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  1. Nenifir

    Sure, this is a fake demo but I still enjoy listening to this! I've never been a big fan of the original Holiday, and this sounds so much better.
  2. Nenifir

    Celeb News

    Is it real tho? Either way, I like it, it's cute. Didn't she once say in one interview that she would like to get a tattoo but didn't know what it would be? Or am I imagining things lol
  3. Nenifir

    It is one of her best ones!
  4. Nenifir


    Oooohhhhh, okay! I did notice that logo but didn't think much about it.. Oops. Anygays, I am excited to see what she's gonna release! Her looks lately have been flawless too. I also love that name "$exorcism".
  5. Nenifir


    Speaking of music videos, what is this clip? Is this from something else, or just a random short clip she did?
  6. Okay but this song bops and that video? She did THAT. I'm not a fan of Katy, Witness had bops, but this has to be her best imo, ´so far the best song in 2019.
  7. Nenifir

    Music Video

    This x100. Only if her team was smart, they would do it, but I guess that's just a fantasy.
  8. Nenifir

    Music Video

    I'm not that much into B-rolls, but I am happy we're getting something! I would love to have demos from this era, maybe someday..
  9. Nenifir

    Idk but she looks flawless! Love that dress and hair.
  10. Nenifir


    I mean, I'm sure this is just something random she made as usual lol. But imagine this being the lead But I am excited to see this photoshoot!
  11. Nenifir


    Yes, I am aware, but you know what I mean!
  12. Nenifir


    I'm not sure how to feel about her work, but Witness cover slays! I would love to see more artistic photoshoot for this era, Rebel Heart one was, cute, but I would like to see more artsy fartsy stuff, and colours!
  13. Nenifir


    Flawless playlist! Nice to see Think Of Me, Isaac and Sanctuary there, I love those songs.
  14. Nenifir