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  1. i kinda would hope the fuck not. either end the era or move on to whatever's next. her quality control is questionable to say the least; i was hoping the inclusion of Good in Bed and Boys Will Be Boys on the standard was an accident of sorts but then, this re-release was very underwhelming itself.
  2. a bop and a lot better than that second single.
  3. lmao same in fact what were they thinking with the eye photo... no idea
  4. 6 - it's... alright don't report me but most of her singles covers are really underwhelming especially considering that the album covers are great (bar Cactus).
  5. exactly, might as well have not mentioned the britney bits nn. she just needed an intro
  6. it really is, the way it builds and builds through and explodes in that final minute or so whew
  7. we need the posts, sis! a 3 for that cover!