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  1. G.T.D.A.B.


    That Gaga picture makes her looks like Pete Burns at one point in time. I love em both, but i can't at this pic.
  2. They would end up sleeping in the dog house til they apologize on all fours.
  3. G.T.D.A.B.

    Haha! You got me.
  4. G.T.D.A.B.

    Dude, Ironic is her best song.
  5. G.T.D.A.B.

    Carmit was a main vocalist on the first album Jessica went to singing lessons, when PCD disbanded 10 years ago. Kimberly has always been a dancer and not a vocalist for most part. Ashley can sing but she needs singing lessons. tbh Nicole has always been the lead singer with Carmit as the 2nd one.
  6. The money is going to Dr.Luke. Kesha never lied, she said what she heard from a insider.
  7. G.T.D.A.B.


    It's full of bots and sweats now.
  8. G.T.D.A.B.


    It's dying slowly now.
  9. G.T.D.A.B.


    It woulda been a R&B bop.
  10. G.T.D.A.B.


    They are on this EP, Nicole was told to take a back seat for it.
  11. G.T.D.A.B.


    Rumor has it, before she quit the music industry. avex trax was trying to get her to do a song with Koda Kumi, it never happened. I love both this ladies.
  12. G.T.D.A.B.


    “Girl Crush” is an unreleased song by Selena Gomez, which features rapper Iggy Azalea. The song title was confirmed by Azalea herself in a tweet back to a fan back in 2015. A snippet of the song leaked on December 6th, 2017. It was auctioned on Music Mafia, a website which illegally sells unreleased songs. However, the full version was never leaked. The song was put back again on the auction in May 2018 and was sold on an auction for almost 2,000$. The full song leaked on October 28th, 2019.
  13. G.T.D.A.B.

    Kéri Hilson will flop hard, Rihanna will slay.