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  1. I have a theory about this!!! Okay so because she doesn't own Speak Now or Debut she isn't going to play a ton of songs from those cause they don't have near as many streams as other songs. The songs she chose from Reputation and 1989 are all singles or high streaming songs which she will not be able to stop streams of. She doesn't want to encourage the lesser known songs to get too many streams. Enchanted is already a high streaming song and had a moment on Tik Tok that promoted more streams and same with Don't Blame Me. With there being 2 surprise songs each night on acoustic on the guitar a
  2. Amazing Setlist!!!!! I wish she had announced Canadian dates! I am so pleasantly surprised at some of the songs she chose ! My Tears Ricochet and Marjorie?! I truly did not think we would hear those live! Also I think she wants to limit the songs from the unreleased re recordings hence why we only got 1 song from Debut and 1 song from Speak Now. From Rep and 1989 she focused on the big hits and most streamed songs since she won't be able to stop those being streamed anyway. But wow ! I really hope this film this and put it on a streaming site ! She played 22/50 of my top 50 Taylor songs I've
  3. My ranking after my first few listens is 1. Violet Chemistry 2. Jaded 3. River 4. Flowers 5. Rose Coloured Lenses 6. Island 7. Handstand 8. You 9. Wild Card 10. Thousand Miles 11. Muddy Feet 12. Wonder Woman
  4. 1. Video Games 2. Tik Tok 3. See You Again 4. Put Your Hearts Up 5. I Should Be So Lucky
  5. 1. Just Dance 2. Genie in a Bottle 3. I Kissed a Girl 4. Tim McGraw 5. Vision of Love
  6. 1. Baby One More Time 2. Crazy in Love 3. Pon de Replay 4. New Love 5. Everybody
  7. Taylor Swift - Anti-Hero Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande - Rain On Me Harry Styles - As It Was Olivia Rodrigo - Drivers License Miley Cyrus - Flowers
  8. 1. Dua Lipa- Levitating 2. Lady Gaga- Bad Romance 3. Nicki Minaj- Superbass 4. Destiny’s Child- Survivor 5. Christina Aguilera- Beautiful
  9. 1. 2 Die 4 2. My Head and My Heart 3. Look What You Made Me Do 4. Hung Up 5. Paper Planes
  10. Moana - How Far I'll Go Tangled - When Will My Life Begin? Encanto - We Don't Talk About Bruno Frozen - Let It Go Coco - Un Poco Loco
  11. I’m sorry I’m gonna have to disqualify myself from this game I just don’t have the time
  12. Adele - Skyfall Billie Eilish - No Time To Die Madonna - Die Another Day Tina Turner - Golden Eye Gladys Knight - Licence To Kill
  13. Castles Crumbling has intrigued me for years! Her wide awake is coming !
  14. Here’s mine 1. Gorillaz, Tame Impala, Bootie Brown- New Gold This one might surprise a lot of people but as a long time Gorillaz and Tame Impala fan I fell in love with this on first listen. The beat behind this the flow and of course Kevin Parker make this one an absolute stand out for me. This is the best Gorillaz song in years! 2. Taylor Swift- Maroon If you know me seeing Taylor this high will not surprise anyone, she's my fav artist and Midnights is my fav album of the year. The album has many contenders that I could have put on this list but this