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  1. Gabe.

    she and her team should just accept the song fucking sucks and that's the main reason it won't hopefully go #1.
  2. Gabe.

    Medellin >> i love both the song and the video. a combo! ME is trash.
  3. Gabe.

    Maluma sells the song to me. the song is one chorus too long but it has some interesting parts and the production is good. i somehow haven't listened to it with headphones however i feel like it will sound better once i do so.
  4. Gabe.

    sis you know i love you but this is horrible. psoriasis is something you're born with, it has nothing to do with britney being w/e. coming for her mental health is not particularily cute either... whether it's bipolarity, anxiety, depression, you name it, these are tough conditions to live in and handle. idk.
  5. Gabe.

    i mean it would be hard not to anyway
  6. oh. this is cute. will try to watch the documentary asap!
  7. i've read the first page and what i haven't seen mentioned is that for all we know she's worked on her debut since the moment she first grabbed a pen so she was basically sitting on the album's highlights for what could've been years. i think she really gave it all at least lyrically on and for her debut, made it big and lost inspiration for her follow-ups. to that, add inevitable label pressure to churn out material every two three years and voila we're here now as the regress is quite obvious.
  8. Gabe.

    Lorde > the others cannot compare.
  9. Gabe.


    perched @Urbanov. her second verse makes the song for me. ugh Rosalia's entire campaign has been absolutely flawless.
  11. Gabe.


    is it coooooooold in the waaaateeeeer
  12. Gabe.

    4 -> Beyonce -> Lemonade the QUALITY.
  13. Gabe.

    i'm fucking deceased "extraterrestrial #1 hit" my 18 years old self although the song still slays so i'm happy i died on that hill tbh!
  14. Gabe.

    as a pop music fan/lover/whatever those sure were the DAYS to be living in. the succesive releases, the stan wars, the sheer fun of it all. however most of the albums released back then have aged like milk so it's hard for me to agree with the OP. i don't know.
  15. we love an ORGANIC smash waiting to happen.