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  1. I agree that everyone is entitled to their own opinion privately. But I feel like coming out publicly just for a little "press" does more damage to her brand and reputation. Maybe Dr Luke promised her something, or else why even bother.
  2. Basically took her "friends" kidney and then wrote her off. Thoughts?
  3. The changes are dumb. They're really set on destroying the event.
  4. Kelly is so cringe. She's thirsty for that hood rat life
  5. I hope ABBA wins album of the year, they deserve the recognition for their contribution to music
  6. Twitter is becoming more and more irrelevant. Most of the votes are probably bots, I don't know anyone who genuinely still uses twitter.
  7. Kari Lake projected to lose Arizona government race. Now that's the fucking icing on the top of cake.
  8. Hopefully Alito or Thomas decide to quit breathing in the next 2 years, they're both 72 and 74. Bonus if they both decide to quit.
  9. I don't doubt that'll likely be the case. But there's still around 300k votes left to count in AZ. But with a 115k lead, I doubt Masters will be able to pull 65-75% of those dropped off mail ballots on Election Day. Nevada will be the interesting one. And hopefully if Trump announces he's running for president on November 15th, that'll help Warnock in the GA senate race in December.
  10. No official news network has called the Arizona senate race.