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  1. She’s a Christina fan and not just for her voice y’all it’s not even funny anymore Sam Smith, Fifth Harmony… any new pop artist that’s not basic or has talent stans her let’s not forget the new queen of pop Ari
  2. they happened at the same time they say you are who your friends are..especially your best friends………
  3. It only takes two successful albums to be “someone”, so she barely made the cut
  4. who does this ugly flop gay think he is to tell her she needs to keep her opinions to herself? He’s not in the industry she probably knows what she’s talking about
  5. Did I miss something? Bring Me to Life is nearly top 10
  6. That’s what lorde gets for ruining her music (yet again) with that bleachers dude
  7. No sis they announced the dominoes domination residency to test the reception and see if they would be able to sell the show after so many more talented singers from the same age group moved in- they realized she couldn’t compete (she still sucks at performing) and pulled the plug Don’t come at me with your Britney fan delusions y’all have an excuse for everything
  8. not the Britney fans talking about dead careers when Bethney was kicked out of Vegas to make room for Xtina
  9. FYI the Rolling Stone journalist who wrote that is a massive britard, he even always makes sure to trash xtincta every chance he gets
  10. Released 1 full year before this Danja-produced album shifted the landscape of mainstream music from hip hop to pop (what Britney fans wrongly claim Blackout did) with Danja’s dark sexy edgy pop beats. After its enormous success Britneys label then ordered her to record with the same producer, if it weren’t for Nelly there wouldn’t be a Blackout - not the other way around. nothing ground breaking or influential about what Nelly had already done a full year before...Botney fans and Botney fan journalists are delusional I’m tired of hearin
  11. Don’t believe everything you hear. Every pop star is trained by their label to say they wrote music that they didn’t, even Xtina has done it. Britney ain’t no songwriter she’s too dumb songwriters have agreements with major artists to share credit in exchange for the artist releasing it or making it a single etc Britney fans of all people should be familiar with these smokes and mirrors since that’s the only thing Britney is good at
  12. If this is true Why did she get two #1s before her hiatus?
  13. the GAG is shes lying. labels tell their artists to say these types of things, its a tale as old as time.. RARELY is a hugely successful pop singer really involved in songwriting their hits, there's just too much on the line anyway. Gaga, Taylor, Charli are the only real deals that come to mind. Even Adele seems suspect.. they all lie even my fave
  14. and even that's a lie the actual songwriter is a Greek woman named Anette Stamtelatos. There are interviews online about how she wrote the song.