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  1. here

    does anyone remember the name of a pop forum that emerged around 2012 I think and at a time was feuding with ours? fall2 it was not started by Tom but by someone else...

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    2. Philip


    3. Dangerous Jim

      Hmm PopDaily, PopOverdose, PopKills, SIN, Vanity Edge are the only ones that come to mind 

    4. Gabe.

      popoverdose that s it dead2

  2. ummm why even mention Melodrama in the op and then not include it in the options..........
  3. here





  4. Rumor

    hey look another opinion no one asked for
  5. almost teared up during that scene. pretending to be OKAY each and every day just for the mask to fall down eventually it's so exhausting
  6. Rumor

    not 100% sure but the hunties on atrl are claiming THE BEST SONG ON BLUE LIPS is the next single!! its audio has also been uploaded on youtube!! finally a new Tove hit is upon us! stream it bitches
  7. Fake Happy MV
  8. Album

    video for Fake Happy, the album s 3rd single! stream stream ass ass
  9. Single

    just shut up and fuck me
  10. nice stats but the fact that those numbers include streaming nnnn so fucking low. curious about Witness' pure sales for instance