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  1. 67% men / 33% women Oh wow, this was surprising honestly. I was certain that I listen to more female artists than male but okay.
  2. Other

    Gross, pls no. don't care about her movies, I only want good music and good music videos.
  3. This is... Interesting. I mean, instrumental sounds cute and her vocals are okay, but together it sounds like a mess. I can see why it's unreleased. Still, always nice to hear demos from this era!
  4. Not Myself Tonight and Candyman are cute! She seems like a decent artist, will listen to more tbh I love talent
  5. X6? Christina?never listened to her music, I should someday lol
  6. Hung Up. I love talent
  7. I used to love EAT ME DRINK ME when I was younger, awkward. I mean, it's a cute album anygays, but far from his best. I do love the instrumentals tho!
  8. Okay but those new songs, LIVING. I hope she will release the new album this year lol, I NEED new music. I don't know who's Omega, could you link some of his songs?
  9. Other

    Qween! Stanning her best song I see
  10. Performance

    We love talent.
  11. Why is Confessions her best album? I love it.
  12. Ohhhh, I didn't know! Flawless video anygays. Currently, I'm loving her new song, Nuts, I hope her new album (whenever that is coming lol) i is full of bops like this
  13. Why is she so good? Legend, queen
  14. Okay but I love this video
  15. Single

    At first I didn't like it that much but now I've seen the light and I love it!