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  1. I legit thought I was the only one that stanned Clown, its such a great song. The little "Pow" at the end gives me life +1 to The Roof as well
  2. I discovered her song Hero my freshman year of high school in 201`1 when i was like 14 and thought her voice was so beautiful Then I forgot about her for a bit And then I listened to her Butterfly album in late 2013 when I was all heartbroken and sappy My All and Butterfly were my anthems Then Me. I Am Mariah came out in early 2014 and I listened to that and I liked it a lot so I just had to go back and listen to her comeback The Emancipation and I went on from there
  3. I think it was Butterfly > Me. I am Mariah > The Emancipation of Mimi > E=MC2 > Charmbracelet > Memoirs > Mariah Carey I don't remember after that Very messy order tho, from 1997 to 2014
  4. As long as you're holding me down, down. down 


  5. Awe poor Brit Brit
  6. Madge stans are in between eras. And the bitch takes years to put out an album Like Gaga between 2013 and 2016, it happens to every fave. She'll be relevant again when she puts out her next album and tours. And I don't believe anyone was dragging Gaga in this thread, it directly addressed Madonna and her stans on why shes really the queen of pop. And we promptly responded.
  7. So what madonna accomplished can't be brought up because it happened years ago And please Gaga and Katy are hardly relevant today. Doubt they'll have the same impact they did back in 2010-11
  8. Do not act like you wouldn't defend Gaga for days, I've seen your paragraphs. Dont try to act above it.
  9. How about no
  10. I approve this plan as a casual MC fan
  11. BUTTERFLYYYYYYYYYY ...and then TEOM and Chanteuse
  12. I got that 20/20 vision, I just cant see through idiocy thats all
  13. you sure got me
  14. Your argument was dismissed. When I explained why I believe shes the queen of pop and when I said artists like Janet have their own legacy. Its not that difficult