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  1. Theres a ton of lyric parallels, Lil Wayne does have a line that says "make me your obvious" and obvious is an Ariana song about Dalton. Then The Weeknd says "You manifested this but girl I blame myself" Ariana says "manifest it I finess it " in just like like magic, thence says "I knew it was too good to be true" from her song someone like u she says "baby this time please dont be too good to be true. He says "I see you drowning in the purple lights" they had purple lights on their performance of Save Your tears together. Got all this from a til Tok by @snappedbyari
  2. One of my top 10 songs ever it's so whimsical sounding every time I hear it I'm transported into a mythical forest in medieval times.
  3. I wish Britney has recorded some of the unreleased demos from the Femme Fatale/Circus era! Feet on the Ground, Sorry Adam, and Black Widow would have been career highlights
  4. I haven’t heard this album front to back in forever I’ll try and make it !
  5. The Weeknd dropped his latest masterpiece Dawn FM this week and one of the tracks “I Heard You’re Married Girl” has a lot of fans wondering could this be about Ariana? They collaborated on a few songs recently and she definitely did get married last spring. Do we think it’s just a coincidence or could it be true? Ariana does have a reputation amongst gossip blogs for being a serial cheater. I hope this isn’t true but it seems to make too much sense. What are everyone else’s thoughts ?
  6. Just a random thought but imagine if Katy were to put out a record like Future Nostalgia it would smash I think she should explore more of the 80's/90's sound thats trending in music. I really love Never Really Gone it has that 90's house sound to it with the piano. Hoping she is able to once again smash I would love to see a comeback for her
  7. Gold rush, cardigan, right where you left me, champagne problems , and seven
  8. I was thinking this too! I’ve seen a ton of fans begging Taylor to release Let’s Go (Battle) I wonder if she is listening and will give them what they want
  9. This is gonna be amazing and it features Jim Carey two of our best Canadians
  10. 1. Where Have You Been 2. Talk That Talk 3. We Found Love 4. Birthday Cake Full Solo 6. Roc Me Out 7. Red Lipstick 8. Farewell