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  1. I swear to god if her new album is like half features again I'll flip, I spent 4 hours looking for solo edits of all the songs so I could finally enjoy them
  2. tumblr_ozzs6aBQjP1vipztbo1_1280.png

    1... 2... 3... come on gurls!

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    2. Ciggy Socialist

      Ciggy Socialist

      She looks really fat.

    3. Brightflower
    4. Kuchisabishii


      looks like my half-black cousin nnnnn

      like a spitting image too dead3 

  3. I really want to like Ariana's music, but for some reason I jsut can't get into it at all. Shame. Maybe someday.

  4. Taylor's new song is actually cool tho and the lyric video could be a music video as well.

  5. Awww yissss

    A mother. Fucking.


  6. Don't care what y'all think about Godzilla but it's one of my fave songs from the fucking album.
  7. This is a bit embarrassing to admit but I honestly fucking cried listening to the entirety of Rainbow orangu1

  8. The songs you're looking for are: Stephen Blah Blah Blah Party at a Rich Dude's House Backstabber Dinosaur Boots & Boys Animal (He has writing credit in it though, but he didn't produce it) VIP Cannibal The Harold Song C U Next Tuesday All That Matters (The Beautiful Life) Love into the Light Last Goodbye Out Alive Past Lives The entirety of Deconstructed EP True Colors I might have missed some though
  9. These albums were most likely what were sent to record labels as sort of a portfolio. At least that's an explanation that makes sense to me because she was signed in 2005, and the first demo album is from 2004 according to that.
  10. Finnish. I know, it looks a little bit funky.
  11. Yes, but I doubt there's any control left when you consider things like Praying, the album itself etc. Now we just have to support her so that'll hopefully be the final nail on Luke's coffin. Btw, pre-ordered!
  12. Holy FUCK Andrew, good to know you're still alive as well! All these animals coming back, living for it
  13. I literally have nothing else to say other than I am shooketh. I'm speechless.
  14. Holy fuck those VOCALS and when the song picked up at the last minute I was SNATCHED Legit crying real tears rn
  15. I gave Dua Lipa a proper listen and I like her album! Consider me perched for more.

    1. Hunty Bear

      Hunty Bear

      a video for New Rules is coming out this Friday!

  16. After all these years.... after all these hardships.... QUEEN IS BACK. I FEEL ALIVE.
  17. All the nights spent off our faces, trying to find these perfect places


    What the fuck are perfect places anyway?

  18. What the fuck, let her be a critic of onion rings if she wants to be
  19. I wouldn't be surprised if she really did but circumstances being what they are... you know. Besides the thing between her and Kesha happened ages ago, they're both different people now. Then again she could also be saying these things to not start anything, she's pretty much being publicly hung by the public at the moment so it makes sense to give an answer like that.
  20. And majority of the people she apparently "appropriated" weren't actually mad about it, they just thought it was awesome and wondered why people were angry about it. She clearly did not portray their culture in a negative light, so why get angry in the first place?
  21. Honestly truly, I'm positively surprised by Witness as a whole. Gonna be listening to it for a good while.

  22. Brb getting my Halsey stan card

  23. I don't expect anyone to "top" anything, because these expectations set me up for a disappointment. I'm very happy with how Melodrama's going along, it's different from Pure Heroine, which is absolutely fine. Is it BETTER than Pure Heroine? Subjective, she's a different person than she was when she made PH and it's reflected in her music. Comparing Green Light to 400 Lux and Tennis Court is therefore pretty silly because they're from a different time and they all achieve different things.