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  1. lol this song is big here in my country asia still loves dem sad mariah jams
  2. like i get streaming is the biggest consuming jiggy whatever but u would count single sales into the album sales before idk
  3. yeah tbh putting streaming into album sales is stupid. it doesnt make sense
  4. i hate her why does she make us wait so long
  5. omg i literally laughed so hard with she said the open sesame line. i was like wtf is this
  6. was it 1D that had a song with the same title and everyone hated it? anyway, can't wait for Witness to drop. Can't believe it's only about a week away
  7. wasn't the paragraph about her rejecting the drag queens in snl proven false already by billboard and the drag queens themselves?
  8. "he probably thought louis's wasn't worth the conversation.." well he's not and never will be
  9. her whisper talking in the verses is so fucking annoying and out of rhythm but the song is ayt i guess
  10. this fucking bitch i cant lfjklsdkjlksdjf
  11. Tbh it's pretty cute I'm glad it's not like those singles with camila, selena, mo, etc with those weird noises and edits nnnnnnn i really dont get what cashmere's about
  13. tbh i agree about the dim lighting/stage presence bit, plus her waning vocal ability i watched a livestream of a few shows and as much as i love her, i can't help but feel a slight uneasiness watching her but i have to disagree about the drag on the album's quality, bitch need ears