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  1. Madonna wore cone bra in OYH music video for the first time, not BAT. Madonna's GI2M mv was filmed on april 3rd, all i see mv was released on april 18th. Or we can just remember Lucky star mv. PYIMP mv is placed in space and BS video is her dream and has nothing to do with that video. Finer feeling and Secret mvs are nothing alike, only similarity is that both videos are black and white. FF has a storyline, Madonna is walking and singing in club. That picture of Paradise not for me was printscreened before it faded and has nothing to do with that kylie picture on the right. Kylie didn't invent cheerleaders in performances or mvs, in fact we can credit britney for that? Or bunch of acts from the 80s. They wore same red dress, Kylie for photoshoot and M was messing around on her instagram. Madonna actually had phone line during confessions era so it wasn't ficition for video or just a look, so again, nothing alike. that pic with ring is also stupid since Kylie is wearing hoodie and madonna had photoshoot inspired by boxers look, she doesn't have her name on the ring or even same pose. So i guess only similarity is hoodie on the head and b&w edit by kylie stan so it could match more. Madonna had that disco colours around her pics in 80s And do you wanna compare ITG performance with that kylie's? By that logic we can credit everyhting that was ever used on stage by someone else to madonna since she started having random things on the stage As usual Kylie stan is reaching with manipulated screenshots and edits. These are even more reaching that those Madonna vs Gaga.
  2. I agree. This is the first time i liked her music since OOTB
  3. BA is much better. The cure is so empty, lifeless, generic and basic that it hurts
  4. Not for the first time, Madonna is on the war path. The focus of her rage is Universal Pictures, who snapped up a script about the singer's early years in New York earlier this week. Madonna sought out a copy of the screenplay, called Blonde Ambition, and immediately declared it to be "all lies". "Nobody knows what I know and what I have seen," the 58-year-old fumed on Instagram. "Only I can tell my story. Anyone else who tries is a charlatan and a fool. Looking for instant gratification without doing the work. This is a disease in our society." Penned by first-time writer Elyse Hollander, Blonde Ambition topped last year's Black List, Hollywood's annual chart of the best unproduced screenplays. The list has previously featured future Oscar-winners such as Spotlight, The Revenant, Argo and American Hustle - so it's no surprise that Universal nabbed the rights. Two major producers have already been attached to the project, Michael De Luca (The Social Network) and Brett Ratner (X-Men), who himself directed Madonna's Beautiful Stranger video in 1999. However, it's clear that the project doesn't have the star's approval. In theory, that's not a barrier to the film getting made, but the script relies heavily on Madonna's music, including Like A Virgin, Everybody and Lucky Star. If the singer vetoes their use, the project would essentially be dead in the water. But how inaccurate is Hollander's script? We read a publicly available draft to see how closely it stuck to Madonna's story. While the arc is broadly true, Hollander compresses and condenses events, even creating composite characters to keep up the momentum. Here's what's true, and what isn't. True: Madonna was in a band called The Emmys The first act of the script focuses on Madonna's pre-fame band The Emmys, which she formed with her boyfriend Dan Gilroy and childhood friend Stephen Bray, who went on to co-write Into The Groove, Express Yourself and True Blue. Their name derived from Madonna's childhood nickname, and video footage of their scrappy garage tunes can easily be found online. The film insists the group were a cheap knock-off of new wave pop band Blondie, but their sound was more indebted to Britain's ska and 2 Tone scenes. Madonna can even be heard adopting a British accent in some of their early demos. False: The Emmys were erased from history One of the script's biggest fabrications was that Madonna and The Emmys had a deal with Sire Records and cut an entire album before Madonna took the songs, erased Dan's vocals and launched herself as a solo artist. In reality, the band never got beyond making demo tapes; and many of the songs attributed to them in the film - including Borderline and Lucky Star - were written much later. Madonna even paid tribute to Dan Gilroy when she was inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2008. "He lived in an abandoned synagogue in Queens," she recalled, "and he taught me how to play guitar. "I practised those four chords that Dan taught me over and over and over again." Partially true: Madonna worked in a Russian tea room At the start of Blonde Ambition, Madonna is seen waiting tables at New York's prestigious Russian Tea Room. While the star did work at the venue for two months, she was stationed in the cloakroom, and eventually let go for failing to adhere to the dress code. "She was a hard worker, conscientious," said restaurant manager Gregory Camillucci in 1991. "I got the impression that the one meal we fed her was the only food she was getting." True: She dated her producer, Jellybean Benitez Blonde Ambition's biggest sub-plot is Madonna's romance with dance producer John "Jellybean" Benitez, who produced her breakthrough single, Holiday, and remixed others, including Material Girl, Like A Virgin and Dress You Up. They first met at the influential New York club Fun House, where, according to one observer, Madonna "walked right up to the DJ booth, grabbed him and kissed him". After that, they dated for two years, during which time Madonna's career exploded - leading to inevitable tensions and the eventual