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  1. This fake act Dragging, trashing, discrediting, shitting on madonna in every thread here and then he's like 'it's hard talking about her in a good light' Says person who once had no trouble using abortions in order to drag her...
  2. Oh let's start Your first post dedicated to me And after YOU started it, list goes on Omg when this actually happened I guess i should've used words psychotic and lunatic like you did when you didn't have shit for back up.
  3. Not when madonna is currently selling millions on itunes she's at 450m records already
  4. And once again you're ignoring FACTS that it was you coming i here writing personal insults first and relying on them
  5. Madonna outsold lol a flop
  6. But somehow rhianna is gonna sell 100m soon with her sales going down witch each new release
  7. Oh so we agree that rhianna is nothing but numbers? Nnn THE FUCK, you're literally making fool of yourself once again since it was you who ran in here first writing personal insults first because yo had nothing but fake numbers to post and i already posted receipts of that pages ago and like always you ignored it
  8. You're finally right The Immaculate Collection iTunes: #26 United States
  9. Can you prove that or is just another fiction coming from brave rhat?
  10. No it didn't. It sold more in US because it was released in Q4 and had ticket bundles during whole tour So let me check what matters, selling 15k less in one country or 700k more outside of it Seethe
  11. Sis you're confusing stats, it's Rihanna charting there Madonna is slaying US
  12. the fact that you're still playing dumb Or actually not playing You're still trying after you were dragged to shit and back
  13. But she can't even outsell Madonna's first week in over a year
  14. and yet not only you mentioned her you also brought up the sales Obsessed a bit
  15. Unbreakable also didn't sell 1m which means that it didn't sell more than RH and it is what it is Oh really? Madonna was old in both '92 and '03 but Janet wasn't old when she reached Madonna's age
  16. Yeah sure Typical ít's not me it's you excuse Play pretend
  17. The fact that you still ignore every single time receipts slap you in your face and you think you're winning definition of a loser
  18. And topic wasn't if rihanna's sales were close to madonna's or not. So you're the one who mentioned sales, i guess you're just forgetful
  19. And yet there are 3 rhats here on two madonna fans math is not your thing
  20. And what's left for rhat who even now alive isn't groundbreaking? I mean here you are braging about dragging someone, i have yet to see it since you always ignore posts when you get dragged back and you only rely on personal insults
  21. And Madonna is someone who wasn't banned on radios? TWICE? And post receipts of Janet's album selling over 1m I'll wait
  22. And yet her last era failed to reach those numbers and her next one will sell 50% of that In the meantime Madonna is still selling albums, you know between eras, with Like a Virgin and Ray of Light currently charting on UK albums chart. TIC selling in all main markets While Rihanna is selling 3 copies in Zimbabwe
  23. Awkward moment when you started sales arguments
  24. Is she tho? I thought you said sales are dead It's not like she's selling much anyway when Anti eraonly sold 3-4m records more than RH era.
  25. Well it's not working for RIhanna