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  1. She wants to do a Country/Southern rock album.
  2. here

    I was singing O Canada at midnight, when i got to the "From far and wide" part. I was cracking up so much.

  3. Album

    Two albums are coming.
  4. Why, you haven't seen me around a lot. I had to work out issues off of the forum and other things.

    1. Urbanov

      GFY man. Sort things out and later come over. Not like this forum is dying anyway, but come and visit us whenever you have time!

    2. Driven

      I had to work out issues with family, 2017 was a crappy and shitty for me. A death in March drove me into deep depression and it take me till September to snap outta it.

  5. here

    It never gets old.gaga13

  6. Other

    The wig, the make up, the sunglasses.
  7. here

    Not J lo slaying me with her singles. shock1

  8. here

    2017 was a crap and shitty year for me, so bug off.

    1. Kyoteki

      Aoo log off if ur trying to focus on life..?

  9. here

    Stop mentioning me in topics, i'm focusing on my life right now.

  10. Achievement

    I know this is in the M section, but Pete Burns look was iconic in the 80's and he was legendary on celebrity big brother 2006.
  11. here

    Most of you know me as Lollipop, some of you know me as Driven, others know me as plain old Josh. I had a good run on here, i kinda gotta let go and let someone take my place.  :D

  12. here

    Waking up and wanting to vomit ain't cool. dead0