breakdown of their relationship. However, it's unlikely that their courtship included the sort of "romantic" dialogue Hollander provides in her script. "You're the first Latin DJ to break out of genre in a heavily white industry and I'm a driven woman in [an] all boys club," says Madonna during one encounter. "We're both outsiders but I'm willing to work the system from within. Are you?" True: (Most of) the things she said Throughout the script, entire lines of dialogue are lifted verbatim from Madonna's interviews, including the pivotal quote: "It never occurred to me to get into this business and not be a huge success. I wanted the world to notice me, always have." In fact, Hollander's reliance on archive clips caught Madonna out during her Instagram rant. As an example of the script's inaccuracies, the singer singled out a line of dialogue on the first page, in which Madonna tells US TV personality Dick Clark: "I was born in Detroit. I'm a famed high school dropout." "I was born in Bay City, not Detroit. And I did not drop out of high school. In fact, I went to University of Michigan," Madonna said. But the interview Hollander quotes is available on YouTube - which might explain why Madonna later deleted her comments. However, some of her quotes have been placed in a new context. On page 58 of the script, Madonna tells Jellybean: "I always knew I was going to be a nun or a star. Spending six months in a convent cured me of the first one." This superb (and untrue) piece of hyperbole actually comes from a handwritten letter Madonna sent to film director Stephen Lewicki, requesting an audition for his movie A Certain Sacrifice. Partially true: She signed her record deal in hospital One of the most well-worn Madonna stories is that Seymour Stein signed her to Sire Records in hospital, hours after having heart surgery. In the script, this is all at Madonna's behest. So desperate is she to sign the deal that she storms into his ward and practically puts the pen in his hand. But Stein insists he was the one who summoned Madonna to him. "I was caught with dirty pyjamas with a slit up the back of my gown," he told Rolling Stone. "I needed a shave and a shower. But I got it together to meet with her. "When she walked in the room, I could tell she wouldn't have cared if I was like Sarah Bernhardt lying in a coffin. "All she cared about was that one of my arms moved, that I could sign a contract. "What I saw there was even more important than the one song I heard. "I saw a young woman who was so determined to be a star." Uncertain: The abortion In Blonde Ambition's final scene, backstage at the 1984 MTV Awards, Madonna coldly informs Jellybean that she has aborted their child. "I won't have to choose between my career and a family now," she says, not even deigning to make eye contact. "And that's how I want it." Madonna has never suggested she was pregnant in 1984, and Hollander's claim would appear to be based on Christopher Andersen's salacious 1992 biography Madonna: Unauthorized (you can read an excerpt here). However, Madonna has frequently spoken about having an abortion at the start of her career. "You always have regrets when you make those kind of decisions," she told Times Magazine in 1996, "but you have to look at your lifestyle and ask, 'Am I at a place in my life where I can devote a lot of time to being the really good parent I want to be?' "I think you have to be mentally prepared for it. If you're not, you're only doing the world a disservice by bringing up a child you don't want." (A group of New York Film Students have filmed Blonde Ambition's final scene, should you be interested in watching an am-dram version of the movie). True: The feud with Cher "I think Madonna's vulgar and tacky," says Cher on the 83rd page of Blonde Ambition. "She's a flash in the pan at best." Amazing though it may seem, the quote is real. Madonna even responded to the comment in a 1984 interview with her future biographer J Randy Taborelli, saying: "Who knows tacky better than Cher?" False: Madonna auditioned songwriters in a swimming pool Half-way through Blonde Ambition, Madonna is desperately seeking a final song to complete her debut album. So she and Jellybean hold an open audition in an indoor swimming pool at the YMCA. After a montage of dismal musicians playing dismal songs, funk duo Pure Energy walk through the double doors. Singer Lisa Stevens and bassist Curtis Hudson (bizarrely renamed Richard Curtis in Hollander's script) nervously set up their instruments before playing what will become Madonna's signature song, Holiday. Great story - but it never happened. The band originally submitted a cassette demo of the song to Mary Wilson, of The Supremes. When she rejected it, Holiday was passed on to Jellybean, who presented it to Madonna. "The song still generates money," Curtis told blogcritics in 2006 . "Can you live off of one hit? Yes, you can if you get the right hit. It can last you a lifetime. We've been living proof of that. If we did nothing else, the royalties from Holiday could support us." True: She fell over at the 1984 MTV Awards Madonna's most public mishap came at the 2015 Brit Awards, when she was yanked off stage by a cape. But it had happened once before - at the first MTV Awards in 1984, when she lost a stiletto while walking down a 17ft (5m) tall wedding cake in her wedding dress (it could happen to anyone). Although the incident plays a pivotal part in Blonde Ambition - has she lost the baby? - it was never as serious as the script makes out. "I thought, 'Well, I'll just pretend I meant to do this,'" Madonna later said. "So I dove on the floor and I rolled around. And, as I reached for the shoe, the dress went up. And [my] underpants were showing." The stumble-flash made television history and propelled Madonna to even greater heights. And that's where the film drops the curtain.
