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  1. here

    this song is so good. fall2  slay my heart latin king.



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    2. NJ

      @Entea yes he went for the whole macho thing but he's obv a romantic guy so i just don't even think it was intentional.


    3. Entea

      I'm glad you see the good in people


    4. NJ

      @Entea Thanks. he deserve it. he has a chill vibe to his personality which i like. he's a good boy.


  2. Achievement

    nnn not quite but it's still selling a little which is good.
  3. Achievement

    top 30 on iTunes one year after the release though.
  4. he was guilty for the 2013 murder- serving for life AND a suspect for other 2 murders they eventually failed to prove he committed.
  5. we should campaign for a may what's hot?
  6. "evidently, we're never gonna make it hooooome..."
  7. yes, Gimmie Love still gives me the most goosebumps ever.
  8. yes yes please just forget pop music for a while other than a catchy lead single that would draw in album sales and focus on what you do best, ellie
  9. Single

    i agree with you, they've matured a lot and couldn't play into the teen pop punk act for long plus it seems like their personal taste is incredibly diverse and they take a lot from that; for them it was either fully commiting to alternative rock, either follow this poppy-ish route and they seem so happy following the second one. for me it's amazing how they never failed doing so many different things... great musicians with a great ear for music. they simply make me happy.
  10. Single

    well i was reading a New York Times entry last night and Taylor York said they don't want to headbang anymore soooo....
  11. Single

    Ignorance > Now > Misery Business > Hard Times = Pressure
  12. Single

    ok, liking this much better with headphones their lead singles are all amazing to me though and they were very hard to top. @Lachlan their third best album? how are you so sure sis? maybe it's gonna be their best.
  13. Album

    ikr? these pop girls releasing their albums 5 months away from the lead single (i c u Lorde) and they're coming with the album only 3 weeks after the lead. we're beyond spoiled.
  14. as a tennis fan this had me SHOOK yesterday WTA in ruins come back already Azarenka