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  1. Nenifir


    Is that the demo version btw?
  2. Okay, it's my fav song from 2018.
  3. Nenifir


    Ugh, Confessions Tour! It's my fav. That remix is so good
  4. Well rip, there goes that! I've only used it to find some good porn and drawings. Oh well, luckily there are other websites!
  5. Nenifir


    Lourdes is beautiful, just like her mom!
  6. Nenifir


    I never do these, but eh, lemme participate this one time! Lemme PM you
  7. Okay, I gave it a listen now! And okay, I am disappointed, I prefer the solo version, I feel like Lil Aaron feels out-of-place ugh.. But other than that, it bops! I probs have like million listens to the solo version Also dead at that artwork
  8. Slay! Wish I could see them ugh
  9. Nenifir


    YES! I wish Mary Jane Holland had a video, imagine the visuals! Also, ARTPOP had so the potential to be a 10min long artsy video Ugh that album deserved so much more
  10. Nenifir


    Her best album.
  11. Nenifir


    I gave a listen to this album last night as I was bored, and I sure wasn't expecting this kind of music from her! I'm really enjoying it, I like how she mixed different genres.
  12. Nenifir

    It's what she deserves, we already had 5345 years long POM residency of her lipsyncing to old vocals, and doing chores half-assed, it's not like this is gonna bring anything new to the table.
  13. Nenifir

    Oh wow, Hourglass is a bop! Her other songs were good too, this is what I needed from pop music!
  14. Nenifir

    It's funny how only Rita Ora was the only person in the set with Madonna in Bitch I'm Madonna set lol