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  1. My fierce sig, idc, I'm stanning for Kathy Beth Perry atm! +tehe3+ Seriously though, the video looks great, June 14th just be here already! LFN will be the song of the Summer tbh!
  2. TTWE is now Britney's third biggest airplay hit! And Adele is slaying rn, hope she's #1 on the Hot 100 next week with RITD! And why is Judas flopping, this better have a comeback after the music video's release ... The same happened with TTWE, it started getting negative airplay updates a few weeks after release, the video gave it a comeback and the remix gave it a longer chart life thankfully!
  3. +dance+ Katy's been slaying everyone singles wise during her Teenage Dream era!
  4. You can add me to that list! <3