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  1. Oh then let's erase history because we're in 21st century and nothing else matters. Only millennials Rhat stans also live in lies so there you go
  2. And wold revolves around them?
  3. Why are you lying? Is it because one thing that you re trying to sell here is fake
  4. Angelus

    I know right. Grammy Album of the year 2017: Inspired by Madonna's Ray of Light. Grammy album of the year 2016: Inspired by Madonna's Like a Prayer. Madonna's haters are so stupid
  5. Angelus

    Here's also Chester talking about Madonna inspiring him, and wanting to be a musician because of her!
  6. No not really, her whole time she's just there having quick hits... She's no different than Katy for example. Other then selling singles, they did nothing else. Britney is and always will be. She hit the planet like a meteor and forever impacted and changed pop music. Beyonce was also just there for first 10 years, she stepped up the game and she is contender now.
  7. You literally opened this thread and made big joke of yourself. No she didn't. Stop lying. Janet had multiple hits before Mariah (including #1). hell even Madonna merged her music with hiphop before Moo on both Erotica and Bedtime Stories (and also had rapper featuring in rnb song!) Pop music it was pretty much evident on first few Mariah albums since they sounded like they came from mid 80s with those dancepop synths
  8. Yes she's doing bad, Outside MHWGO that has over 100m streams now she has only few songs with over 20m streams and maybe one or two over 30m. At least last time i checked (May) 91.0m My Heart Will Go On 44.6m Because You Loved Me 25.8m Beauty and the Beast 25.6m Happy Xmas 23.2m I'm Alive 22.3m It's All Coming Back to Me Now
  9. Sis don't worry, numbers are not real P.S. She also has Like a Virgin and Ray of Light charting on UK albums chart now
  10. Well they were hits back in the day, but ofc not everything ends up being well remembered. But i guess it also depends where you live, i hear Bad Girl and Rain quite a lot on radios that play music from 80s and 90s or just slow songs/ballads. I heard Rain today. Most of my friends were also surprised when they realized it was Madonna singing them because they are very un-Madonna I guess. Donn't know much about US, but some fans said that Rain is played quite a lot on AC stations, when it comes to UK BBC2 recently played Deeper and Deeper
  11. Erotica holds the record for highest debut ever on Billboard Radio Chart (#2). The only reason it didn't go to #1 was because she gave away promo cd of single with S.E.X and it hurt its singles sales. Deeper and Deeper went top 10. Rain peaked at #12 Bad Girl flopped, still peaked in top 10 in UK. Fever (UK only single) also peaked in top 10 there.
  12. Angelus

    This is simply pathetic I mean or this one 'Madonna stole the sex book' 'madonna stole like a virgin' I've never seen so many made up bullshit Monsters really tried it I mean this site is really legit, look at this Confessions On A Dance Floor - She ripped off Kylie Minogue for "Like It Or Not" and lines on "Get Together." "Confessions on a Dance Floor" is a real copy and paste of other people's music, which is pathetic, as it was done without permission. And all that reverb and vocoding due to her inability to sing well, is absolutely annoying and grating. It's like listening to a robot sing for 45 minutes. Madonna steals from 50 cent because she has song named candy shop And yet the only real fact is that she lost ONE lawsuit (based on ONE second) )that judge later overruled. Shove it in your ass already
  13. Power ballads were trend decades before with Barbra being queen of them. Aretha too, and plenty of other vocalists that existed and are actually more respected. Pop music honey There was no 'pop' genre before Madonna. What Mariah popularized? Nothing.
  14. Angelus


    In US? I don't think so. But it's selling around 40k per year in UK and probably around the same in US
  15. Ballads were a trend decades before mariah and whitney debuted. Stop lying.
  16. Angelus

    Everyhting that we see in female artists who debuted after 1982
  17. Those are not real numbers...
  18. Angelus

    Rain just started playing on Karolina radio station. Omg Classic
  19. Angelus

    Some people booed when she talked about discrimination. Overall people cheered and clapped when she talked about respect after that. Reach a bit
  20. Angelus

    He was kinda ok until 2013, but ever since he came back bandwagon became too much for me. Everyone is acting like he's some kind of a legend...
  21. Angelus

    This thread was literally opened to say that And if there's something that Madonna still has, it's big support in Europe.
  22. Angelus

    Serbia may be irrelevant bit Madonna is destryoing her in UK too, you know the biggest market in Europe No not really, Rihanna is current artist and her catalog is very current. It's outdated as hell and sounds like a product of its time so i'm not surpried you called it old tho
  23. Angelus

    'Old hits'? Isn't rhat 10 years into her career or something Good luck hearing them in 40 years P.S. You won't. You'll be hearing Beyonce tho, she has classics that are not products of their time, Rihanna can't relate with her generic and basic shit that gets old quicker than a ray of light.
  24. Angelus

    He became so overrated...
  25. Angelus

    I'm sure Rhat deserved nothing more, but damn aren't you a bit ageist? She's only in her 30s...