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  1. triggered over sugar free food? seriously???????
  2. what are they called then? whatever Demi became this era with her queer extreme-political correctness nonbinary he/she/they university everything needs an apology shit
  3. Not Myself Tonight taught ha
  4. this underrated overlooked BOP tho
  5. Kylie's fanbase isnt full of SJW's and we dont care. Meanwhile Lana makes music for depressed special snowflake hispter gays, of course they were gonna drag...
  6. her videos have more views than "hot" and relevant hip hop artists like City Girls, Doja cat, and Mulatto. also Doja Cat's MASSIVE #1 Grammy summer smash 'Say So' has almost the same video views as 'Kream'. Iggy gets these streaming hits without radio and after being ~cancelled~. She also has huge social media following
  7. I'm an Iggy stan and she still famous sis. her videos get 100m+ views, more than current chart topping artists. TALENT ALWAYS PREVAILS
  8. This singer is going to have her own section on here one day. I used to tell people a decade ago that Iggy Azalea would be famous one day and NO ONE believed, I'm getting the exact same vibes from this girl.🔮 🧙‍♀️
  9. her vocals are horrid and her music is made for twinks with bad taste
  10. whats the hit of the album gorls? the song with ariana is a snoozefest
  11. probably just a rumor. 1989 eats any Ariana era anyway
  12. Give Your Heart a Break was #1 a radio which makes it a SMASH. Just like Sorry Not Sorry. The girls always try make up floppage with Demi just cause shes hated on pop forums probably for her talent. They used to do this with Xtina, pull the same receipts on their fave and see how they dont like it