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  1. Umm..what? Maybe because you stalk me from thread to thread, perhaps?
  2. She's only trendy because she's dead. Nobody out here calling her a legend, maybe an icon?
  3. You sound so triggered. Did she cure cancer or solve famine? She's a popstar, you need to find better idols.
  4. Honestly her only real talent is dancing. Her music and acting is extremely mediocre
  5. Why are we still looking at album charts in 2022 to measure success, especially albums in their 30th week. It's probably still the highest selling album since its release.
  6. Britney most likely. Rih doesn't care about music when she's making hundreds of millions on her cosmetic / clothing lines.
  7. Nah Hillary is a toxic piece of shit. If anything, she shoulders a lot of the blame. She literally did nothing whilst she was a senator to codify this into law, and just gaslighted voters with legitimate concerns as to her many flaws as a candidate.
  8. Bragging about a bandwagon trend is worse than 1 hit wonder status Literally nobody going to remember this song in a month
  9. Already Gone by Kelly Clarkson was a better remake of that trash song
  10. Because if you hate on Beyonce, you're basically racist apparently