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  1. Gabe.


    her videography is immaculate. the song is ok, i'm salty Lo Presiento didn't get released and this one got instead.
  2. Gabe. here

    i came back from the dead to let you all know that Call You Mine is the song of the summer


  3. Gabe.

    idg why would she do that, her body is banging either way.... the comments are all exposing her, just delete it Brit
  4. Gabe.

    she should get her own section here. her NUMBERS are insane and the music for the most part is good.
  5. Gabe.


    i'm happy her stanbase seems to love the album. i took Bitch I'm Loca, Medellin and ran. BOPS.
  6. it's just so bad and sounds like something Halsey would release 3 years ago. her mainstream days are over so she might as well just go deep into a forrest, isolate herself and release something decent instead of the garbage she's been putting out.
  7. The Most might be her best song she absolutely did that
  8. Gabe.

    she and her team should just accept the song fucking sucks and that's the main reason it won't hopefully go #1.
  9. Gabe.

    Medellin >> i love both the song and the video. a combo! ME is trash.
  10. Gabe.

    Maluma sells the song to me. the song is one chorus too long but it has some interesting parts and the production is good. i somehow haven't listened to it with headphones however i feel like it will sound better once i do so.
  11. Gabe.

    sis you know i love you but this is horrible. psoriasis is something you're born with, it has nothing to do with britney being w/e. coming for her mental health is not particularily cute either... whether it's bipolarity, anxiety, depression, you name it, these are tough conditions to live in and handle. idk.
  12. Gabe.

    i mean it would be hard not to anyway
  13. oh. this is cute. will try to watch the documentary asap!