't get into it at all. Shame. Maybe someday.

  3. Taylor's new song is actually cool tho and the lyric video could be a music video as well.

  4. Awww yissss

    A mother. Fucking.


  5. This is a bit embarrassing to admit but I honestly fucking cried listening to the entirety of Rainbow orangu1

  6. I gave Dua Lipa a proper listen and I like her album! Consider me perched for more.

    1. Hunty Bear

      Hunty Bear

      a video for New Rules is coming out this Friday!

  7. All the nights spent off our faces, trying to find these perfect places


    What the fuck are perfect places anyway?

  8. Honestly truly, I'm positively surprised by Witness as a whole. Gonna be listening to it for a good while.

  9. Brb getting my Halsey stan card

  10. Honestly I'm so fucking done with this "cultural appropriation" thing. Especially if the person is not part of the culture itself. Don't speak for other cultures, if that certain culture finds it offensive they'll speak up, your keyboard warrior ass ain't doing nothing but being embarrassing.

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    2. Vertigo-go


      From what I stand unless you know for sure the thing is awful, or when you're been explicitly told / heard people's disdain in general, those are the only instances when you better listen and learn. I don't know, maybe some people are wired in the brain to start bullshit, but every time I hear a white teen who's yet to leave their own porch, tell somebody they're appropriating a culture the poster doesn't even know nothing about, - that's ten tonnes of kii nonsense that make me to dig myself a grave and bye bye.

    3. daddy issues

      daddy issues

      GURL, PREACH cry0

    4. Midas


      A great example for this is that one performance of Katy's Legendary Lovers and how it caused a huge fucking uproar in the west for being "cultural appropriation" but actual Japanese people were like "Oh, that's awesome! I don't see why people would find this offensive" dead2

      Like honestly, unless you use culture as an excuse and a scapegoat to be a fucking asshole, let it be unless a huge majority of that certain culture is like "Hey, don't fucking do this because we don't like it"

  11. tumblr_oq4hj1ECsW1usm4zzo1_400.png Good job Mariah! 

  12. bwNNhy5.pngI wanted triangles and flashy shit

  13. A gem from today's session of Overwatch: "Rub my clit like it's a lottery ticket"

    1. Chris Morlock

      Chris Morlock

      itd be scratch not rub but ok.

    2. Midas


      Do you not love fun?

  14.  I've been vibing to this for like an hour and a half now. It's really fucking good for a song from a Sims game.

    1. rosekesha


      The Fame Monster is shook!

  15. nE6H7nN.png

    I swear to fuck I shouldn't be laughing at this as hard as I am...

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    2. Royalty


      You care yet you don't want us to talk here? jj2 

    3. Midas


      I CARE about people noticing me and giving me attention in the replies, but not when y'all talk between each other and you probably will for the next hour or so orangu1

    4. Royalty


      The convo is already over so calm down nat1 

  16. I'm turning off the light right now, I'm calling it a night now
    Wishing you were 'round with me, but you're in a different town than me


    1. rosekesha


      But babyyyy, don't get it twisted

    2. Midas


      *Twists the fuck out of it*

  17. I was so desperate to get rid of the rap part for Chained to the Rhythm that I took matters into my own hands and made a basic ass edit that's still better than the fucking rent-a-rapper bs orangu1 

  18. Have any of you noticed the annoying out of place sound effect in Florence's Cosmic Love around the 3:24 (2:59 in the music video) mark right before she sings "In the shadow of your heart"? It bothers me so much orangu1

    1. Aidan.


      I think I hear it

      But I don't really have an ear for this kind of stuff jj4

  19. tumblr_onda2nerK21vipztbo1_1280.png

    Yo, I am Gary AKA Vulva Snake, I like to dress up as Taylor Swift and jack off to pictures of Ed Sheeran.

  20. Nicki's Starships is definitely one of those songs that have a perfect setup for an orgasmic chorus and then it's just a fucking letdown like goddamn.

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    2. Dreamsssss


      Charli XCXs Break The Rules can relate

    3. Onika


      Lmaoo tea, I hate Starships tbh dead2 

    4. Vertigo-go


      De-mod this ho trash1


  21. Taylor should start calling her fans snakes instead, honestly. I'd like that, because deep down I am indeed a snake.

    Hiss hiss motherfucker.

    1. Anna-wa
    2. Midas


      Sometimes people call me Sake, now add an N to that and you get my true form which isn't a rice wine.

  22. Holy fuck the anticipation for spring and warm weather is making me listen to Colbie again, I've been listening to her non-stop for like a week now.

    Yassss queen slay me with those summery BOPS. I AM LIVING.


    1. Honey


      I wish she had a bigger Stan base on here cry0 

  23. My weave flew off into the distance, I need to go get it back.

  24. Accurate representation of BGs and NHB in their current state:giphy.gif