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    neither zzzzz
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    All Night
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    I STAN SO BAD @LÉON stan with me
  6. um what i'd bother with receipts but i'll just drop this https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Billie_Eilish_discography
  7. absolutely not and we are witnessing the birth of this generation's taylor swift. she will have an incredibly succesful career.
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    i mean... she does seem a bit tone deaf but she's never seemed stupid. i TRUST her to test all of her entourage regularily whenever they go on these trips and while yes, her discourse from the beginning of the pandemic seems to be a distant memory, that also came at a time when we all thought we were going to, you know, die. is it unfair that all these celebs get to travel whenever, wherever while the rest of us are stuck to a strict series of ever changing rules on an indefinite term? it sure is. can they really be blamed for doing so? that's a very thin, gray line. i'm willing to bet Dua is still upset on this pandemic mess striking right when she was supposed to climb on pop's highest echelons and yes, while she did manage to do so even with and through limited means, she must be feeling a tiny bit pressed and ultimately relieved that she can live her lifestyle the way she wants to after having basically a mental breakdown on instagram at the beginning of it all. now, if she and her friends aren't respecting any guidelines whatsoever then yes, guillotine. but again, i have a feeling she's just not the type to legit endanger everyone around her for a week off and i trust her to regularily provide tests for everyone involved.
  9. and can we blame her
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    if anyone's starting a game i am in too. i rlly should be more active in this section.