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  1. this whole Rain On Me release is bringing me back into the stan I was when I just got here. I love it so much cry3

  2. It actually feels quite good to be back. Didn't knew i missed this nat1

  3. What is this honey? (i'm back...)


    1. LÉON

      shock1 Desmond shock1shock1shock1

    2. Madonna


      It's something ugly that will be #rihmoved today again because it flopped!

  4. Damn feels like forever since I've been here... hello you guys sass1 


  5. Joanne is finally clicking with me. 


    1. ♚Missy♚

      Good. Stan talent and such

  6. Not Hailee serving that sex in the new video. She's fire oprah4 


  7. Yay. going to see both BANKS and Jon Bellion next year oprah4 

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    2. Desnudate

      yes aka hottie of the century oprah3 

    3. #Music

      indeed aka impregnate me already and release a new album asdfghjklñ

  8. HOLY SHIT. What U Workin With? by Justin and Gwen for the Trolls soundtrack is literally collab of the year. I was not expecting that fall4 

  9. Okay I literally cried when Perfect Illusion's chorus started. Its amazing and the lyrics are seriously too relateable. Gaga the fuck oprah4 

  10. wow. Liar is so classic Britney. The fuck this doing on the deluxe and why wasn´t this the first single= fall4 

    1. Desnudate

      OMG IF IM DANCING. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS TRACKLIST, almost all the deluxe tracks are better than most on standard fall4 

    2. The Last Of Us


      i just don't understand why Shit me was released 

  11. Just gonna put this here.

    I actually can't believe that out of all the big popstars releases as of this moment I am actually the most slayed by Katy Perry, which I have despised since, like, forever. 

    Britney's new songs apparently are good according to everyone, yet I only hear dated tracks that even make Britney Jean sound like a good album. Christina's new song got me anticipating, yet it's very lackluster and not as disco and funk as I hoped.

    All these things kind of make me afraid for Gaga, since I got a feeling she will dissappoint me now too. dead2 

    1. Venice Bitch

      Stan the former rock gospel chanteuse Katheryn antm1 

  12. Seriously BANKS new single is my anthem and is one of the best singles of this year tbh.

    Cause I fuck with myself more than anybody else. sass1 

  13. When you meet up with your ex (for some casual boom chicka wow wow sass1 )  and he tells you that he is fucked over by this guy the exact same way he screwed you. That moment you know karma exists. Thank you god fall4 

    1. Chris Morlock

      but why an EX? um2 

  14. The one you should actually be voting for at Popindustry is Justin Timberlake and his single HEART, since he has one of the least votes and all these b*tches have enough votes already. 





  15. You know, Imma let you finish, but Jon Bellion's The Human Condition is the best album of this year, 


  16. Where is the love for this ratchet summer go to work bop? sass1 


  17. This ratchet bop! sass1 


  18. This bop! oprah4


  19. Can I just say that it kinda pains me it had to take Kesha to make people care and truly appreaciate True Colors? That song was gold from the moment it was released. Her version his really good though. I think it's great Zedd showed his support this way. 

  20. So my ex asked me to go to Mariah with him. At first I was like, fuck yes, but the closer it gets (it's tomorrow), the more nervous I get. I still like him and he was the one who didn't wanted me in the end. So I'm afraid I'm seeing more into this then it actually is. I'm afraid it will turn out in a disaster where I still have feelings for him and he just needed someone to fill in the ticket...

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    2. BJORK

      I wouldn't go

    3. ChooseyLover

      Maybe Mariah won't ever come back to Europe. I would definitely go if I had the chance cry9

    4. Aidan.

      @Desnudate Yeah it's a hard situation. And I know it's very hard to predict how you will feel or react until you are actually in the situation. I guess it really comes down to how bad you want to see Mariah! I know if an ex asked me to see one of my faves I'd have a very hard time saying no!

  21. What is this mess? fall4fall4fall4 


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    2. MrPopPants

      I had to stop it half way through as I could see it becoming my new jam.awk1

    3. MrPopPants

      Also, how much is she channeling Baby Spice in the screen cap!?

  22. yaaaas. I'm going to see Mariah live April 23rd oprah4 

  23. THIS BAWP!


  24. Just putting this here because it shows much truth after all these terrible things today.


  25. After a long time I've written a new blog about my love life again. Most depressing so far.