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  1. Love it @Aidan.
  2. here

    This is a intro after the other video, i wanted you to watch. :)

    1. Anna-wa

      Wow you really held those notes for a long time. Good job.

      Thank you for thinking about me. <333

    2. Driven

      I've been singing, since i was 15 years old on and off a lot till now. I've been working on holding those notes for a long time.


      Np, i  thought about you. When i was out and about earlier today, you lost ur grandfather this month and i lost mine last month.

    3. Driven

      Just did this one


  3. Other

    @Hannah Queen get in here.
  4. Where's the Party (Remix)
  5. here


    You should give this a listen, some time. It's kinda deep for me. 

    I lost my grandfather lost month, i just wish he coulda heard this in full. 

  6. Celeb News

    Yes, it should be voided.
  7. Celeb News

    I talk about how Sony music should drop him in this video, near the end of it. It finally happen.
  8. Hate it Stupid drama
  9. Read this:
  10. It's set for a June now.
  11. My mom played this a lot back in the day, the album version.