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  1. Thank you for hosting this sorry I missed it ! Midnight Rain is top 5 on the album for me those lyrics and the Melodie’s just do something to me
  2. I still love this just as much as I did when it first came out there truly are no skips on this masterpiece. My favourites have stayed consistent. I will say the song Sweet Nothing has probably been the biggest grower for me its so sweet and adorable like Peace part 2.
  3. I’m not good at acts so I’ll just put what songs from each era I think she will choose mixed with ones I’d like to see. I’m not the biggest fan of mashups but given how many songs and eras she is covering I think it’s inevitable. Debut: Our Song Teardrops on My Guitar/Tim McGraw mashup Picture to Burn/Should’ve Said No mashup Id Lie (From the Vault) I really hope we get this one on the re recording Fearless: You Belong With Me/Love Story mashup The Other Side of the Door Mr. Perfectly Fine Speak Now: Sparks
  4. Text Book vs. Norman fucking Rockwell Blue Banisters vs. Mariners Apartment Complex Arcadia vs. Venice Bitch Black Bathing Suit vs. Fuck it I love you If You Lie Down with Me vs. Doin' Time Beautiful vs. Love song Violets for Roses vs. Cinnamon Girl Dealer vs. How to disappear Thunder vs. California Wildflower Wildfire vs. The Next Best American Record Nectar of the Gods vs. The greatest Living Legend vs. Bartender Cherry Blossom vs. Happiness is a butterfly Sweet Carolina vs. hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but i have it NFR: 10 BB: 4
  5. Anti-Hero Super Freaky Girl Unholy Lift Me Up Made You Look
  6. I'm guessing this is for her role as Glinda ?
  7. All the speak now references the music video is one giant Easter egg to tell us Speak Now TV is next !
  8. Standard: Maroon, Lavender Haze, You're On Your Own Your Kid 3AM: Would’ve Could’ve Should’ve, Bigger Than The Whole Sky, Dear Reader Honourable Mentions: Midnight Rain, Anti-Hero, Karma, Labyrinth, Snow on the Beach
  9. Gorgeous!!!! Her best album art yet and that disc!
  10. The teaser has me beyond excited! Those snippets sound amazing! I was recalling hoping this would come out in December but I’m hoping it’s early 2023 now !
  11. I have a feeling this is the only Taylor’s Version she will submit for Grammy consideration especially if she is robbed again which I unfortunately feel she will be. Adele is gonna sweep even though her album was in my opinion her weakest