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  1. She doesnt. Her team never even sheduled a vanguard award she has better performances+her own shock moments anyway
  2. rocky road

    Drag them melanie shartinez is gross
  3. rocky road

    Sophie is on the credits of that Madonna song
  4. rocky road

    sis you need to be rooting for Ariana since she’s a #Fighter and the heir to ha throne
  5. rocky road

    Britards hate the truth. That’s not her on social media a hardcore Britney fan once mentioned that she met someone with ties to her team that revealed that Britney does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and her team does all the work, (which to a normal person is obvious). She was shocked and sad, all I had to say was “told ya, stupid, but at least you’ve opened your eyes”
  6. rocky road

    Lol I don’t like Gags but BTW did not underporm just Judas, and it’s because the song was leaked. (I knew the leaker omw I’ve been on the internet far too long )
  7. rocky road

    I’ll never understand how that song wasn’t a smash it joined the league of perfect-second-single-that-flopped-from-best-era along with Kiss It Better, Judas, and maybe WooHoo
  8. One’s talent is nostalgic, the others isn’t.
  9. So she’s pretty much doing 02 Arena cause that’s 2 wembley Arenas. Her team really does undermine her people need to stop doubting our legends, Xtina has done shit all these last 8 years and yet she’s doing as well as “other” girls who have been hustling none stop that’s Queen privilege
  10. rocky road

    Miley’s name isn’t on the credits. If you change one word ya name goes on the song () sorry these facts don’t fit with yall’s narrative
  11. rocky road

    guess Lindsay Lohan influenced Miley too then? Lmaooo also: THE AUDACITY!!! bangerz era was based off Stripped era , Miley even payed homage to it on her tour. We cant Stop/Wrecking Ball = Dirrty/Beautiful twerk=slut drop
  12. rocky road

    Being a casual fan of a major pop stars doesn’t mean you are artistically influenced by them. Demi and Ariana legit say “ my influence is Christina Aguilera” yall dont get it 😂 not the same thing as “oh I jammed to Britney On the radio when I was young “
  13. rocky road

    Messie J wrote Party in the USA. Next