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    We really are fossils
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    They work from home
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    Watching it now with my mom. She's impressed with her look and voice
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    Celeb News

    Praying has to be nominated! Song of the year for me
  7. Angelus

    Because she's basic and has nothing to offer.
  8. Angelus

    Overall Bey > Rihanna > Gaga By stans Gaga > Byonce > Rhianna
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    What quiz show? Slagalica?
  10. Angelus

    Nnnnn not RIta serving another bop this year Your Song is one of my favorite songs this year and now this bops hard
  11. Power of kids from the video Album: The Immaculate Collection iTunes: #55 United States #172 Australia #184 United Kingdom
  12. Angelus

    I'm talking about Pollstar, not Billboard Box Office scores per date. Less than 16m earned for 31 dates is tragic. But then again she's flop in Vegas so it's expected. She simply doesn't have catalog to perform or voice hehe. Unlike Celine who is real vocalist legend with well known hits and voice
  13. Angelus

    Her tour earned $14m last year according to Pollstar. Wow what a touring force!
  14. Angelus

    Because there was no demand once her prime was over. She doesn't have catalog that people around the world want to hear (or even know). And everyone knows she can't sing live like Celine for example, so there's no point in seeing her live really...
  15. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/madonnas-erotica-sex-misunderstood-masterpieces-w507057 Enjoy reading
  16. Aww are you butthurt or just pressed? Because you have to be a dumb fool (also liar) to limit Madonna's impact on female singers to just 'she just showed her body and females are treated the same as back in the day' But let me educate your dumb ass shitbrain for one last time: Madonna debuted during time when only one female song per hour was played. When female artists were shamed for showing legs (Tina Turner). When female artists were forced to be provocative (Donna Summer) and were ashamed of it. When female artists barely had any success without a man (most likely husband) next to them (From Tina to Barbra, Stevie, Cher etc. - several ladies had successful solo comebacks in mid 80s after Madonna broke barriers) And then we had Madonna who wasn't ashamed of her naked pictures. Who refused to be shamed for her provocative clothes. Who refused to be put down because of her 'lack of talent'. Who made it on her own. She owned her sexuality. She wasn't afraid of speaking up. She turned all that into her art. She had control. And all that before Erotica era. Facts only, you can keep your pressed lies
  17. You obviously know SHIT about her hey days.
  18. Angelus here

    Watching this for the first time it happened and omg she fucking knew she would fall, she realized on time that it wasn't gonna come done brit2


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    @LaToya Jackson Do you know where i can find Celebration dvd in HQ, or good rip, or even separated videos that are ripped good? I basically downloaded all available torrents and they were all tragically ripped
  20. If Harvey Weinstein was a rapist why didn't he go to jail 20 years ago when he started doing that to women in Hollywood? huh?
  21. I love how his own sister exposing him. But them again everyone knew it was true. There were too many 'lowkey'evidences, from kids describing his erect penis and moles on it to his pubes, secret silent alarms in his room, secret closet filled with pics of naked tortured kids etc. I wonder how he bought his freedom out, probably the same way Harvey was keeping his 'side projects' a secret...
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    Aren't you checked out already?
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    Well you should know all about that...