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  1. 1 hour ago, Shiver said:

    It is a great song (although the 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 hook makes me cringe a biT), I just don't use it very often for the same reason as Last Chance - it's not on my edition of the album cry9 That said, I always knew it existed which makes me wonder.mp3 how I knew that but not LC dead4

    Maybe it'll rank higher in future if I make an effort to listen to ha on streaming more cry9

    I do agree with you on that Chorus dead2

    But to me the verses Make up for it. I dont even know last chance so i should look that one up sass1


  2. Thank you honey  @Jae I definitely get what you mean. The thing is, I can be confident. I can see I'm worth it. It's just these experience makes me feel like that less and less, because you kind of get the feeling there is actually no reason to be like that, since that apparently isn't working.

    And yeah, the fact I need to stop searching for it, is more then true. It's just my environment where everyone seems to find love and then you kind of feel left out. And then the fact you get the rejection over and over doesn't help either.

    But thanks for these kind words and for reading oprah4 


  3. @Infrared such great tips oprah1 

    I will definitely try to figure out why they like me or why they don't like me for now on. I just want to know what the big deal is every single time. I mean, for example, if Steve says I'm not it for him, I just want to know what the reason is. I'm sick of hearing "you are just not my type", because that's something you say when you don't want to say the real reason. 

    And on the other side I want to know what my actual qualities are. What is the reason they wanted to date with me in the first place? Etc. etc. 

    And no I know you don't mean sex. I'm not that guy anyway dead2