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  1. Nenifir

    I wish we had better pictures of that photoshoot, I like that dress!
  2. Nenifir


    Queen! La Isla Bonita is one of her best songs tbh, a timeless bop! I still have my La Isla single vinyl somewhere, it's broken so she sounds demonic but uhm.. It's still nice to have it!
  3. Nenifir


    I'm done
  4. Nenifir


    I think it's possible, something like X-Static Process, I'd be fine with it! I doubt it's a music video, it's too early for that as she is still recording? Or something random like the Revolution of Love video or whatever it was. But, I fear the most realistic is MDNA Skin advert, apparently, she is releasing a new product this fall, so the timing makes sense. I can't if it's MDNA Skin video, a high budget, flawless etc, then the music video is a cheap mess.
  5. Nenifir

    It's up on YouTube too: omgodgfmg I WAS NOT READY This is sooo good! This and God's Gonna Cut You Down both are his best songs in years imo. I love it dfgf
  6. Nenifir


    I am so excited! Btw, how long has she been working on this album now?
  7. Nenifir


    This? Oo, I like this one more!
  8. Nenifir


    Deluxe I guess, I wish they would have chosen other pics from that photoshoot tho.
  9. Nenifir

    Omg! Imagine hearing ALL the demos they did together! I would LOVE to hear Angel With Dirty Faces in full! sdfsfsdfsdfsdf
  10. Nenifir


    Ok bitch, don't you dare go touring now as I have no money. Also, please, gimme the album first! (I spent all my coins to Marilyn Manson...)
  11. Nenifir

    This is a fab remix!
  12. Nenifir


    I was not a big fan of this tour back in 2012 but now I'm living for it! I have seen the Jesus. It even made me love Celebration, and I used to hate that song lol. The production was amazing, and I did love the setlist, Justify My Love interlude is sooo good! She looks fab and it's a bad-ass video. Also, Gang Bang was amazing, the motel room was a great idea!
  13. This is a hot mess and I'm here for it! Also, she looks damn fabulous ok!??
  14. Nenifir


    This thread flopped thanks guys