  5. here

    Miss Jackson if ya nasty



  6. I didn't expect that tbh 1990: #5 I'm Breathless 1992: #2 Erotica 1994: #honorablemention Bedtime Stories 1998: #5 Ray of Light The acclaim
  7. I feel bad for screenwriter Elyse Hollander tho, it was her first script. She didn't deserve to get trashed like that, instead of managing Madonna that dumb ass Oseary is doing nothing to control her and her stupid mouth.
  8. That's because you're not participating here, i'm pretty sure i'm repeating same thing for 2 years now, she's overexposed for nothing and i don't like it. Since i don't care about her personal life i wouldn't mind her disappearing like Janet. I agree with your opinion on movie and her reaction tho. I didn't quoted you trying to pick a fight or even talk about movie and that project, i simply noted unnecessary comment. I didn't lecture you, i told you that it's not necessary to repeat in every post that she is trash now in your opinion, that's something that you do a lot, i believe you can agree on that. But if i start now explaining (and i won't) you're going to say how i'm justifying myself, and that is simply not true. There's no win-win situation with you. There's a difference between us two when it comes to trashing her. You're still not getting that i'm not talking about ONE single post. Most of your posts are written like that. But since you're referring to that ONE, yes it was unnecessary in the context of that post.
  9. Just like Nicole and Anastacia didn't have to lie about their age? Mariah is still keeping her age a secret (?) Just like label didn't have to Minnie Mouse Madonna's voice because she was already 'old' when she debuted? Janet lied about secret marriage and secret child in 80s too. MJ faked foot injury to promote single during Dangerous era (hoping it would chart higher) and secretly was selling rumors to newspapers in 80s (and he was exposed for it) It was different time. She probably played the rumors that circled around her (like gaga played with rumors of her having dick back in 2009, and even wore fake one to mess with people). Dirty messy nasty girl was Madonna's image until TB era. They probably tried to make her look hip and relateable to rebellious teens because she was 26 Because she used other people for her lies to praise herself. Key word: NOW. That wasn't the case back in the day when stars were very private and had very private and secret lives.
  10. No i don't, you simply never write that first. I don't even know what's your favorite album and i'm interested in that. I don't think it's that hard to get that i simply noted negativity that i see all the time. It wasn't personal or that deep. But i thought that pointing out that you hate her recent albums was necessary or relevant to the topic, like i said plenty of times, it bugged me because you found a way to post that again, we all know it already. I didn't quoted you because of your opinion, i don't know why are you trying to sell that story every time. And once again you're nitpicking. No, my observation was that in most of your posts you focus on things that you hate. Which that post literally proved, you once again noted how much you hate current Madonna, while talking about biopic that has nothing to do with current Madonna, her music and artistry. And yet your 'points' were never my points, points that i talked about here. So at the end of the day you immediately shifted story to the points that you wanted to prove that once again had nothing to do with points that i made. Your opinion on current trash Madonna and her recent albums was off-topic, don't you think? I said it's a thin line between criticizing and writing hateful comments. You're once again twisting everything. That's not what i said or did. I trashed her behavior on social media, i do that all the time because i strongly dislike the way she presents herself there. I said that plenty of time already. And yet my opinion of you was never the topic or posted by me. It was you who accused me of hating you because i noted that you are passionate about things you hate. Over 20 pages in BGs tho.
  11. I think she was addressing rumors from that time. People also thought she was black so label didn't want to put her pic on the cover of Holiday so she could get airplay on black stations (or something like that) since only one female song per hour was allowed at the time.
  12. Single

    Ryan had meltdown. No new album ever again Rant:
  13. No it doesn't, i had plenty of conversations with him in Randomdonna or other threads where we agreed on something or disagreed, he's more versatile poster when it comes to M. You only mention 'positive' things (met gala dress, tears of a clown and autotune baby) when i call you out on your negativity. In that thread few months ago when we had similar discussion i already told you that i don't care if you like something or not since it's obviously your opinion, but i find it annoying that you only talk about something that you don't like, and you're very passionate when it comes to things that you hate. It was just an observation and you took it so personally that it went on and on and on, and you called me names etc. And you're doing that again now. It's really not my fault if you're so bitter that you don't want to accept something so you have to rephrase question plenty of times until you get the answer that you want/demand (when you quoted my post on last page and edited everything with '... (bs, bs, bs, bs, and more bs) ...'. - hard evidence of what i'm saying here. )
  14. Everything was already addressed plenty of times, not just in this topic during this conversation but in the past also (since you like to run away from starting to point to repeating same questions that had nothing to do with how conversation started in the first place), except of #1 and yeah you're bringing him constantly, that's kinda desperate move since he actually has nothing to do with your posts. Unless you're only bringing him to back you up.