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  1. Omg y'all SOPHIE's new album 😭😭😭 I am scalpedddt!

  2.  kimonocat.gif   It's out, bitches! kimonocat.gif


  3. rocky road

    Congratulations.mp3 bops
  4. rocky road

    Sounds familiar
  5. rocky road

    Camila has them all beat 35 million monthly Spotify listeners, #1 album/single, and a stadium tour during debut
  6. rocky road

    Jk it's really not that bad but the wait wasn't worth it and the video is a low budget mess
  7. rocky road

    It's trash and it killed the buzz/era. 5 years of hype down the drain
  8. Make me had 0 impact no one remembers that song lmfao At least fall in line will be covered in talent shows a couple years from now like most of x's best songs
  9. rocky road

    Y'all in denial There's a reason there's so much money invested in her. She's a streaming monster and her fan base is cray She is part of the new generation along with #Fighters Dua lipa and Ari
  10. The one time you're right
  11. She was the top female of the year more than once
  12. I'm actually cackling at neither one of xtinas singles cracking the Hot 100. Who would have THOUGHT Like I get it everyone's a flop now but sisssss, yikes!
  13. Britney dominated the scene for like 1 year lol. Sad
  14. We r getting old I was an under age twink when i joined now I'm a 26 year old hairy daddy. I can smell my 30s getting close
  15. Trap/hip-pop goodness Do we love it? Did Marina LOSE?
  16. rocky road

    Ha lips overshadowed the era
  17. rocky road

    Lol they already fucked up the new era so I'll be surprised if FIL ends up getting radio spins
  18. rocky road

    Charli xcx Xtine Lil Debbie Bjork Garbage
  19. rocky road

    Celeb News

    Shakira is extremely underrated on pop forums Her success/social media presence is bigger than a lot of the main pop girls A fucking legend her and xtina were the only ones who had it all. Beauty, success, talent, and in CHARGE of their careers
  20. I'm so happy she (easily) went #1 last year lol. Her haters were sitting by their computers hoping it would be less, snake queen!
  21. this is her best era tbh charli xcx opening for her is only the cherry on the fucking top, i need tix :((((
  22. I've never heard anyone outside a pop forum call Britney a legend