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  1. Driven


    @Freaky Prince Cheek to Cheek: Vol Two or Part Two is coming.
  2. Driven

  3. Driven


    Ayumi needs to run to the bank, Utada is coming to end her.
  4. Playback wasn't needed for her.
  5. Driven here

    I hate it, when i get into a war of words with someone who does nothing but talk unrealistic crap. I went off about them for two hours yesterday. kii1

  6. Can't black people ever get a break from this crap....
  7. Driven


    I love the rock sound.
  8. Driven here

    It's boring on here now, most users don't post anymore.

  9. Driven here

    Why do gays go bubbly around me, mostly young ones.

    1. The Plague

      mayb they want u to be their daddy jj3 

    2. Driven

      @The Plague I ain't no daddy. kii1

  10. Yes, it still does for people in their 30's and early 40's.