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  1. kinda, i'd say i got a bit too cocky anyway esp during the last round (my apologies to Simon) and for this round i went too left field when everyone except jae went slightly more mainstream than i anticipated the tides turned around a bit since the first season when safer choices were frowned upon but that's the fun of it and you either keep up either you get the boot.
  2. thanks again for just having the patience to put this together for a second season! good luck to the remaining top five and, jokes and personal sympathies aside, may the best contestant win! goodbye bitchachos!
  3. its ok me and this game are not meant to be! congrats and fly high!
  4. these reviews only making me more confused legit can't wait to move on from this round... if i make it through that is.
  5. George Michael - Careless Whisper; that was a classic. The intro alone >> Toni Braxton - You're Makin' Me High; I don't know, Toni has a lovely voice but her songs are just so tepid to me. Adele - Rolling In The Deep; definitely a modern day classic but too much of a safe choice for me to consider it as a frontrunner this round. Alicia Keys - Un-thinkable (I'm Ready); a smooth one, I'm liking it a bit although it's a bit too smooth and sleep inducing at points. Blondie - Call Me; I wasn't familiar with this one but it's enjoyable! The round needed an up-tempo moment
  6. myea this is very much a headscratcher now but i like most songs and almost sent one of them but decided against it last minute so i'm curious to see how it will do.
  7. i think it's kinda inevitable, i doubt anyone went for like any songs released earlier than the late '80s or so... so in a way all the choices will probably feel safe but indeed some safer than others. this round will be a mess i know it.
  8. i'd... normally be very impatient to see the entries but this round i don't feel that way. with the limited amount of songs to choose from it really is anyone's to take and anyone could be eliminated.
  9. you know what i really wish we had this season? another pairings round! but its too late now.
  10. not too confident with my choices this time. but it's not like there were too many options to go with so i hope someone did worse.
  11. oh i'd be petty enough to rank it last if someone sent it.
  12. so like... is the left column the billboard year end?
  13. Headstand is fucking amazing aaaah yet to listen to the rest of the album mainly because i'm scared nothing will be as good.
  14. its giving ATB! i really liked it but i'll need time to like... get used to it.