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  1. gugicdu


    Could someone help a sis out and PM me the link?I already preordered the vinyl,cassette and deluxe but can't wait till Friday
  2. gugicdu


    Unfortunately not. Nothing unusual happenned,they just want to be sure everything is set up properly.I hope they haven't moved it back a month or so cause the album's still on course for March.
  3. gugicdu


    The single has been moved back a bit.The design work on the album is beginning shortly.
  4. gugicdu


    I'd kill to hear her slutty American album tbh
  5. gugicdu


    Yeah,the finished one was pretty much an EDM extravaganza from what I've heard.Parlo vetoed cause it sounded "too slutty and American".
  6. She's been there fora few weeks now.She's working with someone unpexcted.Also "it won't be long now...." Source - TheHeadlessPostman (SayHey)
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  8. gugicdu

    Celeb News

    I don't want another Kylie Christmas.Ever. The whole thing reeks of Mariah....
  9. gugicdu


    Daily Fail strikes again.
  10. gugicdu


    It's a 7-year old song by Elin Lanto pitched to sound like Kylie.Obviously fake. In other news,she supposedly got new management.
  11. Some more tidbits about the song and album,of which most was produced by The Invisible Men.
  12. gugicdu

    Celeb News

    An insider on SH said the SA reference was used to indicate the song is her comeback single.In their words the track sounds nothing like SA. What really excites me is that he said the song needs to sound modern and take Kylie's career forward.Thank **** they finally realised that.
  13. gugicdu

    Celeb News

    Yup.She's supposedly been writing with BMG's best team for months.
  14. YASSSSS She deserves it
  15. gugicdu


    They betta.She deserves every minute they dedicate to her.