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  1. Sorry to be negative, but this song is awful, its way too cheesy for me and the production is just boring. Its just not in my taste thats all. I dont want to be worried about the album, but i cant help to be nervous i wont like it. I know this is just a charity single, but it was written before the accident, meaning it was probably for the album..... .
  2. She better keep this red hair for the album era too! Or i will be pissed. Not her wasting flawless hair in between eras.
  3. This!!!!!!!!!! I have been waiting for this moment for so long! And this is exactly the color i wanted her to go for!
  4. Wtf is going on with Xtina!!? She looks like a MESS! Did she gain weight too??? Ugh, Xtina sis.....i cant... Jesus take the wheel.
  5. But unlike Xtina, JLo cares about her fans, even if her album flops, she will still promote it and release several music videos etc, and now she set to do a Vegas resedency too. And when JLo does promote she actually performs several songs from the actual new album and she also performs songs that may have not been a successful hit like Do It Well and Hold it Dont Drop It. With Xtina, she has had the same damn selist for like 10 years now and she hasnt performed songs like Keeps Gettin Better, Cant Hold Us Down and Not Myself Tonight in YEARS, Xtina is so lazy. She truly does not give a fuck a
  6. k. Xtine. Giving me Bionic Tour cancelled teas. "Again, I am sorry to have to move the dates but I promise to come see you when the time is right!" 5 years later, and still nothing.
  7. Is this bitch testing me!? Does she really want to me to unstan her?? You cancel a show for fans and all you have to say on twitter is promowhoring that dyke Lindas shitty ass music that nobody cares about anyway! Xtina is pissing me off! Im on my last nerves with her!
  8. Im very very disappointed in Xtina. This is sooo annoying, and the fact that she cancelled something related to her as a singer because of The Noise is making me angry! So basically she doesnt give a fuck about her fans or her music career. Its ALL about The Noise, money and perfumes for her nowadays! And whats going on with that album she confirmed on twitter like a year ago? I seriously very close to unstanning her and just become a regular fan. Being a stan of her tiring, its disappointment after disappointment, and theres basically nothing to be excited about her at all anymore. I dont giv
  9. It sounds basic and boring based on the snippet, im glad she rejected it.