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  1. cant tell if that person is serious or not 😒😒😒😒
  2. Not Myself Tonight is still my most played song ever on last.fm I remember leaving my laptop open with NMT playing for days just for it to get more scrobbles nnn
  3. I agree up until one point, I do think she really wanted Bionic to do well at the end of the day... which might be another reason she followed this career path. in some way I feel like that was meant to be her last big era somehow. her team did make some very questionable choices but there is no denying she's also been lucky to have much more creative control than plenty of her peers. i'm 50/50 on that one.
  4. #106.. a You Lost Me.m4a chai
  5. yall cant be serious. the moment Beyonce releases a single on itunes and sends it straight away to ALL streaming platforms in an instant, uploads the lyric/official video and sends it to radio right away but still doesn't reach the top 5, we can talk about her singles flopping. her last slightly conventional single release was Drunk In Love. it didn't do that badly
  6. from the outside and strictly from a business perspective, Christina's career seems to have taken a smart ish path...lbr if I / we all had the chance to make fucking bank in our 20s (I have no doubt she is absolutely set for life by now $$) and then sit on our asses/dont get involved unless we feel like it, we.would.all.do.it
  7. this is still the best album cover of any pop girl, of all time.
  8. that was five years ago, I did get past Wildest Moments eventually 👊
  9. Single

    haha nice punchline. well i didn't say they should stop completely as if that was their only option but i think a re release would be better because i'm not seeing other hit potential here. :/ so maybe it would be nicer to close the era with a bang.
  10. Other

    this is amazing really wish i used last.fm more since i only have it on my laptop these days, brb installing it on my phone tbh
  11. Single

    they should've stopped at New Rules and either try get a re-release of the album out either focus on a new record altogether ooooor push Homesick in the UK as that's the exact type of ballad the UK loves for Christmas. not sure how i feel about ANOTHER single from this album, it's true that for the GP the era doesn't feel that long but hell, to be following her from 2015 on it's quite exhausting lol
  12. here

    Romania aka my country aka part time hellhole will finally have Spotify in around one month. dead4 felt like crying @ work hearing the news.