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  1. here

    I really want to like Ariana's music, but for some reason I jsut can't get into it at all. Shame. Maybe someday.

  2. here

    Taylor's new song is actually cool tho and the lyric video could be a music video as well.

  3. Event

    I would but I'm one of those weird people who don't use Spotify
  4. Album

    I love how the disc says Executive Producer: Kesha
  5. Other

    Thank y'all I spent like 5 hours on it and I tried my best to make it really nice to look at so I'm glad I succeeded there
  6. Other

    Trust me, I know life is scary But just put those colors on, girl Come and play along with me tonight. This album has given me so many powerful feelings I had to get it out somehow and this is the result.
  7. Discussion

    It's worth the wait. Trust me.
  8. here

    Awww yissss

    A mother. Fucking.


  9. Album

    Don't care what y'all think about Godzilla but it's one of my fave songs from the fucking album.
  10. here

    This is a bit embarrassing to admit but I honestly fucking cried listening to the entirety of Rainbow orangu1

  11. Sadly I have to say that no. While I liked it the first few listens, none of the songs really made me go "I must listen to this more". I occasionally do listen to Bon Appetit and Chained to the Rhythm but other than that.. nope. With that in mind, I've been listening to music a lot less. It's just not one of those times where I can listen to entire albums in one sitting, just a few songs here and there.
  12. Sakke confirms that エモーショナル is indeed "Emotional", the text next to the song name 日本盤ボーナス・トラック reads "Japan exclusive bonus track", this information has been brought to you by Sakke's expert investigation agency. Over.
  13. I'm late to the party but SHE JUST DID THAT.
  14. Discussion

    The songs you're looking for are: Stephen Blah Blah Blah Party at a Rich Dude's House Backstabber Dinosaur Boots & Boys Animal (He has writing credit in it though, but he didn't produce it) VIP Cannibal The Harold Song C U Next Tuesday All That Matters (The Beautiful Life) Love into the Light Last Goodbye Out Alive Past Lives The entirety of Deconstructed EP True Colors I might have missed some though