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  1. I like both versions but I鈥檓 definitely glad we got the one we did it sounds more mystical and whimsical to me.
  2. All of them ! This is not only my favourite album of hers but my favourite album of all time! Not a single skip My ranking is as follows 1. cardigan 2. august 3. seven 4. my tears ricochet 5. the lakes 6. invisible string 7. this is me trying 8. the last great American dynasty 9. mirrorball 10. peace 11. hoax 12. the 1 13. illicit affairs 14. epiphany 15. Betty 16. mad woman
  3. I want this to be music related so bad but I have a feeling it鈥檚 something to do with Rare Beauty
  4. Ariana Grande - 28 Beyonce - 40 Britney Spears - 31 Christina Aguilera -30 Dua Lipa - 37 Ellie Goulding - 7 Katy Perry - 7 Kesha - 16 Kylie Minogue - 22 Lady Gaga - 34 Lana Del Rey - 22 Madonna - 28 Mariah Carey - 31 Rihanna - 31 Selena Gomez - 10 Taylor Swift - 31
  5. Dangerous Woman, Sweetener and Positions are great! If she didn鈥檛 have the perfume bottle Thank U Next would be great too! You did an awesome job
  6. Yeah I know I was worried they were all gonna be tinted like that until she announced Red and I was like phew! The new Red cover is now my favourite cover of hers. However I do hope she doesn鈥檛 use folklore/evermore shoots/outtakes for all the albums either guess we鈥檒l see. Unpopular opinion but I have never liked the 1989 cover I hate that her eyes are cut off like that it would be better if she zoomed in more if she was going to do that