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  1. Brunette.


    I'm so happy for you. I love it so much. I loved it before and I love how you evolved. ❤️
  2. Brunette.


    when a mysterious picture of a man with a lake in the background got posted to Britney's Instagram, with a caption along the lines of "about to jump into the water 🌊🌊🌊" and everyone thought that she got hacked or something, but as it turned out her team paid someone to post for her? Google can't help me, I've looked for it and I searched for it on here too but I can't find it. Maybe y'all can help?
  3. Brunette.


    Till the World Ends vs Invitation Hold It Against Me vs Make Me... Inside Out vs Private Show I Wanna Go vs Man On The Moon How I Roll vs Just Luv Me (Drop Dead) Beautiful vs Clumsy Seal It with a Kiss vs Do You Wanna Come Over? Big Fat Bass vs Slumber Party Trouble For Me vs Just Like Me Trip To Your Heart vs Love Me Down Gasoline vs Hard To Forget Ya Criminal vs What You Need Up N' Down vs Better He About To Lose Me vs Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes) Selfish vs Liar Don't Keep Me Waiting vs If I'm Dancing Scary vs Coupure Electriqué FF: 10 Glory: 7
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    Unusual You > Freakshow > Lucky > the rest
  5. Brunette.


    Baby One More Time: 24 Oops...! I Did It Again: 34 I'm a Slave 4 U: 54 Me Against the Music: 34 Womanizer: 36
  6. Brunette.


    I remember those movies... The Ashley O episodes from Black Mirror reminds me of her situation too
  7. I remember that and the backlash she got for that from her fans!!!
  8. I bet half of them are going through the hashtag and burning up the phones, wearing their facemasks of course
  9. thank you ❤️ it's been a long time since I've been active again, that's why used to be very active in 2012/13/14
  10. @Kristina @Living Dead Boy
  11. in b4 "it's not Britney" the blind items have always called her "singer" and a lot of them have turned out to be about Britney.
  12. As predicted, her trash team is forcing people to delete their support!
  13. Brunette.


    I signed. My family also signed. Anything for her to be free.
  14. ...to be free? What does that woman have to do to regain freedom of her life, of her career and so on? I hope the GP won't realize that something seriously wrong is going on with her before it's too late (Amy Winehouse, Robin Williams,...) I'm praying for this humble human being to be free of abuse and bullying.