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  1. I actually love Crossroads and I think Brit was pretty good in it tbh
  2. Everyone knows Feeling Myself already, but it will probably be released as a single
  3. I've been using this for the past month I love it! 1. Bitch I'm Madonna 2. Unapologetic Bitch 3. Best Night 4. Inside Out 5. Holy Water 6. Illuminati 7. S.E.X. 8. Veni Vidi Vici 9. Iconic 10. Living For Love 11. Addicted 12. Devil Pray 13. Ghosttown 14. Queen 15. Hold Tight 16. Joan of Arc 17. HeartBreakCity 18. Messiah 19. Wash All Over Me 20. Rebel Heart
  4. Confessions On a Dance Floor Rebel Heart Erotica Like a Prayer MDNA Madonna Hard Candy True Blue Music Bedtime Stories Ray of Light American Life Like a Virgin
  5. 1. Holy Water 2. Bitch Im Madonna 3. Living For Love 4. Devil Pray 5. Ghosttown Rebel Heart would have been my absolute favorite song on the album had she kept it like the demo version
  6. wow that was really hard! 1. S&M Rihanna 2. E.T. Katy Perry 3. Come & Get It Selena Gomez 4. Your Body Christina Aguilera 5. Break Free Ariana Grande 6. Born This Way ​Lady GaGa 7. Born to Die Lana Del Rey 8. Chandelier Sia 9. Super Bass Nicki Minaj 10. Diamonds Rihanna 11. Animal Ke$ha 12. Till the World Ends Britney Spears
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    Sexxx Dreams - 26 ARTPOP - 34 Gypsy - 250
  8. I personally would like "Rebel Heart" and "Iconic" Have Rebel Heart come out in late 2013 and be produced mainly by Avicii and Ryan Tedder and then have Iconic come out in early 2015 mainly produced by Diplo and Kanye West Here are my track lists: Rebel Heart 1. Addicted 2. Devil Pray 3. Ghosttown 4. Queen 5. Hold Tight 6. Joan of Arc 7. Heartbreak City 8. Messiah 9. Wash All Over Me 10. Rebel Heart Iconic 1. Bitch I'm Madonna 2. Unapologetic Bitch 3. Best Night 4. Inside Out 5. Holy Water 6. Illuminati 7. S.E.X. 8. Veni Vedi Vici 9. Iconic 10. Living For L
  9. I think that Rebel Heart is one of Madonna's best albums because there are so many great songs, so I almost feel like it could have been two different eras. If you could turn Rebel Heart into two seperate cohesive albums, how would you divide it?
  10. 1. Living for Love 2. Iconic (Demo) 3. Inside Out (Demo) 4. Unapologetic Bitch 5. Holy Water 6. Bitch I'm Madonna 7. Illuminati (Demo) 8. Addicted 9. Devil Pray 10. Ghosttown 11 Wash All Over Me (Demo) 12. Rebel Heart (Demo)
  11. I think The Iconic Tour would be a cool name for it heres my set list Act 1 Veni Vidi Vici (Video Introduction) Iconic Bitch I'm Madonna Unapologetic Bitch Illuminati Act 2 Girl Gone Wild (Video Interlude) Holy Water (with elements of Vogue) S.E.X. (with elements of Erotica) Best Night (with elements of Justify My Love) Inside Out Act 3 Frozen (Video Interlude) HeartBreakCity Ghosttown Borrowed Time Hold Tight 4 Minutes (Ryan Tedder rework) Act 4 Queen (Video Interlude) Masterpiece (acoustic) Joan of Arc (acoustic) Don't Tell Me (acoustic) Rebel Heart (
  12. So now that most of us have heard the album, what would you like to see performed on this tour?