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  1. Yesterday, there was a death in my family. cry5 I'm in some kinda shock over it.

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    2. Come To Shine

      @Kali Nope for everyone who goes through it.

    3. Kali

      The lyrics are very sweet. I can tell that you mean them. 

    4. Come To Shine

      @Kali Thanks for saying that. :)

  2. Not someone saying "I have a nice accent" last night, i almost lmfao at it. 

    1. Kali

      Omg this happened to me on the bus once. This guy asked me if I speak Spanish at home and I was like nahhh and he didn't believe me lol. 

  3. Discussion

    The tea.
  4. Achievement

    Gaga is Bi for sure, she had a thing with Lina on the side. When she was dating Rob.
  5. You're lollipop on my mind, boy!"


  6. I'll stop calling you "Shake" now, since you ain't one. :)

    1. Come To Shine

      I find it, so pointless to call someone something for no reason w.e.

  7. Watch them on, when you have time too. S v.s. K is a good movie.
  8. Turned off, i wanna see a manly man and not this.
  9. They grew up with racist in their household, it's not their fault for being racist the rest of their life. They think it's normal or some shit.
  10. Don't ban a queen like @Hannah. .
  11. Ju-On slays me. You we're obsessed with Ju-On before.
  12. @Dr. Slay @Aidan. @fab You need to hear this, if you haven't yet. ;)