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  1. Ih ja ne volim Usce Delta City >>> Pa dobro videliste sve manje vise hahaha, barem vas je vreme lepo posluzilo Hahaha veruj mi razumeo je, ipak svi mi gledamo reprize Srecnih ljudi i Porodicnog blaga verovatno se smejao zato sto je bilo neocekivano hahah
  2. Dobro je, vec sam se zabrinuo sto se ne javljas hahah Jel bilo nesto strasno?
  3. Some of those artworks tho
  4. Discussion

    This thread went from 'unpopular' to simply wrong and bad opinion
  5. Celebration is now 2xP (600,000) TIC 12xP (Jan 2003) True Blue 7xP (Mar 1992) Ray of Light 6xP (Jan 2003) Music 5xP (Jun 2001) Like a Prayer 4xP (Feb 1995) Confessions On A Dance Floor 4xP (Jan 2007) Like a Virgin 3xP (Nov 1985) Something To Remember 3xP (Apr 1997) GHV2 2xP (Nov 2002) Erotica 2xP (Jun 1993) Evita 2xP (Mar 1997) Celebration 2xP (March 2017) The First Album 1xP (Dec 1985) You Can Dance 1xP (Nov 1987) Who's That Girl 1xP (Dec 1987) I'm Breathless 1xP (Jul 1990) Bedtime Stories 1xP (Dec 1994) American Life 1xP (Aug 2003) Hard Candy 1xP (Sep 2008) MDNA Gold (July 2013) The Confessions Tour Silver (July 2013) Rebel Heart Silver (April 2015) Now she has 12 multiplatinum albums in both US and UK
  6. Same question
  7. 117.4m Toxic 95.7m Work bitch 85.8m Baby one more time 70.1m Make me 63.8m Oops I did it again 57.5m Til the world ends 52.6m Womanizer 39.5m I wanna go 33.3m Everytime 31.2m Circus 30.0m Gimme more 27.9m Criminal 27.4m Hold it against me 26.0m I'ma slave 4 u 25.6m Piece of me 24.0m 3 23.3m Crazy 21.7m If you seek amy 20.1m Stronger 20.1m Perfume 18.3m Lucky 18.1m Slumber party 14.4m Sometimes 13.3m Radar 11.6m I'm not a girl 11.0m Overprotected 11.0m Break the ice 10.9m Boys 10.8m I love rock n roll 9.5m Me against the music 9.1m My prerogative 8.4m Born to make you happy 4.7m Do something 3.9m Don't let me be the last to know 2.6m From the bottom of my broken heart remastered/unremastered versions are all merged and counted as one except of Crazy Stop Remix
  8. Britney wins easily I don't wanna drag Madonna tbh But let me do it now
  9. Achievement

    I love all this hate towards this piece of shit
  10. Just Whitney was one of the biggest flops of all time sis Her Xmas album flopped too ILTY sold around 2.5m and Rated R 3m, and her last hit single was released in 1999. So no, it's not true that she never flopped.
  11. I didn't say that BOMT isn't her #1 because it sounds dated (but it does ), it belongs to that late 90s teenpop era that Spice Girls started, and it has nostalgia attached to it. It was product of its time, once that era died most songs (and even acts) from that time died too (same happened to disco music/artists when disco died). BOMT feels/felt bigger in pop culture, Toxic in real life.
  12. I think Toxic is pretty much her #1 hit, Baby has nostalgia factor, Toxic has universal appeal and it's not attached to teenpop era.
  13. here

    The Americans cry1