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  1. the funniest thing is that Adele won because she's seen as this superior singer/quality type of artist yet 25 is full of rush recorded songs that sound like 21 b sides (since the original album was scrapped at first) the only 2 reasons it won album of the year was the artist behind it and its sales despite all the reasons I think Beyonce is overrated there was much more effort put into Lemonade as a project than it was in 25 and it shows
  2. it's super funny how katy is finally being discarded as a talentless pop prostitute she always was and how both Taylor and Gaga her TALENTED GRAMMY AWARDED rivals are ending her like this
  3. not him dragging Starboy when it's better than Katy's entire discography
  4. ugh this RAT should just stick to covering Sia songs and avoid giving interviews all together but yeah is anyone actually surprised since like someone said he's friends with Taylor
  5. this was such a beautiful caption
  6. Side to Side saved the era from being seen as an underperformance but still without it Into You will be seen as a dance cult classic and it's def her best album so far she needs to keep the era afloat now and use STS momentum though
  7. Jennifer Lopez & Shakira artists from Latin America in general have huge amount of views yet aside from few hits in Europe their songs flop in US and most of Europe
  8. it's kinda strange how all of those eras singles and albums that are mentioned in OP feel completely forgotten sad how s&s will probably remain Britney's last smash
  9. Taylor only cares about herself, like it's pretty obvious she just wanted to expand her audience with the whole 'I'm a feminist' sthick she's not a feminist, she's a manipulative narcissist still like her music though
  10. he's just mad about Abel being with SeLEGEND now
  11. so all singles from ANTI are certified now + SWM ? the way it turned out to be such a successful era despite the messy release
  12. better music, singles, more relevant popstar etc
  13. good PR and less messy public life Beyonce strives to be seen as this perfect larger than life figure while Mariah literally went on a drunk public meltdown once. Also people care more about performances than artistry, Mariah is/was miles better skilled musician than Beyonce but the latter is known for her performances which gave her more respect
  14. It's one of the best songs on ANTI hearing it live was an amazing experience
  15. 3 days ago I saw FOTP on my bookmarks in chrome and decided to log in, I feel kinda sad I missed 2016 here because it was such a year great year in music + I just remembered how many great people are here
  16. out of the pop girls the only ones that make sense are Rihanna, P!nk or Taylor (though doesn't she have deal with Coke or smtn so she can't do it) Gaga is a talented performer I guess but she super irrelevant and hasn't had a hit song in ages, her SB will be so anti-climatic
  17. Madonna > Bieber > Beyonce is the only correct answer
  18. I will never understand how someone like her who has less than 10 songs out can even have stans lol her singles are great though
  19. I think it became obvious with Anti that she's not going to get back on her 1 album per year schedule anymore I don't expect her to release new album before 2018