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  1. Our lord and savior ofc
  2. Other

    Nice! I only have ANTI, Unapologetic will be my next purchase
  3. Discussion

    lol get over it
  4. No shes done. Good riddance Cardi is more likable anyways and has actual RAP hits, not using pop music and claiming its rap bc of one verse
  5. How does she do it Illumniatiriah
  6. Ofc
  7. I thought Hips Dont Lie was #1 for a while considering how popular the song is Rihanna behind another legend tho, not surprised
  8. While I agree with the sentiment that Madonna will forever hold that title, I think Rihanna. The longevity, popularity and sales are far above any other pop girl. Maybe besides Taylor but Taylor is not as interesting lbr And awk at the fact that gaga is getting votes after this abysmal era
  9. here

    send my ass to church 


    1. *Starlight*

      cry7 stan one of her best songs

  10. I’m surprised Madonna isn’t winning most hated on here
  11. Mariah Even as a huge Madonna stan I feel like her comeback here in America was more prevalent.
  12. Discussion

    I use to dance to this song when I was like 8 my parents probably have a video
  13. Charts

    One of my favorite videos of hers When I became a true stan
  14. Achievement

    Expect a lot of threads in the coming weeks about birthdays