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  1. I don't like that we don't have a full section anymore
  2. Damn, and I thought I had a large collection! Yours is outstanding!!!
  3. Fall On Me has officially hit #1 on US iTunes!!! https://imgur.com/a/oVxdBY3 (I forgot how to put pics in the post ) And @Shazam tweeted: "@AGreatBigWorld's performance with @xtina was the most #Shazamed during last night's @AMAs!! "
  4. I honestly loved both outfits! The stage outfit was a little weird to see at first, but it totally fit the occasion! Red carpet was a 100% slay!
  5. Mine vs Moonlight Sparks Fly vs Dangerous Woman Back To December vs Be Alright Speak Now vs Into You Dear John vs Side To Side Mean vs Let Me Love You The Story Of Us vs Greedy Never Grow Up vs Leave Me Lonely Enchanted vs Everyday Better Than Revenge vs Sometimes Innocent vs I Don't Care Haunted vs Bad Decisions Last Kiss vs Touch It Ours vs Knew Better / Forever Boy Long Live vs Thinking Bout You If This Was A Movie vs Step On Up Superman vs Jason's Song (Gave It Away) Today Was A Fairytale vs Focus
  6. This was definitely a lot of choreo for Xtina lmao, it was cute too! I dont like the lip-syncing though
  7. I didn't care for Lilly tbh and the interview was too short. But its always nice to see Xtina!
  8. I honestly don’t know what just happened. I was at work and I got a notification that Christina Aguilera messaged me on messenger. So I opened it and here’s what happened: https://imgur.com/a/onHl12I Has anyone else received a message like this? I want to say it’s a scam, but they didn’t ask me for any money or personal information. It’s literally just a thank you message. Someone please help me understand wtf is going on and why would anyone do this 😂