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  1. Gabe.


    1. cardigan - GlenCoco 2. august - Snow 3. cardigan - Chris 4. august - CharnyBoy 5. cardigan- Mandy Candy 6. cardigan - Gabe. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.
  2. Gabe.

    oh please. i'm not buying into this "but her label didn't do enough for the album!!!11111" narrative when she dragged her ass 12 months pregnant performing these average songs in PLENTY of places. their only fault was not capitalizing on the NRO hype -which existed- but Katy herself was all "i am not putting out an album, i am working on chapters of whatever" so how could Capitol follow that up if there was no album to begin with? Katy fell off the GP's graces with and during the Witness era and this album was simply mediocre by anyone's standards. she's done.
  3. Gabe.

    no... Chromatica. an album with no replay value whatsoever so its safe to say i haven't really went back to it. while Joanne wasn't that much better it at least had good melodies and a more solid approach to its own concept.
  4. Gabe.

    i've listened to both albums once and it was enough for me to decide that Heaven and Hell is better.
  5. Gabe.

    neither is good but i'll go with Ava, her record was likely 10x cheaper to make than Smell yet she still put out a body of work that's pretty much equal quality wise to that of a global superstar. also dead @ Pepsi Max sksksk
  6. eh, that would fall under poor for me at least. i hope she got paid well.
  7. i'm struggling a bit with Legend X to be fair. some of her career moves were poor but nothing really feels random.
  8. came here to post this ngl.
  9. thats 18K copies too many i am afraid
  10. Gabe. here

    como quieres que te quiera si no estas aqui?ny3


  11. ugh. normally WAP should overtake it next week. fingers crossed it happens.
  12. Gabe.


    omg invisible flops finally leaving i-
  13. oh god i was already looking for the "get a job stay away from her" meme before hitting play
  14. Gabe.


    1. mad woman - Gabe. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.
  15. Gabe.

    this poll i- rest easy op.