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  1. Mandy Candy


    Rare: 20 Dance Again: 36 Look at Her Now: 24 Lose You to Love Me: 22 Vulnerable : 64 A Sweeter Place: 36 Souvenir: 46 Feel Me: 66
  2. The lyrics are iconic but this isn’t my fav Britney song 6/10 her voice sounds in the verses just ain’t it sorry
  3. Mandy Candy


    I CANNOT WAIT! I’m hoping for more personal lyrics like Thank U Next Had but with more Max and Tommy production
  4. Mandy Candy


    My top two from the album made it to final 2 I’m happy fun game guys! Thanks for hosting @Urbanov
  5. This is such an underrated masterpiece 9/10
  6. Mandy Candy


    1. cardigan - GlenCoco 2. august - Snow 3. cardigan - Chris 4. august - CharnyBoy 5. cardigan- Mandy Candy 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.
  7. Mandy Candy


    I pre ordered the folklore cardigan but I live in Canada so it hasn't shipped yet I was really hoping to wear it for a Thanksgiving hike
  8. Mandy Candy

    Celeb News

    Here for some darker pop stuff ! I don’t think she could pull of the folklore vibe to be honest
  9. Mandy Candy


    Vote for my return in BB Folklore ! Seven was eliminated
  10. Mandy Candy


    Yes yes yes! So much Yes!!!!
  11. Mandy Candy


    Yes I updated it so sorry
  12. Mandy Candy


    Mirrorball - Urbi Mirrorball - Fletch seven - STJ the lakes - Ghostface my tears ricochet - Chris the last great american dynasty- CharnyBoy Mirrorball - GlenCoco mad woman - Daenerys invisible string- Mandy Candy