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  1. S&M, Rude Boy, If Its Lovin That You Want slut anthems tbh
  2. The ones whos career didn't end after a little scandal dead @ 1. bionic tour was cancelled due to poor ticket sales btw tho
  3. I thought it was some dumb right wing act again but this is very clever
  4. queen of music not the bling
  5. Awe just when I though they'd be the next power couple
  6. Drunk in Love is a Pour It Up rip off
  7. Celeb News

    collab pls
  8. Erotica was drowned with the controversy of the SEX book not fair
  9. Discussion

    Stay, What Now and Cold Case Love are my holy trinity of my fave ballads from her Never Ending comes 4th for me, its so underrated
  10. As for Madonna I would say American Life in 2003, so 19 years in
  11. Compared to the massive success of GGGB and the re-release I'd say probably 2009 with Russian Roulette, so 4 years? She had Rude Boy hit #1 though, so it wasn't too bad. Just a mild decline in success Bitch bounced back effortlessly with Loud
  12. Charts

  13. It was kinda obvious, at least to me, that the original intended lyrics for Love Yourself was fuck yourself
  14. MOTS even if I do love the album, its so un-Rihanna