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  1. This song needs remixes.
  2. You forgot Pete Burns.
  3. She has a witch nose in this picture, she even looks like one.
  4. Discussion

    This was for clubs.
  5. Love it Booty
  6. He could have mental health issues for all we know.
  7. She will and add 3 or 5 new tracks.
  8. here


    What a legend and a classic song. 

  9. here

    When you have a big nose like me and Gaga, listen to our voices and not are nose. 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Hermione

      omg I have a big nose too cry6 And have also previously been downvoted on here for saying I'm proud of it cry6

    3. Nuclear Chicken

      WHy would you be downvoted for body confidence

    4. Driven

      ^Because people are pressed.