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    I'm just confused. Why did she go on that Twitter rant, saying: “F**k trying to make music that will appeal to the masses for the sake of hit songs,” she added. “It’s time to share my lane… MY SOUND.. Because no one can take away my individuality or copy my best work which my fans deserve to see. I’m sorry it took so long to figure out MY channel but it’s here… The changes I’ve made… It’s a new journey… A new chapter in my life and I’m so f**king ready. #2015.” And then released an album that's basically a repetition of Demi. It's not in any way different from Demi and it's also not in any way different from everything else that's been released recently. I do think it's a lot better than Demi (which I hated) and I actually like it a lot but I was just expecting something... different.
  2. PaRaDeaD

    DEMI was the most generic, boring, appealing to masses type of album she could have recorded. So based on her tweets it should be nothing like it. I feel like she's probably not gonna return to a more rock sound but I can always hope.
  3. PaRaDeaD

    It's gonna have a 24 minutes long song. :o I'm excited and a little scared.
  4. PaRaDeaD

    An excruciatingly boring album. Full of lame dance songs and generic ballads with uninteresting melodies and laughable lyrics. Wasted potential.
  5. PaRaDeaD

    "she described the overall sound as "pop-electro." She calls "Come and Get It" a fun dance track." How fucking boring does that sound? I mean it could very well be a great album and a great single but from the description of it, that's about as generic as it gets.
  6. PaRaDeaD

    They just tweeted that they've started production on the new album! https://twitter.com/78violet/status/215149396919205888
  7. PaRaDeaD

    I don't know how reliable this is but.. Source
  8. PaRaDeaD

    IMPOSSIBLE. I voted for The Harold Song. I also wanted to vote for Crazy Beautiful Life, Cannibal, Blow and WRWWR.
  9. PaRaDeaD

    They're all quite epic but there's just no competition. Animal +legend+
  10. PaRaDeaD

    Only listened to it twice so far but I already love it!
  11. PaRaDeaD

    Xtina - Something's Got a Hold of Me
  12. PaRaDeaD

  13. At the moment: Government Hooker Judas Bloody Mary The Edge of Glory
  14. Going to bed. Ah, how wonderful it would be to wake up and find that it has leaked!<3