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  1. Snatched, slayed etc! I love the production of the song, it sounds soo good, that bass! I love Pussy Riot's verse. That video tho, it's... Different This is soo going to be stuck in my head for rest of the day rip
  2. Nenifir


    Nice surprise! Beautiful Game sounds sooo good! Can't wait to hear it in full. But wtf was that editing? It's the worst live video I've ever seen LOL. It's was a mess, it kinda ruined it for me.
  3. Nenifir


    Happy birthday, Queen! Now release new music!
  4. Nenifir


    This was interesting to read, thanks for sharing! Honestly, I'm surprised at Like Virgin having second longest chart life, and LIV being the most listened song on Spotify! Stan!
  5. Nenifir

    ^ That Tommy Lee song sounds good! --------------- Oh wow. This is going to be, interesting!
  6. Nenifir


    Ikr, it should have a video tbh
  7. Nenifir


    Also this, easily one of her best songs ever!
  8. Nenifir


    It has Mary Jane Holland, so yes, it's her best album.
  9. Nenifir

    Queens of August! We better throw a good BDay party here then! I'm not a big fan of Nicki, but, I would love to hear their song too! I just hope it isn't on M:s album, we already have 3 collabs with her on her albums. Ughhhh can't she release something now?? I'm tired of waiting!
  10. Nenifir

    Let's hope her team isn't like Britneys lol
  11. Nenifir

    Yeah, I think that too, why else would she randomly perform her new song, and then go silent? #FlopFan I totally forgot about her BDay, it would be the perfect timing to release something; "Madonna, 60, still rocking the scene - listen to her new song" idk, I'm bad at making headlines LOL but yeah, let's hope she releases something then. (BDay, that reminds me of THAT song on MDNA.. )
  12. Nenifir

    Iconic. I prefer this one over the album version tbh