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  1. MissAleksandra

    have you guys seen this? amazing and omg huge.
  2. MissAleksandra

    She fucking killed it tonight!
  3. MissAleksandra

    Oh it's tomorrow... Why am I watching this shit for then?
  4. MissAleksandra

    According to my tv planner Rihanna is performing in X Factor UK tonight? I'm watching and haven't heard anyone announcing it. Anyone knows anything?
  5. MissAleksandra

    I love it. It's like she is being reborn from the flower. oprah2oprah2 Plus she looks beautiful.
  6. So I know I am late but OMFG this video just slayed me cry1cry1cry2cry2 She looks absolutely stunning brit11brit11 I love love love it xtina31xtina31xtina31
  7. MissAleksandra

    Go Poland +cheer+ proud of my country +cheer+ Shame though I'm in the flop UK and can't buy it
  8. MissAleksandra

    #30 rih40
  9. MissAleksandra

    Aww man, I really hope she can bounce back. We have been waiting for this era for so long and I just want her to smash
  10. MissAleksandra

    Love it ny7ny7ny7
  11. MissAleksandra

  12. MissAleksandra

    It looks so fresh and colorfull. I can't wait to see the whole thing but I can already tell its going to be ahmazing! xtina18
  13. Is it true we have to wait till November 4th???
  14. So the song it's released WW but UK gets it almost 2 months later? Fail.