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  1. If anyone was robbed of a grammy it's Avril Lavigne. 2003 Best New Artist nominee, winner.. Norah Jones.. Like who the fuck is that.
  2. Cringe thread, Grammys don't have any correlation to artists talent. Beyonce's music is shit and clearly doesn't deserve 30+ grammy awards. They're handed out like candy just because she's the token black artist of the Grammys, but for narcissists like Jay Z, that's obviously not enough and her mediocre art deserves more.
  3. Her work ethic is incredible, I don't know how she does it without taking a break
  4. Good, the diva personality isn't cute in 2024. Show up on time.
  5. Not like these things are gonna stand when it gets to Supreme Court
  6. Yes it's a great achievement but these are new records, not really an accurate representation of history when you factor in the streaming era. It's easy to beat the rest of the competition when sales are historically low and you're the dominating force in the industry. Back in the 80/90s, if you didn't sell 300k physical albums, were you even making the top 10?
  7. Title was misleading, made it sound like it was #1 in Palestine.. Pretty sure Palestine barely has internet, let alone electricity to stream any song.
  8. Not that surprising, Russia's Supreme Court is essentially just a rubber stamp for an authoritarian regime
  9. Most of Beyoncés music is shit what's new
  10. Same for westlife. It's more like goodbye till we need more $$