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  1. still hope this is a hoax ngl.
  2. Gabe.


    an EXPERIMENTAL song
  3. Gabe. here

    if i had seen my reflection as something more precious...



  4. still obsessed with this, wish FOTP had more taste and stanned!
  5. Gabe.


    8,7 million Youtube views already :o
  6. Gabe.


    reina del puto mundo the fact that i got back to back releases from Hayley Williams and Rosalia whew i've never been this spoiled in maybe a decade
  7. Gabe.

    the ageism in this thread is NOT CUTE. we're all gonna be lucky to get to our 60s and ~stink as bad as Madonna.
  8. STAN A BIT. that 2nd verse is everything. the way she sounds almost aloof singing those visceral lyrics... we don't deserve this woman honestly.
  9. @Divine could you please move this to alternative because rock for sure it won't be by the looks of it! @Sleep Deprived your new queen hath arrived, Beren! embrace Simmer, now!
  10. IT'S HERE. Album titled "Petals For Armor" coming May 8th. i am shook.
  11. co-written with Taylor and touring member Joey Howard, entirely produced by Taylor arghhhh so excited! kinda relieved Petals for Armor isn't the project's name.
  12. not this shit ass song reviving FOTP. guess Gaga did at least one thing right with it!
  13. Gabe.

    yeah because both Paul McCartney and Kanye West were on a huge stride of hits at the time...