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  1. Misty Spears

    Yes, please! And please release the album in 2015. Please.
  2. Not sure if it's already posted. If so, move it to wasteland. http://chamberlain.tumblr.com/post/100622175166/chambaland-out-of-the-pride-lands-taylor
  3. Misty Spears

    It does sound better than WTNY. This is all shaping up to be the first TayTay album I like.
  4. But I can still see her naked shoulder?
  5. Misty Spears

    Misleading title of thread. It should say "ladygaga" not "Lady Gaga".
  6. Misty Spears

    +1. I need new music now :'( :laughcry:
  7. So sad to hear this. I still don't understand why labels boycott their own artists... As for the "keeping their part of royalties"... :noway: Money moves the world.
  8. Misty Spears

    This is the original mix of the song
  9. Misty Spears

    I'd take the one on the right, since he has no beard. But I think K$'s BF would look more handsome if they both had no beard at all. I C what U did there.
  10. I think she was really having a blast :laughcry:
  11. Misty Spears

    Not this again :laughcry:
  12. Misty Spears

    No way. The original version sounds much better.
  13. Complete table inside: In Spain, we have lists with top albums and singles, but we never get official figures. Just like previous years, the figures have leaked. Here we can see some non-Spanish albums' accumulated sales: This week: 8010 | One Direction - Midnight Memories | Total sales: 37412 ( 3 weeks) This week: 1212 | Miley Cyrus - Bangerz | Total sales: 9881 (10 weeks) This week: 954 | Bruno Mars - Unorthodox Jukebox | Total sales: 31455 (53 weeks) This week: 595 | Lady Gaga - ARTPOP | Total sales: 7959 ( 5 weeks) This week: 506 | Britney Spears - Britney Jean | Total sales: 2175 ( 2 weeks) This week: 443 | Lana del Rey - Born to Die | Total sales: 34061 (95 weeks) This week: 437 | Katy Perry - Prism | Total sales: 4166 ( 8 weeks) This week: 296 | Little Mix - Salute | Total sales: 1919 ( 5 weeks) This week: 212 | Selena Gomez - Stars Dance | Total sales: 5527 (16 weeks) This week: 179 | P!nk - The Truth about Love | Total sales: 15581 (59 weeks) This week: 177 | Demi Lovato - Demi | Total sales: 4847 (19 weeks) Heidi Montag could STILL get a Top 20 album in Spain, even in December! 8,600 copies for a No. 1, 1,200 for a top 20... and just 165 for a TOP 100!
  14. Misty Spears

    I hope that's what she means too. Criticism can help you see what you're doing wrong. I don't think it's ethical to prohibit people to criticise or dislike things you believe are right or that you like about your work. (as in: "I may love singing in falsetto, but I may be awful at it, and even if I love doing so, I can see that people tell me I'm not good at it.")
  15. Misty Spears

    I have lost a lot of interest in the era, but I think she can still keep on trying. I think she made a bad choice with Do What You Want, and she shoud have kept on with Venus being a single, and maybe release DWYW as a third single. Anyway, maybe she can fix this.