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  1. PaRaDeaD

    An excruciatingly boring album. Full of lame dance songs and generic ballads with uninteresting melodies and laughable lyrics. Wasted potential.
  2. PaRaDeaD

    "she described the overall sound as "pop-electro." She calls "Come and Get It" a fun dance track." How fucking boring does that sound? I mean it could very well be a great album and a great single but from the description of it, that's about as generic as it gets.
  3. PaRaDeaD

    They just tweeted that they've started production on the new album! https://twitter.com/78violet/status/215149396919205888
  4. PaRaDeaD

    I don't know how reliable this is but.. Source
  5. PaRaDeaD

    Only listened to it twice so far but I already love it!
  6. PaRaDeaD

    Xtina - Something's Got a Hold of Me
  7. PaRaDeaD

  8. At the moment: Government Hooker Judas Bloody Mary The Edge of Glory
  9. Going to bed. Ah, how wonderful it would be to wake up and find that it has leaked!<3
  10. PaRaDeaD

    Where's Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless? +legend+
  11. PaRaDeaD

    Well it's obviously Bad Romance 2.0 but still an amazing song IMO. So I don't really get why it flopped either.
  12. PaRaDeaD

    He was just on uStream!!!! He played a long clip of a new song called 'Virginity' which will probably be on the new album. He said he doesn't know when the album's gonna be released but they already have a lot of songs. He's hoping to release a single after the summer. He played a few other instrumental clips and the beats are sounding AMAZING!
  13. PaRaDeaD

    I love them! +love+ I have to admit I haven't listened to all of their stuff but I love most of Nevermind and a few songs on In Utero. Heart-Shaped Box, Rape Me, Lithium, Territorial Pissings, Drain You +legend+