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  1. Nenifir


    1. Back That Up To The Beat 2. Ciao Bella 3. I don't Search I Find 4. God Control 5. Medellin 6. Batuka 7. Future 8. Bitch I'm Madonna 9. Killers 10. Faz Gostoso 11. Crazy 12. Mercy 13. Cum Alive Crave Crazy Dark Ballet I don't get the hate for Ciao Bella, it's a flawless bop!!
  2. Nenifir


    Madonna – 10 (it's iconic) Like a Virgin – 9 True Blue – 9 (Do I even have to say it?) Like a Prayer – 0 (Sorry, never really liked that pic and never really liked the album either, fight me) Erotica – 10 Bedtime Stories – 10 (Idk I love this whole photoshoot, it's cute) Ray of Light – 2 (Love the album but hate her looks in that era, sorry) Music – 0 (I hate this, hated then, hate it now, hate in future, hate it forever, the album is decent tho) American Life – 10 (Love how different it is, also the whole photoshoot is fab, wish there were more pics) Confessions on a Dancefloor – ?? (This is an interesting cover, I hate it but also love it, idk) Hard Candy – 0 I- MDNA – 0 Without that effect maybe yes. That photoshoot had lots of interesting pics Rebel Heart – 5 Decent, not my fav but not bad. Madame X – 0 No. Sorry.
  3. While this is very interesting, and I am curious to read more about it. But it makes me think, what would be different in that other planet? Meaning, we, humans, still would still ruin it sooner or later just like the earth. let's think, what would make it a better place to live? There still would have to be rules and laws, and then jobs, money and slowly I think it slowly would be in the same situation as we are in now. Unless there are some new ideas, idk? But nonetheless, it's an interesting idea! I love space stuff. (I am only speaking of society, I'm ignoring the other stuff)
  4. Nenifir


    This is actually interesting, and it would be even more with MDNA LOL. Hung Up vs. Candy Shop Get Together vs. 4 Minutes Sorry vs. Give It 2 Me Future Lovers vs. Heartbeat I Love New York vs. Miles Away Let It Will Be vs. She's Not Me Forbidden Love vs. Incredible Jump vs. Beat Goes On (Eh, I hate both songs) How High vs. Dance 2Night (Dance is fab too, love it) Isaac vs. Spanish Lesson Push vs. Devil Wouldn't Recognize You Like It or Not vs. Voices Fighting Spirit vs. Ring My Bell (both are equally cool)
  5. I wonder if there is any way to contact him to upload the Angels instrumental? I mean, don't think that would be a problem? It sound amazing.
  6. Oh, didn't know that info! Thanks. Odd that the court decided to go in favour of the thief (letting them sell it). I don't think that's fair, but whatevs I guess.
  7. Oh wow, that Angels demo Never thought it would leak! It does sound kinda rough, but with more work, it could have slayed! Love that instrumental break at 2:40. Demo of LAP sounds pretty messy too, the choir and everything really made the track better! But it's interesting to see how it first was and came to be the iconic song that it is. Now, if rest of the LAP demos would leak, imagine that! Also, I wonder if Patrick will get in any trouble for uploading these?
  8. Nenifir


    I mean, I am "Little Star", can I still vote? I mean obvs I am gonna vote myself lmao.
  9. Nenifir


    01. Batuka - Beyoncé 02. I Rise - Madonna 03. Batuka - Joanna 04. Batuka - Freaky Prince 05. Batuka - Urbanov 06. Batuka - Chris 07. Batuka - Venus XCX 08. Batuka - AngryAzalean 09. Batuka - Nenifir 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.
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  11. Nenifir

    That one is good too! Wish he made a video to this song. Tbh, he should have made a video to every song on that that album
  12. Nenifir

    His best video tbh
  13. Nenifir

    You mean the long hair?
  14. Nenifir

    I love this eras photoshoot, wish he kept his long hair tbh ugh
  15. Nenifir


    1. Ray of Light - Liquid Love 2. Ray of Light - Madonna 3. Ray of Light - Joanna 4. Ray of Light - Phoebe 5. Frozen - Venus XCX 6. Ray of Light - Nenifir 7. 8. 9. 10.  11.  12.