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  1. Mandy Candy


    It Ain’t Me Wolves Fetish Good For You We Don’t Talk Anymore Crowded Room I Want You to Know Taki Taki A Sweeter Place I Cant Get Enough
  2. Mandy Candy


    Feel Me, Vulnerable, People You Know, Souvenir love all these masterpieces
  3. Mandy Candy


    1. Badlands 2. Hopeless Fountain Kingdom 3. Manic
  4. Mandy Candy


    Love this idea !!!!! just voted :)
  5. Mandy Candy


    Lucky unusual you freakshow til it’s gone I will be there outrageous do you wanna come over ? i love rock and roll seal it with a kiss
  6. As much as I love this song I just don't think it would fit as the lead single
  7. Mandy Candy

    Celeb News

    Was just about to type this! You have great taste also I absolutely ADORE your avi !!!!!! Aurora is so underrated amongst the Disney princesse, her, Belle, and Cinderella are my absolute favourites!
  8. Mandy Candy


    Blackout: 1. Gimme More 2. Piece of Me 3. Radar 4. Break the Ice 5. Heaven on Earth Runner Up: 1. Slave 4 U 2. Overprotected 3. Lonely 4. Not a Girl Not Yet a Woman 5. Boys
  9. Mandy Candy


    Till the World Ends vs Invitation Hold It Against Me vs Make Me... Inside Out vs Private Show I Wanna Go vs Man On The Moon How I Roll vs Just Luv Me (Drop Dead) Beautiful vs Clumsy Seal It with a Kiss vs Do You Wanna Come Over? Big Fat Bass vs Slumber Party Trouble For Me vs Just Like Me Trip To Your Heart vs Love Me Down Gasoline vs Hard To Forget Ya Criminal vs What You Need Up N' Down vs Better He About To Lose Me vs Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes) Selfish vs Liar Don't Keep Me Waiting vs If I'm Dancing Scary vs Coupure Electriqué FF :10 G:7
  10. Mandy Candy


    Baby One More Time: 24 Oops...! I Did It Again: 34+ I'm a Slave 4 U: 52 Me Against the Music: 34 Womanizer: 36 Work Bitch: 2-
  11. Mandy Candy


    Fav song on Thank U, Next !
  12. Mandy Candy


    This sounds like its gonna go somewhere and never really does, her voice sounds really processed and not my cup of tea. They can keep it I want more of Brit's real vocal range on her new stuff and not as much "baby" voice it was cuter in her early days.
  13. Mandy Candy


    This is difficult there are really amazing songs on both. Two of my favourite songs of all time are on Lover ( Cornelia Street and Afterglow) but as an overall body of work I do prefer Reputation.
  14. This was SO hard there so many good songs I wanted to add but I like the idea of telling a story crushing, falling in love, breaking up, falling apart, acceptance/moving on 1. Into You 2. Just A Little Bit of Your Heart 3. Touch It 4. Sometimes 5. God is a Woman 6. Side to Side 7. Honeymoon Avenue 8. Love Me Harder 9. Only 1 10. Breathin' 11. One Last Time 12. Everytime 13. Thinking Bout You 14. BWYGIB 15. Bad Idea 16. Ghostin 17. Imagine 18. No Tears Left to Cry 19. Thank U, Next Bonus Tracks: 1. Goodnight N Go 2. Bloodline 3. Better Off 4. Boyfriend feat. Social House
  15. Mandy Candy


    Big Sean - 35 Ricky Alvarez - 20 - Mac Miller - 55 + Pete Davidson - 25 Dalton Gomez -45