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  1. I hope her next album is more GL or earlier. Her last album kinda disappointed
  2. When will the bonus album tracks be on Apple Music? Can't find them online anywhere
  3. Hey daddy missed you ny6 

  4. Prefer him to the scum leading the Lib Dems, Conservatives and Labour. Another nail in the UK's coffin now that Labour can probably secure a majority next year.
  5. Heard more about her pregnancy than her music career.
  6. Seems reasonable. (2) Mariah Carey
  7. She's only 32.. Life doesn't have to get serious at 30.
  8. OMG this could mean the album could come this year? She's already getting back into singing.
  9. Lol.. You'd have to be a mug to pay £600 ($1,000) just because they changed the case and made it thinner. I'll stick with my 5 tbh.
  10. Her hair actually looks really cool
  11. I think this is my favourite demo