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    Desnudate, The Faux-Heterosexual Chanteuse
  2. Desnudate

    Since no one has, I will say it. I don't like both and think it shows that Brit and Xtina aren't what they once were. And that is coming from someone that don't stan them, but always casually enjoyed their albums and singles.
  3. Must sound very familiar to you honey. Especially the desperation part.
  4. who is going to tell him? oh wait. it's already done with the clapback
  5. Desnudate

    Celeb News

    okay I died and went to heaven. bye.
  6. Just gonna put this here.

    I actually can't believe that out of all the big popstars releases as of this moment I am actually the most slayed by Katy Perry, which I have despised since, like, forever. 

    Britney's new songs apparently are good according to everyone, yet I only hear dated tracks that even make Britney Jean sound like a good album. Christina's new song got me anticipating, yet it's very lackluster and not as disco and funk as I hoped.

    All these things kind of make me afraid for Gaga, since I got a feeling she will dissappoint me now too. dead2 

    1. Venice Bitch

      Stan the former rock gospel chanteuse Katheryn antm1 

  7. Desnudate

    Music Video

    Seriously watching his videos is like a sexual experience to me, like, he is too hot.
  8. Desnudate

    I like the Paradise cover the most, don't know why
  9. Desnudate

    Just gonna post some of my faves Jon Bellion (this whole album campaign art with the songs is literally out of this world) ZEDD MJ Josef Salvat (also again all the artwork from this era is amazing) I guess I kinda like colorful
  10. Desnudate

    Celeb News

    The first teaser is giving me Texas Chainsaw vibes. If only they do that I will stan
  11. Desnudate


    Always been one of my favorites of My Everything
  12. Desnudate

    Most of Music like Impressive Instant and Runaway Lover. I really really really dont get it.
  13. Desnudate

    I literally loathe her music, but this is actually an amazing song. Y'all do too much on it.
  14. if only it was in the right key. yikes.
  15. Seriously BANKS new single is my anthem and is one of the best singles of this year tbh.

    Cause I fuck with myself more than anybody else. sass1 

  16. This. You even see her smirk her way off stage in the end.
  17. Desnudate


    so the production has to work well while playing chess? Watch chessboards sell out while all the little monsters buy it. album named CHESS or CHECKMATE. She points at the bishop. Watch bishop be the lead single. It's all there.
  18. When you meet up with your ex (for some casual boom chicka wow wow sass1 )  and he tells you that he is fucked over by this guy the exact same way he screwed you. That moment you know karma exists. Thank you god fall4 

    1. Chris Morlock

      but why an EX? um2 

  19. Desnudate


    Either 1+1, I Care or Rather Die Young
  20. Desnudate


    So proud of Sexual Suicide being so high. The true trendstarter And top 5 is flawless tbh.
  21. Desnudate


    I do agree with you on that Chorus But to me the verses Make up for it. I dont even know last chance so i should look that one up
  22. Desnudate


    Your top 10 is flawless BUT NO CURTAIN CALL DESERVES HIGHER
  23. Desnudate

    Why don't you come for a band or group that's even relevant these days? Like damn, is this what your threads have become to? Trying to drag actual succesful 00's acts