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  1. Borchie

    Celeb News

    so excited for this, have been waiting for this ever since she announced her cancelation back in March
  2. Borchie


    this was so good im watching it for the 3rd time now
  3. Borchie


    damn i absolutely loved this song, this was my top #1 song on itunes for 2011 and 2012. i miss this era loved her performance of this song at the BRITs
  4. it rose from 81 last week to 74 this week.. a classic methink
  5. finally going #1 as it should have
  6. Borchie


    Opening has no skips!
  7. She also sang Everytime in her IG live City Girls feature in AG6?
  8. but what if it's actually true?
  9. Last Dance: 16 - Hotter than Hell: 26 + Blow Your Mind (Mwah): 84 New Rules: 50
  10. yessss omg i was so shook on my first listen when i heard her belt at the ending... i grinned so hard while i got chills, i love her sm
  11. omg i love this so much, Reflection is such a classic and her voice is soooooo good i can't stop listening
  12. Borchie

    i honestly think everyone's being an ass about it, it's a remix album... lol while i was disappointed with the levitating remix when it came out i came to appreciate it when i listened to it as a full body of work. it's meant to be played in a club setting not for the casual listener
  13. Borchie


    i really enjoyed the album! i think it also came at the perfect time for me, listening to the album gave me so much endorphins. i loved the overall vibe/happiness it brings. favorite track is still Never Really Over and Smile is a close second. Favorite album track is Tucked!
  14. a surprise to be sure but a welcome one, but a same time... who asked for this