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    started to stan: Jon Bellion, ZAYN, Kehlani, ROMANS, Unstan: Gaga (she basically lost me with Joanne), Tove Lo,
  2. Ariana - Touch It Beyoncé - Drunk In Love Britney - Toy Soldier Xtina - Hurt Katy - Walking On Air Kesha - Blind Gaga - Paparazzi Lana - National Anthem Madonna - Frozen Rihanna - Skin Taylor - All You Had To Do Was Stay
  3. For the first three I really can't pick any order because all of them slay my life still. The other ones I liked too. - The Altar by BANKS - Mind of Mine by ZAYN - The Human Condition by Jon Bellion - Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande - Glory Days by Little Mix - Natural Causes by Skylar Grey - Glory by Britney Spears - EMOTION side B by Carly Rae Jepsen - Miscommunication by Tyler Glenn - FMA by Grace
  4. Desnudate

    Britney Spears - Slumber Party (2016) 1. Do You Wanna Come Over? 2. Slumber Party (feat. Tinashe) 3. Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortés) 4. Liar 5. If I'm Dancing 6. Coupure Électrique 7. Mood Ring
  5. Desnudate

    that's what I said one of . The Human Condition is LIFE.
  6. Desnudate

    I agree, but that's why I said it wasn't perfect. The era lacked promotion and support.
  7. Desnudate

    Rear View alone. One of the best tracks released this year tbh.
  8. Desnudate

    this. close thread please. It's just his debut album. Mind of Mine sure wasn't perfect, but it showed amazing potential. His second era will definitely prove it.
  9. Great insight, I definitely thought there were some good points. I have the same opinion on most. My own order would be: 1. Dangerous 2. HIStory 3. Bad 4. Blood On The Dance Floor 5. Thriller 6. Xscape 7. Invincible 8. Off The Wall 9. Michael To me Dangerous definitely shows MJ as he was. And HIStory is his best last album he released. Off The Wall feels heavily overrated and even Thriller isn't as amazing as what people say it is.
  10. Desnudate


    I thought the same! IF ONLY
  11. oh if only you would know how much album promo this could be for me this era, it fits the theme perfectly
  12. Joanne is finally clicking with me. 


    1. ♚Missy♚

      Good. Stan talent and such

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    CLOCK GAGZ I do´n´t know you that well as a member, but you literally have the same mindset about this as me, so i already like you
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    Apparently you can only be a true stan these days if you literally eat up everything your fave does, whether you like it or not
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    this. I'm all here for Gaga experimenting, but this album is just not cutting it for me. I actually am in love with Perfect Illusion, but for me there aren't any other songs on there that spark the same energy. It's the first album I'm not going to buy from Gaga and not because I don't like what sound she is doing, the songs just aren't that good.
  16. Desnudate


    its basically Ugly Heart by GRL, but that was a bop too, so this one is too
  17. But that is what irritates me. This is no gay shade. But everytime a gay artist scores a hit or at least comes through in pop music every gay stan hates them or says they are annoying. That happened with Sam Smith and now I read the same thing here. I am just wondering if it's just jealousy or what... I am gay myself, I am not shading myself
  18. Can somebody explain me why he got annoying? Or is it just because he is gay? Like how everybody hates Sam Smith.
  19. Not Hailee serving that sex in the new video. She's fire oprah4 


  20. Yay. going to see both BANKS and Jon Bellion next year oprah4 

    1. Desnudate

      yes aka hottie of the century oprah3 

    2. #Music

      indeed aka impregnate me already and release a new album asdfghjklñ

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  21. HOLY SHIT. What U Workin With? by Justin and Gwen for the Trolls soundtrack is literally collab of the year. I was not expecting that fall4 

  22. ANd oh yeah my last guy I was dating completely ruined Donatella by Gaga for me, because he sang it at one time and I was like "omg you are stanning gaga, I love you" Next thing I know he ignores me and I never speaked to him again.
  23. My ex was a Mariah and Whitney stan and I kind of made me listen to their music. I stan them both now too, but I can't help but feel sad everytime I hear songs from them. And the fact they make fucking heartbreaking songs at some points don't help either
  24. she had every right to. and Zayn, let this be proof to better never play ha over