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  1. nicki has said faggot in her raps so lets not even
  2. Warrior

    poor gal needs to retire
  3. Warrior

    We love people with some sense
  4. Warrior

    Yes also too Ultraviolence
  5. Sounds too thought out, ghost writers
  6. Warrior

    Because Nicki is trash and it’s finally being exposed
  7. Warrior

    Maybe shit happened behind the scenes, not everything gets plastered on social media
  8. Warrior

    You’re trying to accuse me of being bothered yet you’re here throwing insults at me personally trying to defend some artist that will never know you exist
  9. Warrior

    girl I @ you once and look how bothered you are by it maybe everyone seems like an idiot to you because you're wrong and no one agrees with you stay bothered tho, thank u for admitting it
  10. But my boyfriend says he doesn't want any white girl music at our wedding so obviously hes not the one
  11. Warrior

    that song will get anyone pumped up lbr
  12. Warrior

    yet im the one that woke up to like 7 notifications from you mentioning me and shit cute attempt at trying to make me seem bothered, feel free to subscribe to my posts sis. Its free #StreamInvasionOfPrivacy