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    25 January 2014. Our poor souls. Poor us. Mess at Kevin predicting the future.
  2. XtinaForever


    If i only knew what would happen. Not this thread starting on January 2014. Not us being albumless two and half year later, still waiting for somethin to happen.
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    Hello, it's me
  4. XtinaForever


    I dont think well get a new album or new music until 2016.
  5. XtinaForever

    Someone rip it.
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    Hi bitches. Whats the gossip?
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  8. The correct sales are: CA - 15m (Even tho several sources says 17m) MR - 3m MKOC - 1,5m Stripped -12m BTB - 5m KGBADOH - 1,5m Bionic -0.9 Burlesque - 1,5m Lotus - 0,6 =Just over 40m Stay pressed and mad.
  9. XtinaForever


    I didnt become a hardcore stan until 2010 tho, and 2011 and 2014 wasnt that hard tho cause nobody expected her to release an album during that time, but it hurst the most when you expected her to release an album this year, last year i was like 100% shure we would get an album this year, heck i even thought well have an album this spring!
  10. And Madonna has sold more albums WW than Mariah!
  11. And btw Christina Aguilera has sold over 40m albums WW and not 30m. Get those facts right before posting!
  12. The LIES. They both havent even sold over 20m WW.
  13. XtinaForever


    Mess, i dont think well get an album until early 2016. How will i survive this year? Pray4Fighters.
  14. XtinaForever

    Eeeeeew at your singles choices, they are terrible!