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    Demi has a better streak of successful eras/singles/ radio play out of her and Miley and Slutena
  2. rocky road

    I’m sure they’re alll fans of many famous pop stars. I’m sure they’re all fans of chocolate and cupcakes bur when asked for their artistic influences ari and Demi name drop Xtina so bye
  3. So out of all the new generation, Ariana Grande seems to have won the throne. She’s a massive Xtina fan and has covered countless of her songs before her fame, also freaked out when she performed next to the queen on the Voice and Legend X passed her the torch. Second place comes Demi Lovato, another pupil of Xtina. Third comes Miley . . . . and in very last 4th place for the throne is Selena Untalented Gomez, Botney’s pupil lmfaooo
  4. I bet you’re a Republican
  5. Then they should refrain from opinions on what makes a music legend, cause it’s embarrassing. I don’t expect them to get Xtinas genius since they’re so young, so they’re forgiven But hey, even when gays grown sometimes they still don’t get it 🤷🏻‍♂️ Just look at pulse they grown ass folk and are still OBSESSED with hating on Xtina and trying to discredit her, for good reason
  6. This why the ATRL generation is a mess Lol claim the likes of Xtina and shakira aren’t legends but marina and the almonds and botney are lmfaooooooo
  7. THst person who doesn’t know who tony Bennett is even tho he’s a legend
  8. lmfao caca has ALWAYS been 5 steps behind Godtina @Mariah's 18 #1's
  9. Mess Am I on ATRL? Are you 12???? They’re both legends..
  10. rocky road

    Why don’t you post their TOTAL monthly streaming numbers on Spotify? bey4 from when I checked last year, Xtina has always been ahead sooooo about YouTube we all know barney has many videos Lazytina has like 5
  11. hey y’all who's album got nominated for 2 Grammys? I forgot! Awards are part of success, from what I hear
  12. rocky road

    Lets @Agugaga school ha
  13. rocky road

    It’s funny because out of all her generation Xtina songs get played at every talent show around the world also she gets more play on classic hits radio then Botney the atrl generation keeps showing their retardedness
  14. I never said Liberation wasn’t a flop era? they both are but only one was nominated for Grammys? 🤷🏻‍♂️ And yes the Liberation tour did well most tickets were sold. You guys love to call everything a flop but Britney just cancelled her poorly selling residency and there were many shows on her European tour that were half empty. Nowhere to go but down from here
  15. rocky road

    Omg I was gonna post this but my title was funnier you bitch
  16. Just because glory peaked high first week, then bombed the other weeks like all her albums, doesn’t mean it was a hit. She had one single that sold decently it was still a flop era and she now has no residency or talent or public meltdown to keep her brand alive. Most of her last tour took place in Europe, where all major pop stars sell- even Xtina has sold out arenas there recently. I’m not impressed Xtina is just starting out again, a Grammy nominated album, another in the works , A hit US tour, and a residency in the works and she actually has TALENT to compete. Not bad for a 6 year hiatus 🤷🏻‍♂️
  17. Xtina will be fine , this era was a reintroduction. And it got nominated for 2 Grammys. She’s starting to tour again and will do a residency soon which will further promote her meanwhile botneys eras keep getting worse and worse. And her residency days are over now that better pop stars have moved in. She has nothing left to promote her anymore — she’s done. At least Xtina has her talent to fall back on, Barney has nothing anymore and her last album didn’t even go gold. Lotus did 🤷🏻‍♂️ Rip
  18. rocky road

    Lady Caca is over party! no more frauds! Fuera!
  19. Xtina has been doing what she wants to do since 2002 luckily she has a team that is supportive of that, and has lead to some huge record breaking eras (stripped, B2b) but also some mistakes people don’t understand that unlike botney, Xtina does what she wants and still gets respect and money, regardless of her not being seen as a “cool” pop act by the kids. At the end of the day the newer pop stars who know their herstery always cite Xtina as influence, which really says it all on who really won.... 👑
  20. Britney fans are gullible i don’t even hate her Trip To Your Heart is one of the best pop songs of all time. I just like trolling them! Every famous pop star is special or they wouldn’t be famous pop stars
  21. The whole arena wasn’t for sale. The seats that were avail were sold!