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    Being a stan of both Gaga and Ariana this had too high hopes for me, but the fun fact is that, for me, it was even better that expected. I really didn't like Gaga in the Joanne era, so I think it also has something to with that. I am also LIVING for 90s house. Somehow this song also really connects with me on a personal level. Even though I've heard it more than a hundred times already, the chorus and the breakdown still feel so liberatng and sometimes I get to tear up a little. It is perfect, for me, and I have a feeling Chromatica is going to be the album I really need and crave at the moment.
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    I must say that Chromatica has me that much hyped up that I guess I'm team leak. But I will only listen once and then wait for friday!
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    Rain On Me Telephone Do What U Want
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    this is actually quite hard... 1. Rain On Me 2. Judas 3. Do What U Want 4. Telephone 5. Poker Face. 6. Million Reasons
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    i know most of the stans don't think so, but I actually like this album the most too
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    ugh this still slays
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    we better serve some taste now, because most of the time i hate what is being a hit here
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    the fact that she also tagged ariana i-
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    Definitley prefer the final version, but I still dig this a lot. I'm so happy the lower RAIN ON ME before every breakdown was included. That's the best part for me.
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    I would be here for it
  13. this whole Rain On Me release is bringing me back into the stan I was when I just got here. I love it so much cry3

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    I think I'm gonna get the hat or the purple shirt
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    Music Video

    holy shit this release is slaying me so hard again. I feel like that little Gaga stan i was with BTW and ARTPOP they both look so beatiful and just the overall vibe. it makes me so freaking happy
  16. This has been on repeat all day for me. Can't stop. "RAIN. ON. ME." is one of the most earworm things I've heard in a long time
  17. All the leaks are probably real, so no new things here, but I'm still excited for the RuVeal
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    He really is cute and doesn't look like a douchebag, They really look perfect together
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    1. Human Nature 2. Secret 3. Take a Bow 4. Love Tried To Welcome Me 5. Survival 6. Sanctuary 7. Forbidden Love 8. I'd Rather Be Your Lover 9. Bedtime Story 10. Don't Stop 11. Inside of Me
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    Really love this! Just to check. Is it possible to vote for your own country? Because normally this is not possible
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    yeah i really hate hate HATE she went to push with you We deserved this bop as a new hit.
  23. One of her best and most cohesive albums
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    ugh this woman.
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    Speechless, obviously I love how we are just ignoring Dope