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  1. Vaccinate ha!


    I've been saying this for years that Lola and Gaga look alike. And that's not a bad thing, because both are gorgeous af!
  2. Vaccinate ha!


    Has anybody here read the Like An Icon biography? I found the new updated edition from the library so I decided to borrow it for fun.
  3. Vaccinate ha!


    Queen of nudes, time to release sex book part 2!
  4. Vaccinate ha!


    I think I'm finally gonna reorganize my Madonna library on iTunes, it's been a mess for too long.
  5. Vaccinate ha!

    Ugh, this always slays me , should have been officially released
  6. Vaccinate ha!


    Either something with the Madame X Tour or to join the protest is my guess. Is MDNA Skin still a thing, if she's doing something related to that?
  7. Vaccinate ha!


    1. Judas 2. Americano 3. Government Hooker 4. Highway Unicorn 5. Scheisse 6. Heavy Metal Lover 7. Electric Chapel
  8. Vaccinate ha!

    A bop!
  9. Yeah, I don't know, let's just say that I don't agree with any of this.
  10. Vaccinate ha!


    1. Gimme More 2. Break The Ice 3. Get Naked 4. Toy Soldier 5. Piece Of Me 6. Get Back 7. Outta This World
  11. Vaccinate ha!


    Music - 45 Impressive Instant - 135 (+5) Amazing - 60 Don't Tell Me - 25 What It Feels Like for a Girl - 5 (-5) Paradise (Not for Me) - 85
  12. Vaccinate ha!


    Drowned World/Substitute for Love vs. Hung Up Swim vs. Get Together Ray of Light vs. Sorry Candy Perfume Girl vs. Future Lovers Skin vs. I Love New York Nothing Really Matters vs. Let It Will Be Sky Fits Heaven vs. Forbidden Love Shanti/Ashtangi vs. Jump Frozen vs. How High The Power of Good-bye vs. Isaac To Have and Not to Hold vs. Push Little Star vs. Like It or Not Mer Girl vs. History Has to Be vs. Fighting Spirit COADF: 9 ROL: 5 Welp, this was actually hard, but Confessions wins.
  13. Vaccinate ha!


    Nothing Really Matters - 440 (+5) Frozen - 65 (-5)
  14. Vaccinate ha!


    Britney: 26 - In the Zone: 66 Circus: 14 + Femme Fatale: 52 Glory: 20
  15. Vaccinate ha!


    Music - 45 Impressive Instant - 130 (+5) Amazing - 60 Don't Tell Me - 30 What It Feels Like for a Girl - 10 (-5) Paradise (Not for Me) - 80