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  1. Mandy Candy


    I wonder if she'll pull an Ariana with Rare being her Sweetener where people liked some and disliked other songs and wanted more personal and then she released Thank U, Next which most people loved more. I am still very upset she didn't include Feel Me and Stained on this those were two of her best songs and I liked the direction she was going with those. I also really loved the demo of Higher or Heaven. I like when Selena sings in her more angelic head voice with more personal lyrics.
  2. Mandy Candy


  3. Mandy Candy


    So I just saw on Insta she posted a story touring the fake apartment from the ME! video and she points to the Christmas tree and says it may be a clue to something! Made me think of those Christmas video stills someone posted from Joseph Khan!!!! Hmm....
  4. Mandy Candy


    The way they cut off her head has always been an odd choice to me, it kinda works for the red album but this one I don’t know. That being said it’s an amazing album and one of my all time favourites of any artist
  5. Mandy Candy


    The new Instagram picture she posted is GORGEOUS! id be down for an album cover similar I haven't been a fan of any of them since RED
  6. Mandy Candy


    a 90's classic love this song!
  7. I claim NASA and In My Head I originally wanted remember but she deleted that one
  8. FRIDAY!!!!!!! For Cover, track listing and pre-orderrrrrr!
  9. Mandy Candy


    It took forever for this to download into my iTunes but overall it’s a really cute album. It still doesn’t top Dangerous Woman in my opinion though. My favourites are Breathin’, Goodnight N Go, No Tears Left to Cry, and Everytime upon first couple listens. The only song I really don’t care for is Successful
  10. Mandy Candy


    Wildest Dreams please
  11. Mandy Candy


    Why do I have a feeling this isn’t coming this year
  12. Mandy Candy


    Pre-ordered! Mine says all the tracks are explicit except for NTLTC not sure if this is true but I wasn't expecting that!
  13. Mandy Candy


    I want it to be this!
  14. Mandy Candy


    MORE SONGS! Yes!!! Thank you Ariana! I CANNOT wait for this album!!!
  15. OBSESSED already! I can picture myself belting out the chorus, especially driving in my car dancing around my bedroom. Ari is back! Thank god!!! Album of the year incoming