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  1. Stripped, by quite far, for me. also voted for BTD as that album's sonic palette is emulated to this very day.
  2. nope, its yalls buttons being pushed by Future Nostalgia -as Dua seems to be living rent free in yalls heads- serving longevity already with potentially 3 other hit singles in its bag while your fave crawled back into her hole and gave yall NOTHING but an insipid lead single and a desperate chart pandering follow up neither of which have had any form of longevity while the possibility of a third single is looking grim already.
  3. Gabe.


    a pop justice and we love to see it!
  4. re: the -mostly- Gaga stans rushing in fucking hives into a positive Dua thread while presumably ~bopping to ARTPOP rehashes, 90s eurotrash and whatever mockery your fave served on that turd of a record always has me in stitches for some reason. "its not even that good!!!!11111", "omg is Dua so big now???" well guess what, just because yall can't STAND seeing another female pop artist have her moment -rightfully so- during a year that was supposedly and yall thought it would be about your fave killing it -she hardly is, once a fad always a fad i guess !!- doesn't take away from Future Nostalgia being exactly what it is - wall to wall BOPS and the proper birth of a bonafide pop star with a mad work ethic and vision. so SIT already and STOP coming for Dua or at least stop repeating yourselves through and through and find something new or idk.
  5. FN is an infinitely more accomplished body of work but unlikely to reach TD's commercial peaks, sadly.
  6. Gabe.

  7. yes at this point you sound like an absolutely broken record. like fave like stan i guess.
  8. welcome back @LÉON i'm p sure Robert Palmer was quite famous with all the multi-platinum albums released and what not. i also answered the famous rapper question and Palheta is an indie instrument known by few appearantly but it does exist Palheta – Portuguese double reed instrument, similar to the Spanish dulzaina. It has five holes and the end section is bell shaped.
  9. omg hasn't @LÉONbeen through enough already sis jkjkjooooking
  10. me and my Huawho are thankful!
  11. i absolutely stopped reading after 3 or 4 posts but got annoyed/amused when i noticed i keeeeept scrolling but your convo would never end