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  1. Gabe.

    same me gustaria ser su puta yo no se
  2. Gabe.

    "Camila" and "amazing" in the same sentence... i'm so glad her racist ass is flopping and the sooner we hear less of her screeches the fucking better.
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    good morning FOTP, let's listen to some Jessie Ware, SZA, Drake, MKS, Demi Lovato and Sia. ;) 



  4. 067. Mutya Keisha Siobhan - Flatline Album: Flatline - Single (2013) The original, iconic Sugababes line-up reunited at the beginning of the decade seemingly having worked through all the personal issues that held them back the first time and boy they came back with a bang. "Flatline" is a perfect pop song from start to finish, delivering everything a listener could think of when they hear such words used to describe a song; vocals, impeccable harmonies, a timeless production and great writing. Unfortunately their comeback at the time was ill-fated and as short as it gets as the trio went into another hiatus until maybe this year BUT we were left with one hell of a banger. Especially that bridge must be what pop dreams are made of...
  5. 068. SZA - Prom Album: CTRL (2017) After literally years of delays, SZA's long awaited debut album "CTRL" eventually saw its release back in 2017; lyrically touching a variety of themes from unrequited love to coming of age such on songs such as "Prom". The lyrics hit home for me and I'm pretty sure we've all been there, unsure of what the future holds all while being unable to stop time just a little bit. Things get an even more interesting turn as SZA sings this song to a lover that seemingly has no problem growing up so the pressure she feels to keep up with him is felt through her excellent vocals here. "CTRL" really was one hell of a record and there's more of it to come...
  6. 069. Jessie Ware - Running Album: Devotion (2012) British singer-songwriter Jessie Ware took the world by storm emerging seemingly out of nowhere in the beginning of the decade and unfortunately peaking with her debut album "Devotion" back in 2012. What could be described as an ode to Sade's work mixed with a few current dance undertones, "Devotion" is a phenomenal album showcasing Ware's powerful yet at the same time gentle vocals carrying the excellent production displayed throughout the record. "Running" here is a prime example of that and the best word to describe it, if possible to describe a song through this specific word would be "ellegant". Everything about "Running" sounds somewhat expensive if that makes sense. If it doesn't then it's best you listen for yourselves.
  7. 070. Sia - Chandelier Album: 1000 Forms of Fear (2013) Already on her way to becoming a Main Pop Girl (although briefly), "Chandelier" absolutely cemented Sia's position as a centerpiece within the mid-decade's pop culture spectrum. A MONSTER of a song from every single point of view one can imagine, "Chandelier" remains to this day chills inducing to me and definitely a standout of our decade. Sia sings her heart out on this career defining song and its success definitely felt well earned.
  8. 071. Drake - Hate Sleeping Alone Album: Take Care (Deluxe) (2011) Oh, sweet Drake. Back when he wasn't disguising himself as a full-time rapper, Drake managed to blend his hip-hop instincts with what he really excels at in my opinion: R&B. "Hate Sleeping Alone" is a deep cut from his 2011 release "Take Care" and the thing I love most about this song is the chorus that simply hits every single time: "I said I'd rather be with you // But you are not around // So imma call somebody up and see if they be down // 'Cause I hate sleeping alone // Half the time we don't end up fucking // I don't ask her for nothing // I don't see her for months but I just hate sleeping alone". Don't we all?
  9. 072. Demi Lovato - Cool for the Summer Album: Confident (2015) Much like every broken clock is right twice a day so was Demi Lovato with her incredible 2015 release, "Cool for the Summer". The single exploits every single one of Lovato's strong points while leaving little to no room for the imagination lyrically. To me the problem with Demi - an excellent vocalist - is that she hardly gets the proper material to showcase both her vocals and hit it big commercially, however CFTS did both succesfully and remains, to date, her absolute best. It's a shame her potential remains hidden behind mostly mediocre material now one decade into her career but she's young and there's still plenty of time ahead.
  10. i guess... it's what i've read on a few other places and it does make sense. the video doesn't even have 1 million views on youtube despite being there for 5 days now, it doesn't make sense the song is this big. we'll find out about it eventually...
  11. Amazon is far less popular than Spotify and Apple Music in the UK so something really doesn't add up here.
  12. any album with a song like Cinnamon Girl on it instantly becomes an opus!
  13. Gabe.


    that's honestly perfect