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  1. Awww is that so? The year when Madonna dissed Gaga and when monsters lost their sanity because of that and are still mad about that? It's time to move on from 2012 darling Is it my turn now to post receipts? Save me from that selective childish crap that you always try here 'one side is doing that but other side isn't' because it always drags you back.
  2. The joke is on you since little dumpsters have been saying same things about Madonna, from how ugly she is to how old she is. I mean, it's like their only drag since they have nothing on her. Pity.
  3. The fact that Madonna is used as criterion for legendary status pretty much says NO.
  4. What a comeback sad just like Gaga's
  5. It's actually more acclaimed than any Gaga album
  6. Charts

    This is probably first #1 single that i like/love since Counting Stars
  7. Wasn't that part of the act on the tour? Pretty sure i read that here.
  8. Patrick Leonard said it the best
  9. Nobody's perfect, Let's Get Crazy and I learned from you were my faves
  10. Video is cool, song not so much on first listen.
  11. Madonna's performance proved what a champion she is, got her amazing press and support from her peers. Mariah proved what a joke she is now. If she wasn't exposed for lip-syncing it wouldn't have been a big deal i guess because shit happens during live program.
  12. Britney is seen as established veteran and Gaga as fad and copycat. Pretty obvious answer.