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  1. Chucky should stick to horror movies.
  2. While I do see how many of you would dislike the white washing... I think it would've been better if they did a better job casting actors who actually resembles the anime characters. Im also a fan of anime and live action but for some reason I can't get into live action with a Japanese cast. Example, I liked Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon live action but it was super weird seeing the cast have black hair and wore colored wigs for their transformations. Something like Sailor Moon could actually benefit from a white cast.
  3. Maybe it'll be the uncut version with the gay characters but have huge captions over it saying "Illegal. Punishable crime. Do not do this at home." Lol
  4. You know what, Kendra literally hasn't aged a day either LOL. Have any of y'all ever read The Book of Fours? I loved how they brought all 4 slayers back into the same timeline. How cool is that? Maybe they can resurrect Kendra and have a show with her and Faith!! I've also always wondered about India Cohen (the Slayer before Buffy). Her backstory might be cool too. And maybe Buffy can show up occasionally. We had Buffy for 7 wonderful years, but Faith is equally just as interesting. Kendra was done wrong, the girl only was in 2 episodes before she was offed. She deserves better! Now that Vampire Diaries is over, it'd be the perfect opportunity.
  5. After what happened to Christina Grimmie, can you blame celebrities for not wanting to take photos or hug crazed fans? If random strangers came up to you and started invading your space, wouldn't you feel uncomfortable?
  6. Celeb News

    So he is 90 lbs, has a 26 in waist size, and is wearing a 34 in waist size pants? Someone phone the fashion police!
  7. Celeb News

    Does he weigh 90 lbs? He has no meat on those legs.
  8. As much as I'd love this... Angel coming back would be unrealistic. He doesn't look youthful anymore. He looks like a daddy. Vampires aren't supposed to age.
  9. Ryan Murphy only knows how to start something great and ruin it halfway through. No thanks.
  10. A little research goes a long way. Here's the list and they are still negotiating with HBO and more channels. This isn't the final list.
  11. You guys do realize they are letting you share with 6 people? That's $6 a month per person on their own devices, like sharing a Netflix or Spotify plan. It's dirt cheap.
  12. LGBT

    Why don't you want a cellphone? How old are you?