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  1. Ugh, very very soon? This could be days or it could be as soon as June. SICK OF WAITING!!!!
  2. Someone asked me if I had stems for "He About To Lose Me", who was it?

  3. FOTP Users in the 80's-90's (with gifs) 1. When Battlegrounds get personal 2. When pressed Stans just can't seem to convert others to their fandom: 3. When pressed stans can't peg a bitch down: 4. When your favorite artist flops but you're commited to them anyways: 5. When your stans can't top that all time best album of the decade: 6. When you just cant even with someone's reply/quote: 7. Late night MSN/Tiny Chat/FOTP Chatrooms before they were: 8. When the discussion re
  4. In terms of experimentation, sure. I will give you that. As a commercial studio album, no. nope. I cant.
  5. This, all of this, some artists need a little direction, others need to be left to their own creative prowess.
  6. I predict people will pre-order it like crazy on itunes, any physical copies you see will nearly disapear and then the following week you will see it on the used music shelves in droves. I am gonna guess 300k perhaps more. Who knows, music taste could shift and people will eat it up. Donald Trump is leading in polls, why cant a poorly made album acheieve higher than gold status?
  7. This is very True. I remember making a playlist of just the what? FIVE good songs from it and I would say it was over half the Bonus Music! LOL.
  8. I had no idea until I read this that Girorgio Moroder was also working with her. I am hoping for some nice techno-synthed fatty bass lines again, my headphones eat that shit up!
  9. Ever wonder how a single piece of a song appears when paired up in sync to the music video? This is what happens when you take out everything but the percussion track of "Hold It Against Me." I have to say it's pretty bad ass, and almost sounds as if they used some sort of crowd roaring snippet when making the background track. https://vid.me/e/g6vS What do you all think?
  10. And....I totally hit the wrong vote. -face on desk- Not a good way to make a return. However I agree, it is underrated, though I feel it got way too much air play in its first week. It's one I can listen to a dozen times and then I have to come back to it months later. Almost reacquainting myself to the song.
  11. This entire image but bigger and better quality. At least 600x600? I would recreate it, but I only ever find that image of her with half her hair cropped off.
  12. Anyone know where I can find a higher quality version of this?!
  13. I say we have another stay up all night event like last time :-P WHO'S WITH ME?!