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    I literally stopped reading after that. If you think you have to stan for someone just because they are goodlooking is literally pathetic. I feel for you honey.
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    Just a few random from me
  3. Love how she calls it a live cover, but we obviously can see she is either playbacking the live recording or what we see is from a different recording. Then don't call it a live cover, because it's not live... either way still a good cover.
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    I literally cried when I heard the chorus for the first time. Not because it was that good, but because I wasn't expecting the theme to connect with me lyrically. Like, i literally slept through all the descriptions she gave about it. But I just had something with a guy who said he loved me and eveything and in the end it turned out he was lying or at least, its wasn't love. The moment Gaga screamd It Wasn't Love I literally went The song is perfect because it is perfect. There was a time where I felt like unstanning her (the puke performance fyi), but this shows that she is actually an amazing artist. bye now, gonna cry some more.
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    The key change all the way, it gives the song that extra push
  6. Okay I literally cried when Perfect Illusion's chorus started. Its amazing and the lyrics are seriously too relateable. Gaga the fuck oprah4 

  7. Can't believe we're THAT close
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    Holy shit the synth in the background is giving me life. This is going to be massive
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    omg no at him cancelling Dubai. This is going to be a real thing throughout his career. As long as he can't come over that anxiety it's not going to work.
  10. they picked it up really nice. cute
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    Loved it Not that video being exactly me when I heard my favorite track, AKA If I'm Godly, for the first time You should really give DYWCO some more spins though, it's perf
  12. I started not caring about charts and the big popstars anymore. Now I try basically everything that comes along, therefore I know also stan people who many people don't even know about. But i don't care, music not the bling
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    After my first listen: 1 Invitation 7/10 2 Make Me... (feat. G-Eazy) 7/10 3 Private Show 8/10 4 Man On The Moon 9/10 5 Just Luv Me 6/10 6 Clumsy 7/10 7 Do You Wanna Come Over? 10/10 8 Slumber Party 10/10 9 Just Like Me 8/10 10 Love Me Down 9/10 11 Hard To Forget Ya 9/10 12 What You Need 6/10 13 Better 6/10 14 Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes) 10/10 15 Liar 10/10 16 If I’m Dancing 10/10 17 Coupure Électrique 9/10 I literally can't at the weird deluxe decision, personally I love those tracks way more than most on the standard
  14. wow. Liar is so classic Britney. The fuck this doing on the deluxe and why wasn´t this the first single= fall4 

    1. Desnudate

      OMG IF IM DANCING. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS TRACKLIST, almost all the deluxe tracks are better than most on standard fall4 

    2. The Last Of Us


      i just don't understand why Shit me was released 

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    someone put this in the op please and delete the other. thank you.
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    THIS was the Britney I was waiting for This song is pure fire
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    Omg just saw the anouncement on FB. I'm fucking shook. That title. Come thru please Queen show them
  18. She was trying to show us she was the OG snooki
  19. for anybody that cares about him as a friend or family, I think it's time for a
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    Music Video

    they should work on better drone movemeant tho still cute.
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    I know I was so thirsty for this cause I was a big Azealia stan and then they talked about collaborating on ARTPOP and everything. Then it never happened and I was hella mad. Now I have it. AND THIS IS WHAT I WAS WAITING FOR. THA. FUCK. It's so terrible I cant even.
  22. The fact you think I stan sales when I stan people y'all don't even know about. Don't even try. Like Jon Bellion and BANKS sell millions honey. It's Not Me, It's You is the better album in my opinion and the critics + the public seem to agree with me. And she made that statement on twitter after she already released Hard Out Here, Air Balloon, L8 CMMR and Our Time. That's like almost half of the album already
  23. It was nowhere near the quality her first two albums had. I actually stan those two albums, but Sheezus isn't worhty of her name attached to it. She even said herself she hated the singles and everything. It's like she herself also knew the album was not that good. She tried way too hard to be funny with a lot of puns and everything, while the albums before were good and funny, because she wasn't trying, they just were. I still listen to Alright, Still and It's Not Me, It's You from time to time, while Sheezus remains in the trash where I left it. Before you think I'm a hater or anything, i truly hope her new album will slay, and I think it will cause I have a feeling she learnt from it.
  24. Because she went from It's Not Me, It's You to Sheezus.