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  1. this is not very good unfortunately.
  2. not sure, she does have an amazing personality and some great songs but my jaw did drop reading some of the reviews for this album; hello, Pitchfork
  3. Barbie Tingz fucking knocks. i like Chun-Li too but i am far too obsessed with Barbie Tingz so i am not playing it that much.
  4. judging by the 10 replies everyone is shooketh to their very core *giggles*
  5. May 2021 might be. *runs*
  6. won t believe it until i fucking see it.
  7. it's an incredible song, yes.
  8. SOTY. not me coming out of retirement to find this section allowing me to open this thread. what a fucking song bye
  9. there is a great 5 track ep to create out of this album.
  10. Bobblehead is messy but in an endearing way. however Make The World Move is an absolute tragedy. to think i was so hyped knowing there is gonna be a Cee Lo collab on Lotus.
  11. but please
  12. not many pop faves have a song as good as Gimmie Love; as long as she keeps delivering material as good she will keep her spot into pop's higher echelon
  13. Dua has been a much bigger force in Europe since well, forever. she is much bigger than Camila atm.
  14. I shamelessly bop to this am I the only one?
  15. make me