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  1. Single

    Terrible song
  2. Aren't you checked out already?
  3. Well you should know all about that...
  4. Music Video

    I am disgusted by the fact that she is promoting this so much. I'm really tired of this stupid and pointless 'project'. I don't even care to watch it.
  5. You didn't get one single thing. Not surprised.
  6. This is not true tho. Do you now hard he was dragged for low sales of Bad? He went from +20m to album that barely sold 7m in US (until label re-certified it this year base don SPS) with more singles, more promo and bigger tour.No one cared about LAP selling less than True Blue. By the end of 80s all major publications named Madonna artist of decade, from MTV to RollingStone and Billboard. MJ was so mad he DEMANDED award from MTV. He was the one who was jealous of Madonna because she never cared about success and if her sales went down she never gave a damn about it - she had that freedom. I mean he was Jackson after all, look how much all his siblings talked about Madonna's low sales, they followed her certifications and talked about them in interviews for god's sake. Madonna was praised for moving forward in late 80s, not being labeled as 80s act because she dropped that label, while MJ was criticized for still being stuck in same lane. In 90s Janet outshined the shit out of him that he begged her for feature. They were never really that much pitted against each other back in the day. It only started when MJ called himself KOP (after Madonna's title already stuck in media in late 80s), and that started with Dangerous era (he was sending press releases and asked to be called King of Pop). Jacksons also tried doing that with Janet but failed. Now look at 00s, Madonna started the decade with slayage, MJ flopped for filth. In 2005 the same time she released Confessions and ruled the world MJ was giving interviews about his pedophilia charges. Madonna built her own lane and it's not in MJ's shadow. And then his sudden and tragic death happened. And suddenly everything changes. Only with sudden rise of stan wars this decade haters started suing MJ to discredit and drag Madonna. MJ wasn't untouchable during his days. There was always something that press used. He was just as polarizing as Madonna. But he was more respected because he was a man.
  7. here

    Had to downgrade from win10 to win7 because i need CATIA for my masters studies and omg it's so ugly and fucking SLOW. I can't even drag a bitch in BGs without crashing. 

    1. Angelus

      Low standards ny2

      have fun defending your fave in BGs now that i can't!!!1!

    2. Rebel Bitch

      Low standards? orly1 Win7 is just THE BEST. clap1 


  8. Madonna still has her death so I wouldn't worry about her. MJ was fucking irrelevant and mocked until his death since only memorable thing he has done past decade was getting arrested for pedophilia, almost dropping a baby from balcony and losing his nose on stage. You're so quick to jump the bandwagon, just like you will be the first one to jump on it when Madonna dies. But until then, poor her, no legacy because she's alive!!11 She's not dressing her age!!1 Disgusting!!!
  9. 1. Aura vs. Witness 2. Venus vs. Hey Hey Hey 3. G.U.Y. vs. Roulette 4. Sexxx Dreams vs. Swish Swish 5. Jewels N' Drugs vs. Déjà Vu 6. MANiCURE vs. Power 7. Do What U Want vs. Mind Maze 8. ARTPOP vs. Miss You More 9. Swine vs. Chained to the Rhythm 10. Donatella vs. Tsunami 11. Fashion! vs. Bon Appétit 12. Mary Jane Holland vs. Bigger Than Me 13. Dope vs. Save as Draft 14. Gypsy vs. Pendulum 15. Applause vs. Into Me You See
  10. I guess that's why they confused her with Gaga too Anyway, kids recognizing singles from 3 different decades. Wow not everybody has that and won't get that
  11. Review

    She was compared a lot to Madonna because they are both females. She was just as much influenced by Prince and Bowie at the beginning but no one made big deal out of it. Men can get away with everything, look at JT and Bruno, thry are never compared to MJ and they are his copycats.
  12. You already listened it? What are your thoughts on ROL and Music?
  13. Great choice! One of my faves, It's also one of her most acclaimed and successful albums Perfect mix of electronic, acoustic and dance music. Critics described album as folktronica