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  1. Borchie

    omg i would fume so hard
  2. Borchie

    Celeb News

    man they even got the choreography
  3. i just cant believe she's brave enough to take a 6 year break
  4. Im really digging Rita this era Anywhere was robbed of a #1
  5. Borchie


    she didnt like the telephone video?
  6. omg where is your signature from? is that the DW shoot?
  7. Borchie


    i hate her
  8. Borchie

    Million Reasons really got you pressed AF!!!!!!1111!!1
  9. Borchie


    oh my god bfgdbgbdhgjkhd
  10. Borchie


    Tbh i'm pretty fine with all the single choices she's done I'd only add that she released Break Your Heart Right Back after One Last Time Then for Dangerous Woman she released maybe Into You first then Dangerous Woman or Focus then Side to Side then maybe Be Alright or Greedy