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  1. I wonder why she cut this I get the cutting of emotional songs but I haven't heard her getting emotional over this song so maybe she just doesn't like it?
  2. Mandy Candy


    YNTCD is a better song than ME! for sure,, I love the message it is portraying, but I agree with the other comments they are both are not lead single material. I'm hoping for some Max Martin/Jack Antonoff bops on Lover those men know how to make good Taylor pop songs.
  3. I don’t love it I don’t hate it . I think the message of the song is good but I miss the deep lyrics Taylor wrote for Speak Now and Red. This sounds like it could be sung by anyone
  4. Mandy Candy


    1. True Disaster 2. Imaginary Friend 3. WTF Love Is 4. Flashes 5. Lady Wood 6. Keep It Simple 7. Influence 8. Cool Girl 9. Don't Talk About It 10. Vibes
  5. Mandy Candy


    1. Hey You Got Drugs? 2. Bad Days 3. Stranger 4. Struggle 5. Romantics 6. Disco Tits 7. Bitches 8. Shivering Gold 9. Shedontknowbutsheknows 10. Cycles 11. Don't Ask Don't Tell 12. 9th of October
  6. Mandy Candy


    Favourite: Into You Least: Popular Song
  7. This is my second favourite from the album I'm so saaaaad this was my most anticipated song to see next month
  8. Mandy Candy


    I don't hear the sample either, thinking maybe its for another song?
  9. According to Ari's Insta looks like Get Well Soon is on the setlist now!
  10. Mandy Candy


    Womanizer vs. Till the World Ends Circus vs. Hold it Against Me Out From Under vs. Inside Out Kill the Lights vs. I Wanna Go Shattered Glass vs. How I Roll If U Seek Amy vs. (Drop Dead) Beautiful Unusual You vs. Seal It with a Kiss Blur vs. Big Fat Bass Mmm Papi vs. Trouble For Me Mannequin vs. Trip to Your Heart Lace and Leather vs. Gasoline My Baby vs. Criminal Rock Me In vs. Up n' Down Phonography vs. He About to Lose Me Amnesia vs. Selfish Rock Boy vs. Don't Keep Me Waiting  Trouble vs. Scary Quicksand vs. Unbroken Circus: 8 Femme Fatale: 8 Tie: 2
  11. Mandy Candy


    1. Love Me Harder 2. One Last Time 3. Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart 4. My Everything 5. Only 1 6. Why Try 7. Best Mistake 8. Hands On Me 9. Break Free 10. Problem 11. Be My Baby 12. Break Your Heart Right Back 13. You Don't Know Me 14. Bang Bang
  12. Mandy Candy


    1. Breathin' 2. Goodnight 'N Go 3. No Tears Left To Cry 4. God is a Woman 5. Everytime 6. Better Off 7. Get Well Soon 8. R.E.M 9. Pete Davidson 10. The Light is coming 11. Blazed 12. Boderline 13. Sweetener 14. Successful
  13. Her EW interview got me so pumped for TS7 I might be in the minority here but I am so excited for the return of sad/slower/ballad songs from Taylor as much as I love her upbeat pop bops some of my fav T swift songs are more on the slow side (All Too Well, The Moment I Knew) also those types of songs tend to have better deeper lyrics which I am so here for!
  14. Mandy Candy


    1. Stay 2. What Now 3. Love Without Tragedy/ Mother Mary 4. Diamonds 5. No Love Allowed 6. Lost in Paradise 7. Get it Over With 8. Jump 9. Right Now 10. Half of Me 11, Pour it Up 12. Numb 13. Nobody's Business 14. Phresh off the Runway 15. Loveeeeee Song
  15. Mandy Candy


    One of the Boys vs Teenage Dream vs Roar I Kissed A Girl vs Last Friday Night vs Legendary Lovers Waking Up In Vegas vs California Gurls vs Birthday Thinking Of You vs Firework vs Walking On Air Mannequin vs Peacock vs Unconditionally Ur So Gay vs Circle The Drain vs Dark Horse Hot N Cold vs The One That Got Away vs This Is How We Do If You Can Afford Me vs ET vs International Smile Lost vs Who Am I Living For vs Ghost Self Inflicted vs Pearl vs Love Me I'm Still Breathing vs Hummingbird Heartbeat vs This Moment Fingerprints vs Not Like The Movies vs Double Rainbow Cup Of Coffee vs By The Grace Of God