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  1. She can get away with everything even being rude to her fans xtina is always “eats crackers like a bitch” no matter what to her haters
  2. Its weird. You would think someone would have told her. Makes her look lost/uninformed
  3. Putting all bias aside for floptina britney is overreacting. Xtina already spoke up and made sure it was a genuine heartfolt post not just pr fluff either britney is really dumb or shes overly sensitive
  4. This is ironic, coming from a fanbase that thinks talent isnt a flex
  5. Not when speaking about musical influences Except maybe Flop Harmony but that might explain why they didnt last
  6. Ariana ✓ Demi ✓ Dua ✓ 5th Harmony ✓ And now Becky G just posted that on her instagram page ✓ Yet all the basics and flops like selena and charli xbox stan methney I thought yall said xtina was FORGOTTEN
  7. Its a different management team and a different label but xtina is still the captain of the ship and we know how lazy and un-ambitious she is, so who knows
  8. she literally added nothing to the demo, she even sings like Kylie Minogue (who the song was originally written for)
  9. Literally every britney fan and xtina hater on here. Should i pull out the receipt
  10. Nicki realy sabotoged this poor girl. They were supposed to have a VMA performance together but Nicki pulled out last minute I mean its not like she was gonna be a hit, but still..
  11. And look what now?? With NO AlBUM OR SINGLE
  12. Yall is this Larde? not her shaking it for her life