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  1. gugicdu


    Could someone help a sis out and PM me the link?I already preordered the vinyl,cassette and deluxe but can't wait till Friday
  2. gugicdu


    Don't even mention that atrocity please
  3. gugicdu


    Unfortunately not. Nothing unusual happenned,they just want to be sure everything is set up properly.I hope they haven't moved it back a month or so cause the album's still on course for March.
  4. gugicdu


    The single has been moved back a bit.The design work on the album is beginning shortly.
  5. gugicdu


    Ageless queen
  6. gugicdu


    I hope so too.And has anyone seen her latest IG posts?Daaaaamn
  7. gugicdu


    Nah and she's not.Thankfully.
  8. gugicdu


    Epicness in all its shape and form,such a mystical era closer
  9. gugicdu


    I'd kill to hear her slutty American album tbh
  10. Ripped from the film "Halal Daddy".It was supposed to be featured on the film's soundtrack but was held back last minute for possible inclusion on the album. Hope it makes the cut.Gorgeous track.
  11. No. UPDATE: The song is a complete risk.Something completely different for Kylie.It's got "hints of Nashville" but it's not country. It fits well with the album meaning the album as a whole is something very different from her. Thank God.Finally. I'm so ready for her magnum opus.
  12. The song was apparently recorded in Nashville.
  13. gugicdu


    Yeah,the finished one was pretty much an EDM extravaganza from what I've heard.Parlo vetoed cause it sounded "too slutty and American".
  14. Promo begins second week of January.Video will be shot in December in the US.