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  1. I still can't at people bitching about a other artists succes... Okay, you don't stan for that artist, hell with it. Am I the only one who just loves the music and don't really cares about sales and if my fave is selling more then someone else's?
  2. Someone's pressed....AGAIN!sip1
  3. Desnudate

    Paparazzi (I so adore that song...)
  4. Desnudate


    WHERE'S DANCE IN THE RAIN!!!?:'( That's not cool, Nicola. Not cool.
  5. Desnudate


    Like I said, she looks amazingly gorgeous. =)<3
  6. Desnudate


    She looks gorgeous. Nicola =)<3
  7. Desnudate

    Bob the Builder "Can We Fix It?" 17 December 2000 +bow+
  8. It has to go to #1 in The Netherlands. This song is epic and far better then the #1 now. (Don Omar & Lucenzo - Danza kuduro+gun+)
  9. Desnudate

    I only started a year ago with buying psyical cd's and since I don't earn a lot of money, I've only got 5+laughcry+ - Lady GaGa - The Fame Monster (Deluxe with The Fame) - Lady GaGa - Born This Way (Deluxe) - Lisa Lois - Smoke (Dutch singer:D. She's a bit like a Adele.) - Caro Emerald - Deleted Scenes From The Cutting Floor (also Dutch. Take a listen ) - Stromae - Cheese (That guy from Alors On Danse. +laughcry+)
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    Born This Way (Deluxe):flutter: I don't have a lot of money, but sometimes I like a cd too much, then I have to buy it. CD's I still want to buy: - Playing In The Shadows (Example) - On A Mission (Katy B) - Cinderella's Eyes (Nicola Roberts) (If it's really good, I hope so+bow+)
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    Fashion Of His Love. It's so '80's. I love it. +queenbitch+
  12. Desnudate

    Nothing On But The Radio - Someone who sounds Like GaGa
  13. Desnudate

    Just Dance = 42 LoveGame = 34 + Paparazzi = 68 Poker Face = 56 Beautiful, Dirty, Rich = 4 Boys Boys Boys = 26 - Paper Gangsta = 32
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    I still listen to Beat of my drum. She's going to mix Lucky Day with Rythm is a Dancer. Dance in the rain sounds amazing also. This girl knows how to make me a fan.
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    One word. Epic. I can't wait. This album is going to be great. I feel it. :flutter:
  16. I would say: 1. Born This Way 2. Judas. 3. Edge of Glory. 4. Scheiße. 5. Americano. 6. Hair. 7. Bloody Mary. 8. Marry The Night. But I don't think Scheiße will be the next single. I still hope it's one of these and not HML or something.
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    Government Hooker-ey:D
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    Marry The Night 46 Government Hooker 52 + Judas 44 Scheiße 56 Bloody Mary 48 Heavy Metal Lover 38 -