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  1. Sales in 80s weren't even big. Club sales pushed plenty of 80s classics and they weren't allowed to chart on B200 TB was the best selling album of the year in UK and it barely sold 900k that year, that really shows a lot how strong sales were actually.
  2. But TB is not even her best selling or biggest charting album in US so it's very weird Her debut spent 168 weeks on chart, TIC 148 weeks/diamond, LAV 109 weeks/diamond, LAV also spent more weeks in top 10 than TB
  3. At least she managed to book a stage after that - as Lionel Ritchies's opening act who's gonna have whole 13 minutes set on his tour!
  4. Madonna also wins with recurrent airplay in US, songs that are getting daily airplay: Like A Prayer: 4.895 Into The Groove: 3.316 Lucky Star: 2.832 Open Your Heart: 2.683 Material Girl: 2.681 Holiday: 2.634 Borderline: 2.525 Crazy For You: 2.049 Vogue: 1.953 La Isla Bonita: 1.893 Papa Don't Preach: 1.764 True Blue: 1.536 Dress You Up: 1.185 Live To Tell: 1.022 Cherish: 0.842 Take A Bow: 0.385 Like A Virgin: 0.289 Secret: 0.245 Express Yourself: 0.152 Who's That Girl: 0.109 Music: 0.086 Causing A Commotion: 0.079 Beautiful Stranger: 0.015 Frozen: 0.012 Burnin' Up: 0.009 Angel: 0.009 I'll Remember: 0.007 Don't Tell Me: 0.009 4 Minutes: 0.008 Hung Up: 0.005 Ray Of Light: 0.005 Deeper And Deeper: 0.005 Always Be My Baby: 4.177 Fantasy: 2.260 We Belong Together: 1.745 Hero: 1.400 Dreamlover: 0.996 I'll Be There: 0.684 Shake It Off: 0.643 Emotions: 0.522 Vision Of Love: 0.426 I Still Believe: 0.403 Can't Let Go: 0.352 Love Takes Time: 0.313 Honey: 0.308 Without You: 0.305 Heartbreaker: 0.175 My All: 0.165 Don't Forget About Us: 0.102 It's Like That f/FatManScoop: 0.099 Touch My Body: 0.094 Loverboy: 0.084 Fly Like A Bird: 0.042 Obsessed: 0.023 Breakdown: 0.018 #Beautiful f/Miguel: 0.007 H.A.T.E. U: 0.003 I Want To Know What Love Is: 0.002 Bye Bye: 0.001 You're Mine (Eternal): 0.001 And murderers her in UK Last 30 days Madonna 1,867 plays overall (#14 artist overall, #3 female) Mariah 377 plays
  5. Discussion

    GGGB aged terribly, it was my favorite album back in the day, can't listen it at all now. Loud was already dated in 2010. GGGB at least had more than 2,3 good songs so it's better.
  6. Other

    Positively surprised with these 2
  7. It is, i was so shocked to hear it on radio that it took me until second verse to realize what song it was but all my co-workers are over 30 heading to 40 so i had to behave
  8. Have you listened it? Let's get unconscioushorny honey
  9. Sis she was part of that cringy release
  10. Other

    I also had that moment at RHT when i saw my flag on video screen
  11. orbit mix makes me horny every time. it's so sexual just saying