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  1. Title pretty much says it all. Would you like a new remix album? You Can Dance and Remixed & Revisited both are bob, even tho R&R is a bit odd, and Your Honesty is such a random addition, even tho I love that song. I personally think it would be a fun idea, maybe remix some of her old classics into more current sound, throw some unreleased songs there and that would keep me happy while waiting for a new album.
  2. Yess, Never Love a Stranger is great, also other demos from RoL are good. I'll Be Gone is probably my favourite from those. Listening to this bop. Should have been on the regular album.
  3. It's so ugly. Looks like a cheap toy you could find at the flea markets.
  4. Okay just finished listening to the full album, and it was cute I guess. Oxytocin is my current fav, the production in that one is nice. Not My Responsibility/Overheated comes close, love the vibe in that song. Least favs probably are Male Fantasy and Halley's Comet. Happier Than Ever (song) confuses me, need to listen to it more to decide if I like it or not lol Overall I think it's a cute album, maybe a bit too long and some songs a bit too similar and repetitive. Gonna give it some more listens to form a final opinion.
  5. Not sure but I think it was Madonna's American Life
  6. Love this video! Also one of my favourite looks of hers. She really was serving left and right during that era. Wonder how she would look with short hair now?
  7. Love that outro on Thief Of Hearts, "If I had a hammer, I'd bash your fucking head" Goodbye To Innocence is interesting, I like the instrumental but tbh I'm glad it wasn't included in the album.
  8. La Isla Bonita Like a Prayer or Hung Up?