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  1. congrats to Britney for promoting the album properly, it's a very solid body of work that did deserve attention. so is Liberation but it's a shame Xtina could not be bothered with it. choices.
  2. Gabe.


    ultimately boring. i get the idea behind these long ass albums rappers (especially) are compelled to put out -more streams = more cash- but ultimately it all does feel like a chore to get through. i am at peace now with the fact that she will likely never release a short, cohesive, full on rap album and it's a shame as she definitely is capable to do so.
  3. Gabe.

    checked my last.fm out to notice i scrobbled Pienso En Tu Mira for about 730 times. anyhow bumping this thread. A SINGER.
  4. Gabe.

    Charli and it's not even close
  5. Gabe.

  6. Gabe.

  7. Gabe.

    glad you like ha
  8. Gabe.

    bookmarking this for when she does make it big.
  9. Gabe.

    bwhaha hell yes THANKS. i'm just feeling IT for Rosalía as well especially with the recent latin explosion, i just know there's a massive space she can fill in: INCREDIBLY talented latina with amazing videos and an ace discography thus far.
  10. this girl will be EVERYWHERE in a matter of time and you fucking heard it here first most likely. . let the slayage begin and allow her o take over your playlists and what not if you haven't yet. she really does have it all. VOCALS. SERVING LOOKS. ATTITUDE. our faves could never. HER LATEST SINGLE. and what could be a major hit if J Balvin stopped sleeping on it.
  11. Gabe.

    well i haven't listened to it in full for a while but it still pops. top 3 in my Xtina discography. tnx for the rep point by the way.
  12. Gabe.

    i love most of the songs. i could do without Masochist and Twice -unpopular opinion about Twice i know.- the rest vary from good (Pipe) to career highlights (Like I Do and especially the incredible Deserve).
  13. Gabe.

    ouch. a shame because the album is really good. it is what it is.
  14. Gabe.

    aren't you all tired of this argument?
  15. Gabe.


    oh dear this is nagl