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  1. Review

    I enjoy this album when i'm into 80s. Her debut is her best album from that decade TB is her worst album after MDNA.
  2. Shanti/Astangi is pretty much influenced by Techno music.
  3. Discussion

    Debut is 10/10
  4. Discussion

  5. Discussion

    Please don't listen to that fan.
  6. I think Madonna haters are using Mariah to drag her and Mariah haters are using Madonna to drag Mariah There is no beef between those two stan bases, let's be real They are just 2 completely different artists so there are hardly people who really stan both equally
  7. Their beef was actually not even that big. Madonna's point was ignored and media manipulated her quote, she was asked about sex and Mariah. Madonna later said on Oprah that she didn't know what to do once that quote was manipulated and thought of calling her to explain, but it was too late since Mariah reacted basically the same day. After that Mariah threw few shades but she was never dragging her and they were not mean-spirited. She is shady overall. . Madonna never said anything negative about her after that. They praised each other in 2005 when they had comebacks, they praised each other in 2008. They never had problem with each other.
  8. Non stop mix makes no sense. I never listened album like that. Mixed version >>>
  9. I don't really listen music from this decade that much.
  10. Lol there is no source for this. You literally made this up based on year end report that is not related to this album or its first week. Pure album sales 162,071 Digital album sales 22,408 Physical album sales 139,663 Only known facts so far.
  11. SIS that was my DIRECT answer to his post, something that you kinda addressed here and tried to justify with this It was my answer to that post and EXAMPLE of never ending cycle. Read between lines sometimes. I haven't seen Earth Ripper here in some time so i forgot about him. And as you know very well 2 fans that you listed here also went against me in other thread where they also dragged Madonna totally the same. So they simply don't qualify here. Kevin is very open about doing this on purpose after terrible RH era. He joined in the middle of that hate bandwagon. And you know my story very well. You know very well how much i defended Gaga during Artpop and CTC eras because i was sick of that stan war and i thought once Madonna's era starts monsters HERE wouldn't do the same thing Madonna fans did. But i was wrong. They were even worse. And YES i will drag Gaga every time. Just like you are dragging Madonna every time. So once again, you're pointing fingers at something that you;re doing too. You're still contradicting yourself in this thread. You are still NOT getting it. Let it go.
  12. But that's what i'm saying, we, on FOTP shouldn't be associated with whole fanbases who are trolling 24/7 on twitter and sites like MN and be shamed for their words so when someone says 'you guys are starting it', 'you are posting this about gaga' etc. is literally pointless that's what i'm trying to point out. I told him to continue dragging and shading all he wants but stop with pointing fingers already. Currently yes, but that's because Madonna is not active for 2 years already. And she won't be for very long time. So ofc there's not much to talk about. In the meantime Gaga is very active well i'm not familiar with this and who's doing that so i can't comment on that
  13. I didn't quoted you, i posted your quote because he asked for receipts of that And people like you are everything that he is saying monsters are not doing. Maybe because she was more active recently? I mean we can wait for new Madonna album and i can post same thing about you guys. And you know damn well that you won't miss a single chance of that. Like you didn't during RH era. I am not doing that. @ those who are doing that. And if it's related to Gaga's work i don't see a problem if negative opinion (aka shit) is posted? Which is my point here Not true. This whole thread is about monsters acting like they are above madonna stans which is simply not true and won't ever be. I am not talking about few individuals on FOTP, atrl or whatever, i am talking about overall stan bases.