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  1. “You expect a new grandmother to fall in love with the baby — not the father” Idk why but this is too funny
  2. This is honestly big! Don't thin anyone this close to her has spoken up against Jamie?
  3. These @ everyone mentions really starting to annoy me lol 

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    2. Kuchisabishii


      If its tagged by the staff then either deal with it or just don't log in. 

    3. Vaccinate ha!

      Vaccinate ha!

      Thank you Chris, very fucking helpful. <3 


      Lol, it's not a big deal really. 

    4. Entea


      38 minutes ago, Vaccinate ha! said:

      Thank you Chris, very fucking helpful. <3 

      Idk why this made me laugh but it did rip4

  4. Excited! Been listening to L+F alot lately, it's actually pretty decent album, don't get the hate it gets
  5. This. I think I only liked Reputation from her, but can't really get into her other albums, but I do admire her talent and releasing two albums during this pandemic? Whew! Meanwhile some rats take forever to release anything. Azelia Banks, she's hella talented, her music is fun and diverse and I do give her credit for that. Only if she wasn't so problematic every two second.
  6. Love this shoot, she served so many good looks that era <3
  7. God Control I mean, I fucking love this song.
  8. Madonna - 13,030 plays Britney Spears - 7,923 plays Kylie Minogue - 2,470 plays Lana Del Rey - 2,438 plays
  9. Yeah. David basically confirmed this on Instagram too, I remember he commented on some posts that had clips of the original video that it wasn't his edit or something. There is this scene too that we didn't see in the video.
  10. Honestly surprised Billie is there, I don't think I listened to her that much haha.
  11. Two LQ pics from the shoot: Took them from Exhale lol. But holy f, these new pics looks amazing! I really can't understand why they chose to use that horrible screenshot ugh. Also that house pic is pretty interesting, seems like she's chained to it? Also that car seems to be same as the one she rides in the original MM video too?