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  1. The Queen +bow+
  2. not falling for this trap.
  3. What else would it say? .gif' alt='ny15'>
  4. OMG. You lucky SOB! madonna9
  5. That's adorable! So glad Britney is having fun with this.
  6. Y'all stanning Gods Gone Wild!
  7. idk gurl. .gif' alt='cry3'> he said he got really nervous and choked up. his voice sounds good there but it sounds like he's walking in a thin line with it. He should just give up on being an artist, and do some modeling instead. .gif' alt='ny6'>
  8. magnificento
  9. Same sis. It's the best one tbh.
  10. bitch is done.
  11. Bump.
  12. Xtina fans always have so much to say when it's an OPINIONS fight, but once facts come into play they always scurry away. How.. ironic? madonna10
  13. Who's Don Philip? +confused+
  14. She's already won the public over.
  15. Can I just put like N/A? I don't want to lower a songs score just because I haven't heard it. cry-