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  1. it is soooo good GOD @LÉON
  2. BIIIIIIIIITCH NOT HAYLEY covering my favorite SZA song
  3. Gabe.

    AOTY in all honesty bye
  4. Party 4 U being more intricate than some girls' discographies I-... she DID AND ATE that
  5. Gabe.

    very different songs sonically and lyrically yet they do have something in common; they're a retread of both artists' previous works HOWEVER Power takes us back to Ellie's best era basically, Halcyon, while Rain On Me reminds me of some ARTPOP tragedies. except even less interesting and provocative. Power for me.
  6. Gabe. here


    oh wow how did she drop the SOTY just like that fuck

    1. Princess Aurora

      Not when Forever exists whit2 Well the album itself is pretty good

  7. absolutely not. ugh. i have this song back in my head again.
  8. Gabe. here

    my butthole and i meeting the holy D after two months of lockdown



  9. Gabe.

    i legit stanned her too from Paparazzi to Alejandro and almost went back on board during ASIB. that era is hated i guess by mostly bareback loving, poppers addicted twinks but it brought her back into the public eye for all the right reasons and her PR was on freakin' point. most importantly, people were reminded she can sing her heart out and sound amazingly doing so. she really should have tried and follow that album up with a solo, Adult Contemporary record and absolutely be on top of the world as we speak. instead we are getting Artpop rejects two years later sonically, a completely out of it all artist mentally and an overall feeling of indiference towards her own material. can we blame her though...that's how the world is treating it too.
  10. i love her delivery there @1:55 she makes it sound better than the record
  11. if i had seen my reflection, as something more precious... he would've neveeer... and if my child needed protection from a FUCKER like that man, i'd sooner gut him, 'cause nothing cuts like a mother!