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  1. To the people saying "no, because some people can't donate because they have health issues": The key here is the difference between being willing and being able. For example, if someone is an organ donor and suddenly gets sick and their organs cannot be used, obviously they wouldn't be denied transplants. However, if someone refuses to donate their organs, which are absolutely no use to them after they die, to save someone else's life it makes absolutely no sense that they would still be as high of a priority on the lists as willing donors.
  2. This was already answered before but it caught me eye... The burden of proof lies on the person making the claim. People who don't people in god don't (in general) make a claim that god does not exist. They simple don't accept the claim that god does exist. There is no reason to assume something exists if there is no evidence for it. Like someone said before, it cannot be scientifically proven that unicorns don't exist but I'm sure you don't believe that they do exist. It's possible that they do exist but it's the most logical standpoint to not believe in them because there is no evidenc
  3. I'm really no expert on this matter but my sister has worked with children for around 10 years and is currently finishing her studies on children and like the development and all that (don't exactly know what it's called in English) in a university. I asked her about this and she pretty much said the same thing as you. When their "physical sanctity" is violated, they do not learn to respect other people's "physical sanctity" and might, as you said, "get physical with someone else over doing something that they deem bad or wrong".
  4. They just tweeted that they've started production on the new album! https://twitter.com/78violet/status/215149396919205888
  5. I don't know how reliable this is but.. Source
  6. IMPOSSIBLE. I voted for The Harold Song. I also wanted to vote for Crazy Beautiful Life, Cannibal, Blow and WRWWR.
  7. They're all quite epic but there's just no competition. Animal +legend+
  8. Only listened to it twice so far but I already love it!
  9. At the moment: Government Hooker Judas Bloody Mary The Edge of Glory
  10. Going to bed. Ah, how wonderful it would be to wake up and find that it has leaked!<3
  11. FINLAND FOR WIN!!!! I liked Estonia! Greece is horrible! +laughcry+
  12. Where's Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless? +legend+